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Database Administrator Job Description

1) Database Administrator

...being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being honest and ethical, analyzing information and using logic to address work-relat...

Radiology Administrator Job Description

2) Radiology Administrator

...Plans, directs, and coordinates administrative activities of radiology department of hospital medical center. Conducts studies implements changes to improve internal operations of de...

Administrator Health Care Facility Job Description

3) Administrator Health Care Facility

...Directs administration of hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility within authority of governing board. Administers fiscal operations, like budget planning, accoun...

Administrator Social Welfare Job Description

4) Administrator Social Welfare

...Directs agency or major function of public or voluntary organization providing services in social welfare field to individuals, groups, or community. Works with board of directors pl...

Regulatory Administrator Job Description

5) Regulatory Administrator

...Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in investigating and responding to complaints from telephone subscribers or regulatory agencies concerning rates services. Directs investigations of telephone company rates and services for making sure that subscribers complaints are answered requirements of governmental utility-regulation agencies are met. Analyzes reports of resulting data & recommends response to complaint, consideri...

6) Senior System Administrator

...Develop support the red hat enterprise linux based infrastructure in the cloud environment. Provide technical support and administration of the development, test, integration production environments. Maintain virtual server os operations maintenance activities. Work in close collaboration with cloud contractor federal customer cms. Perform day-to-day system administration maintenance duties. Work with other project teams to optimize hosting infrastructure to make sure efficient operations compliance with service level agreements sla
Manage relationship with clo...

7) Wage And Salary Administrator

...Manages compensation program in establishment. Directs development and application of techniques of job analysis, job descriptions, evaluations, grading and pricing in order to define & record job factors and to define and convert relative job worth into monetary values to be administered according to pay-scale guidelines and policy formulated by Director, Industrial Relations profess. kin.
Analyzes company compensation policies, government regulations concerning payment of minimum wages & overtime pay, prevailing rates in similar organizations as w...

8) Sharepoint Administrator

...Work with networking, storage, virtualization and other infrastructure teams to setup maintain business critical sharepoint farms. Configuring and supporting the day-to-day system management tasks like trouble-shooting, backup management performance tuning. Maintains system stability, performance monitoring, security and storage capacity requirements. Installation and maintenance of plug-ins, feature, web parts, templates custom software. Work with developers to deploy custom applications and solutions to production pre-p...

9) Alcohol and drug abuse assistance Program Administrator

...Coordinates government programs dealing with prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse problems affecting work performance of employees in private public sectors of work force. Studies composition of industrial and business communities & state agencies to define methods of promoting information concerning alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment programs to executives and administrators in industry government. Confers with management personnel to explain purpose benefits of Employee Assistance Program and ad...

10) Health Care Facility Administrator

...Directs administration of hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility within authority of governing board. Administers fiscal operations, like budget planning, accounting and establishing rates for health care services. Directs hiring training of personnel. Negotiates for improvement of and additions to buildings equipment. Directs and coordinates activities of medical, nursing, and administrative staffs services. Develops policies proce...

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