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Searching for facilities manager job description sample including well written job duties and responsibilities, word format facilities manager job description example & writing sample, looking to learn how making a simple job description form for facilities manager employees including most standard job tasks, roles, duties & responsibilities use our free example template, save and download.

Example Job Description Duties, Roles And Responsibilities For "Facilities Manager"

Job Roles And Responsibilities

JOB TASKS: [Core 13 Job Duties]

1) Develop annual operations budget for capital equipment, facilities maintenance projects

2) Maintain budget tracking and performance to planned amounts for capital equipment, planned maintenance projects annual maintenance expense

3) Develop annual execution plan for budgeted projects, coordinating activities to minimize plant disruption

4) Oversee maintenance supervision and the execution of reactive preventive maintenance programs

5) Oversee capital expense submissions, preparing project scope project justification

6) Direct manufacturing engineering department to develop, evaluate and improve manufacturing methods, utilizing knowledge of product design, materials and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods quality control standards

7) Ensure facility drawings are maintained

8) Responsible for development and maintenance of manufacturing maintenance procedures

9) Maintain network files of all project documentation

10) Frequent communications feedback with related units to make sure internal customer satisfaction

11) Perform special projects as assigned

12) Participate in hiring of direct indirect reports for the department

13) Performs employee evaluations at prescribed intervals

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