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Searching for editor job description sample including well written job duties and responsibilities, word format editor job description example & writing sample, looking to learn how making a simple job description form for editor employees including most standard job tasks, roles, duties & responsibilities use our free example template, save and download.

Example Job Description Duties, Roles And Responsibilities For "Editor"

Job Roles And Responsibilities

JOB TASKS: [Core 10 Job Duties]

1) Edit reports, proposals and other documents for grammar, spelling, usage, punctuation, syntax, consistency adherence to company style

2) Coordinate editorial production functions to achieve efficient workflow

3) Maintain the editorial schedule

4) Monitor the flow of materials between authors, editors production staff

5) Help ensure that documents meet corporate quality standards and client specifications and are produced on time within budget

6) Act as a focal point for management of document production

7) Help supervisor ensure consistency of production procedures

8) Help maintain update company style guide

9) Keep abreast of new technology

10) Implement ways to improve the editorial production process

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