3 Job Rejection Letters


How to write a rejection letter for an applicant? This article shows you examples for different scenarios.

Need a rejection letter?

We have three different job application rejection letters for you in a row.

- Example of rejection letter, after application
- Rejection letter example, after letter round
- Example of rejection letter, after job interview

These three examples can be found below in order:

1- Rejection letter, after application example

Really reject a job application? Then use our example to do this neatly and well. An application procedure is an exciting procedure, so it's advisable to invest time in thorough rejections. This way you avoid too big disappointments for the applicant. You also prevent the image of the organization from becoming negative.

[Applicant's name]
[Applicant's address]
[Postcode and applicant's place of residence]

Subject: Application procedure [vacancy name and reference number]
[Salutation: Choose suitable salutation examples: Dear Mr. X, Dear Mrs. Y]

Following your application for the position of [describe function if necessary. with reference number] within our organization, I must unfortunately inform you that after careful consideration it has been decided not to include your application in the procedure.

In our opinion, your [reason for rejection example: education and experience] doesn't adequately match the profile we are looking for. We then decided to continue the procedure initially with other candidates. [optional! If this is desired, state explicitly, and also state the term!] We would like to keep your data in our portfolio for six months so that we can contact you in the future if we have a vacancy that matches your experience and interest. If you object to this, I request that you report this to us. After this period we will ensure that your data is removed from our systems.

Thank you very much for the interest shown in our company and the relevant position.




2- Rejection letter, after letter round, example

[California 12-06-2019]

Subject: response to job application letter [number or job code]

[Choose suitable salutation examples: Dear Mr. X, Dear Mrs. Y]

You recently applied to us for the vacancy [mention vacancy, possibly reference number]

We have received many responses to this vacancy. In the meantime we have carefully read all application letters and we have made an initial selection based on these application letters. We haven't selected your letter of application for the next round in the procedure.

[optional! Briefly describe why the letter hasn't been noticed, has fallen off, or a short reason why the letter has been discarded.]

Hereby we thank you for your effort and we wish you every success with any further applications.


[Contact details]

3- Rejection letter, after job interview, example

Did you conduct a job interview and reject candidates? Use our example of a rejection letter after a job interview. It's important that you state a good reason why the candidate didn't ultimately become one. Use our example, complete the letter and send it by post or e-mail. This means that the application process is completed well and the candidate gets a good picture of the rejection. For many people, that's worth a lot in addition to the disappointment.

[Florida 1-10-2018]

Subject: Job interview response [enter date of interview]

[Choose suitable salutation]

On [mention date] we conducted a job interview with you. After a very careful consideration, we decided to continue with one of the other candidates. The choice was not made for you because [give a reason, for example "you have little experience with developing internet applications" or "have minimal knowledge of the requested programming language", etc].

I thank you again kindly for the effort taken. We wish you every success with any further applications. [optional!] We will transfer your traveling expenses to your bank account shortly. [optional!]


[Contact details]

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