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  • QA Engineer Job Title (Job Letter #CV14099):

    Read and interprets engineering design or production drawings, catalogues, or other pertinent data and specifications in order to define inspection and test criteria or methods to assure conformance to applicable specifications requirements.

    Functionally and visually inspects & tests product for proper design and operation using pneumatic service units, fittings, valves, valve terminals, cylinders, accessories, electric motors, drives and components, programmable logic controllers, sensors, test fixtures, test software other required equipment.

    Inspect, verifies and records accuracy of measurements & devices using inspection and measuring tools like vernier calipers, height gages, surface plates, micrometers, tape measures, torque wrenches, torque analyzers, hardness testers, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, plug gages, thread rings, gage blocks, profile-meters, flow-meters, optical comparators, coordinate measuring machines cmm and other required inspection measuring test equipment.

    Acts as quality assurance representative with internal departments on new product developments product failures.

    Support the qa inspectors as necessary.

    Perform timely failure analysis investigations of customer returned material to define probable causes or modes of failure.

    Coordinate communicates with headquarters to resolve quality complaints from interested parties.

    Support failure modes effects analysis activities for new product developments, and supports external supplier selection evaluation activities including performance ratings.

    Participate in the supplier rating system srs as an auditor evaluating the effective implementation of corrective / preventative actions for previously defective incoming material.

    Prepare quality system documents including operating procedures, work instructions, charts, visual aids, inspection drawings reports.

    Identify negative quality trends initiates appropriate corrective/preventative actions.

    Assure a timely response feedback to the resolution of quality issues to management.

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  • QA Technician Job Title (Job Letter #CV14168):

    Ensure compliance with all company customer and regulatory quality requirements by monitoring coordinating and documenting qa activities in the production and warehousing of company raw materials other products.

    Perform daily check of temperatures and visual inspections in production warehouse and freezer/cooler storage areas.

    Calibrate thermometers sanitizer solution by testing both, complete documentation as necessary.

    Complete all necessary forms and all defined actions within and address comments and concerns with supervisor, pre-shipment other approvals.

    Inspect raw materials for proper specifications codes lot numbers and dates including information necessary for lot tracing on batch sheets other approved forms.

    Maintain weight controls for ingredients and finished products give feedback for adjustment to maintain appropriate targets.

    Monitor and record packaging specification are followed record the results on approved forms, check codes of finished products for compliance with customer specifications.

    Monitor check weight net weights of product to make sure compliance with standard, audit proper functioning of metal detector.

    Complete deviations/hold tickets for out-of-specification materials and take corrective actions including notification of qa production management.

    Monitor pre-op and operational sanitation compliance and record information/deviations follow up/communicate as necessary for appropriate action.

    Ensure implementation of quality assurance and other requested company standards throughout production receiving shipping, maintain documentation of records.

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