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  • Operations Manager Job Title (Job Letter #CV157082):

    Responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the plant operations and maintenance for metals transportation operations.

    Manage plant operations maintenance.

    Implement the health, safety environment standards, overseeing the daily activities of the Safety Coordinator.

    Responsible for labor relations.

    Make recommendations on major capital expenditures.

    Plan major plant improvements innovation projects subject to management approval.

    Responsible to plan manage project related initiatives.

    Develop strategies, business plans, budgets and programs to contain cost to increase productivity.

    Responsible for loading shipping.

    Responsible for making recommendations for further cost improvements.

    Responsible for staff to follow local rules regulations.

    Assist in the maintenance of leased property.

    Implement business sponsored initiatives, including standardized production budget forecasting/reporting for all departments.

    Maintain accurate inventories.

    Maximize production while minimizing spending.

    Responsible for maintaining relationships with various vendors.

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  • Order Picker Job Title (Job Letter #922687058):

    Perform any combination of following tasks to receive, store, and distribute material, tools, equipment, and products within establishments.

    Read production schedule, customer order, work order, shipping order, or requisition to define items to be moved, gathered, or distributed.

    Convey materials items from receiving or production areas to storage or to other designated areas by hand, handtruck, or electric handtruck.

    Sort places materials or items on racks, shelves, or in bins according to predetermined sequence, like size, type, style, color, or product code.

    Sort stores perishable goods in refrigerated rooms.

    Fill requisitions, work orders, or requests for materials, tools, or other stock items distributes items to production workers or assembly line.

    Assemble customer orders from stock places orders on pallets or shelves, or conveys orders to packing station or shipping department.

    Mark materials with identifying information, using stencil, crayon, or other marking device.

    Open bales, crates, and other containers, using handtools.

    Record amounts of materials or items received or distributed.

    Weigh or counts items for distribution within plant to make sure conformance to company standards.

    Arrange stock parts in specified sequence for assembly by other workers.

    May use computer to enter records.

    May compile worksheets or tickets from customer specifications [Order Detailer clerical 221.387-046].

    May drive vehicle to transport stored items from warehouse to plant or to pick up items from several locations for shipment.

    May complete requisition forms to order supplies from other plant departments.

    May prepare parcels for mailing.

    May maintain inventory records.

    May restock aircraft commissary supplies, like linens, glasses, emergency kits, and beverages, and be designated Commissary Agent air trans. .

    May be known according to specific duty performed as Cloth-Bin Packer textile , Cooler Worker dairy products , Order Filler any industry , Produce Clerk retail trade Ii, Tool Chaser any industry ..

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