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  • Hotel General Manager Job Title (Job Letter #CV15683):

    Responsible for facilitating the collaborative team effort between operations, sales, and revenue management for the hotel.

    Responsible to develop, implement, monitor and achieve the objectives of the Business Plan, including Sales Strategies, Pricing, Yield Management the Operations.

    Maximize the return on investment by achieving the objectives of the business plan & strategic initiatives in guest service, work climate profitability.

    Provide the highest quality guest service product, a positive work environment for employees, maintaining programs vital to the company culture.

    Ensure brand standards are met spearhead strategic partnerships to keep things fresh.

    Create an employment experience by recruiting and training team members providing an opportunity for professional development.

    Responsible to direct and develop the performance of all department managers and their respective departments, including Front Office, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Accounting, People Services, Restaurants and Revenue & Sales to make sure the highest level of guest employee satisfaction.

    Responsible to develop and implement an appropriate sales, marketing revenue strategy to support the growth of this very special property.

    Maximize the financial performance of the hotel by creating a great work environment that allows team to deliver exceptional guest service.

    Manage businss relationships, maintenance of the physical asset, and overseeing the financial operational performance of the property to make sure that it prospers.

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  • Hotel Receptionist Job Title (Job Letter #CV15472):

    Greet guests.

    Respond to the needs of hotel guests.

    Learn the names & personally recognize regular Guests Members.

    Direct guests to the appropriate locations.

    Respond to all guest requests and follow through to assure satisfactory outcome compliance.

    Assist guests by making knowledgeable recommendations and, as requested, follow-up with Reservations, confirmation of a variety of services, including but not limited to, shuttle transportation to airports, sightseeing tour information, dining, automobile rental, airline reservations, golf tee-times, and spa reservations.

    Communicate with Housekeeping Butler departments to make sure current information on status of rooms.

    Provide friendly and courteous telephone manners to guests co-workers.

    Run arrival departure reports for front office.

    Read all information like correspondence, special billing memoranda instructions in order to be prepared for guests needs in advance.

    Process registration information.

    Post charges accurately to guest accounts into the register system.

    Process payments departures.

    Adjust errors, correcting discrepancies on guest accounts.

    Enter data to keep guest information current.

    Retrieve data to respond to internal needs or guest history.

    File all records properly, keeping current.

    Coordinate requests for deliveries of floral, fruit baskets or other gifts to guest rooms.

    Work with all hotel departments to maintain maximum rapport and open communication channels to anticipate and satisfy guest needs demands.

    Act to solve guest problems, coordinating necessary efforts through the appropriate departments and to consistently follow-up with guests to make sure proper actions responses have been received.

    Maintain a thorough knowledge of current guest services, activities, dining options, shops, local attractions, and historical information regarding Sea Island the surrounding area to answer any questions guests may have to the best of one ability.

    Maintain cleanliness organization in all work areas.

    Uphold appropriate departmental standards of quality/timing.

    Ensure compliance with all related policies procedures.

    Report all equipment problems and maintenance issues, known safety hazards, or unsafe practices procedures to supervisor immediately.

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