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HR Generalist

Drives talent acquisition initiatives for non-exempt positions. Utilizes applicant tracking system, online job boards, cold-calling plus networking to recruit attract talent to the organization. Manages coordinates hourly performance review process. Partner with managers to make sure compensation performance plans are aligned. Manages coordinates hourly employee succession planning including gap analysis, career development planning, and also performance differentiation. Administers as well as manages all company benefits leave programs including medical, dental, 401k, pension, fmla, std/ltd, unemployment, workers compensation. Creates a culture of employee engagement as well as satisfaction through progressive creative initiatives. Maintains current understanding of new/existing laws/regulations that affect the human resources profession relays that information to management. Attends employee, manager, and also staff meetings to make sure proper communication understanding of business operations. Develop as well as maintain compliance programs like eeo aap required skills. Establish as well as build relationships with line management, providing feedback suggestions for improvements. Handle confidential information responsibly manage multiple priorities simultaneously.

Shrimp peeling machine Operator

Sets up as well as operates peeling machine to behead peel shrimp preparatory to canning or freezing. Spaces peeling rolls on machine, according to size of shrimp to be processed adjusts holding rack bars to intermesh between rolls, using wrenches. Turns thumbscrews to adjust spring tension on holding rack bars, according to shrimp size turns valves to start water flow over rolls. Starts machine as well as feed conveyor spreads shrimp over feed pan at head of rolls to make sure even distribution, using wooden rake. Examines samples of peeled shrimp to make sure conformance with standards. Adjusts roll spacing holding for tension as required. Dismantles cleans machine with high-pressure stream from water hose. May sterilize machine parts by directing hot water or live steam over them with hose..


Covers dressed animal carcasses with muslin to protect meat during storage or shipment. Trims ragged edges of flesh from carcass, using knife. Soaks muslin in brine solution drapes wet muslin around suspended carcass. Pins muslin to carcass, using skewers. Slides carcass along conveyor onto scale, and also records weight. Pushes carcass to conveyor leading to storage or shipping areas. May wash carcass, using water hose..

Shredder Tender

Tends machine that chops shreds animal stock (skins, splits, fleshings, and also trimmings) used in making glue. Lifts stock from table, places stock on conveyor leading into machine starts machine. May signal other workers to load stock onto conveyor..

Christmas tree Farm Supervisor

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in planting, shearing, thinning, and also harvesting Christmas trees on company-owned or leased land tracts. Tours land tracts to ascertain conditions estimate work-hour requirements to plant, cultivate, or harvest trees. Confers with management to report conditions of lands & crops, recommend actions to be taken and additionally obtain instructions regarding variety as well as number of trees per acre to plant, cultural practices to apply and additionally harvesting date location. Trains workers in planting, shearing, or harvesting trees. Performs duties as described under Supervisor (any industry) Master Title..

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