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Abrasive Band Winder Job Description

Searching for abrasive band winder job description sample including well written job duties and responsibilities, word format abrasive band winder job description example & writing sample, looking to learn how making a simple job description form for abrasive band winder employees including most standard job tasks, roles, duties & responsibilities use our free example template, save and download.

Example Job Description Duties, Roles And Responsibilities For "Abrasive Band Winder"

Job Roles And Responsibilities

JOB TASKS: [Core 6 Job Duties]

1) Tends electrically powered or hand-cranked band-winding machine that joins and shapes precut backing strip with abrasive-coated strip by spirally winding strips on mandrel to produce grinding polishing tubes or cones

2) Applies adhesive to backing strip by handbrush or by automatic applicator attached to winding machine

3) Clips ends of backing strip abrasive strip to mandrel

4) Depresses foot switch or turns handcrank to revolve mandrel

5) Guides strips by hand depresses pressure roller pedal to feed strips on mandrel

6) Unclips and slides completed roll from mandrel places roll in container.


  • Identify complex problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Manage own time and the time of others.
  • Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, organization rules, and the democratic political process.
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.

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