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  • Junior Accountant Job Title (Job Letter #CV14004):

    Compile financial information and prepares journal entries to produce accrual and cash based monthly financial statements supporting schedules.

    Analyze financial information detailing assets, liabilities and capital and prepares balance sheet, profit and loss statement and other reports to summarize & interpret current and projected company financial position for all internal external clients.

    Perform cash management duties, including wire transfers/check requests, deposit review, draws, reconciliation, cash projections, monitoring cash accounts receivable balances.

    Review accounts payable, including invoices, contracts vouchers for accuracy.

    Ensure timely payments of real estate taxes, mortgages, and utilities.

    Monitor compliance with company procedures.

    Make recommendations regarding the accounting of reserves, assets, and costs, and improving the organizations accounting operation.

    Coordinate year-end tax audit activities with third party preparer.

    Coordinate budget process with management staff.

    Review monthly tenant billings and rent rolls to make sure accuracy timeliness.

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  • Janitor Job Title (Job Letter #JOB201060):

    Keep working areas in production departments of industrial establishment in clean orderly condition, performing any combination of following duties.

    Transport raw materials semifinished products or supplies between departments or buildings to supply machine tenders or operators with materials for processing, using handtruck.

    Arrange boxes, material and handtrucks or other industrial equipment in neat orderly manner.

    Clean lint, dust, oil, and grease from machines, overhead pipes, and conveyors, using brushes, airhoses, or steam cleaner.

    Scrub processing tanks vats.

    Clean floors, using water hose, and applies floor drier.

    Pick up reusable scrap for salvage stores in containers.

    Perform other duties as described under Cleaner any industry I Master Title.

    May burn waste clean incinerator.

    May pick up refuse from plant grounds maintain area by cutting grass or shoveling snow.

    May operate industrial truck to transport materials within plant.

    May start pumps to force cleaning solution through production machinery, piping, or vats.

    May start pumps to lubricate machines.

    May be designated according to area cleaned as Alley Cleaner textile , Can-Filling-Room Sweeper beverage , Casting-And-Locker-Room Servicer plastic-synth. , Ceiling Cleaner any industry , Engine-Room Cleaner any industry , Floor Cleaner any industry , Overhead Cleaner any industry ..

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