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  • Electrical Engineer Job Title (Job Letter #JOB100016):

    Research, develops, designs, and tests electrical components, equipment, and systems, applying principles techniques of electrical engineering.

    Design electrical equipment, facilities, components, products and systems for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes [Design Engineer, Facilities profess. and kin. Master Title, Design Engineer, Products profess. kin. Master Title].

    Design & directs engineering personnel in fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment and determines methods, procedures and conditions for testing products [Test Engineer profess. kin. Master Title].

    Develop applications of controls, instruments, and systems for new commercial, domestic, and industrial uses.

    Direct activities to make sure that manufacturing, construction, installation, and operational testing conform to functional specifications customer requirements.

    May direct and coordinate operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment systems in field installations.

    May specialize in specific area of discipline, like electrical energy generation, transmission, and distribution systems, products, like appliances, generators, transformers, control devices, and relays, or area of work, like manufacturing, applications, or installation.

    May use computer-assisted engineering and design software equipment to perform engineering tasks..

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  • Electrician Job Title (Job Letter #825281014):

    Repair maintains electrical equipment, like generators, alternators, motors, and intercommunication systems aboard ship.

    Move controls at distribution board switchboard to maintain electrical load within capacity of generators.

    Start standby generator when load nears capacity of operating generator.

    Perform routine tests to make sure that electric motors are driving pumps, blowers, and refrigerating machinery.

    Test wiring for short circuits, using voltmeter ammeter.

    Replace cleans commutator brushes.

    Remove and replaces fuses defective lights.

    May be classified according to degree of authority held as Electrician, Chief water trans. , Electrician, Second water trans. , Electrician, Third water trans. , or equipment worked on as Electrician, Sound water trans. , or area of operations as Electrician, Deck water trans. .

    Must hold certificate as Electrician issued by U.S.

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