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  • Barista Job Title (Job Letter #CV157092):

    Provide quality beverages, whole bean, and food products consistently for all customers by adhering to all recipe presentation standards.

    Act with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values mission.

    Maintain a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events to keep store operating to standard to set a positive example for the shift team.

    Anticipate customer and store needs by constantly evaluating environment customers for cues.

    Communicate information to manager so that the team can respond as necessary.

    Assist with new partner training by positively reinforcing successful performance and giving respectful encouraging coaching as needed.

    Contribute to positive team environment by recognizing alarms or changes in partner morale and performance communicating them to the store manager.

    Deliver legendary customer service to all customers by acting with a customer comes first attitude connecting with the customer.

    Responsible to discover respond to customer needs.

    Follow related policies and procedures, including those for cash handling and safety security, to make sure the safety during each shift.

    Maintain a clean organized workspace.

    Follow health, safety sanitation guidelines for all products.

    Responsible to recognize and reinforce individual team accomplishments.

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  • Bartender Job Title (Job Letter #ON35301100):

    Collect money for drinks served.

    Check identification of customers to verify age requirements for purchase of alcohol.

    Attempt to limit problems liability related to customers excessive drinking by taking steps like persuading customers to stop drinking, or ordering taxis or other transportation for intoxicated patrons.

    Clean glasses, utensils, and bar equipment.

    Take beverage orders from serving staff or directly from patrons.

    Serve wine, and bottled or draft beer.

    Clean bars, work areas, and tables.

    Mix ingredients, like liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters, to prepare cocktails other drinks.

    Serve snacks or food items to customers seated at the bar.

    Order or requisition liquors supplies.

    Ask customers who become loud obnoxious to leave, or physically remove them.

    Slice pit fruit for garnishing drinks.

    Arrange bottles glasses to make attractive displays.

    Plan, organize, and control the operations of a cocktail lounge or bar.

    Supervise the work of bar staff other bartenders.

    Prepare appetizers like pickles, cheese, and cold meats.

    Stock bar with beer, wine, liquor, and related supplies like ice, glassware, napkins, or straws.

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