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The choice of a profession is often not easy. Many voters face an abundance of options and too many interests. In addition, we usually don't know ourselves as well as we think, and that sometimes makes it difficult to determine what really suits us.

Fortunately, career choice tests help you make a selection. They address your interests, talents and personality and, based on that, determine which profession you'll feel most at home in.

Types of tests

Often career choice tests work on the basis of statements of which you indicate to what extent they apply to you. Sometimes in the tests you also have to choose the activities that appeal to you the most. For example, the tests determine whether you're creative, technical or more analytical.

Free career choice tests

There are many different career choice tests in circulation, and they aren't all equally good. Many free tests are very short and sometimes put together amateurishly. It's impossible to base correct advice on just a few questions, because those few questions simply don't say enough about your talents and preferences. Sometimes the free tests aren't made by professionals and the results are so obvious that you could have predicted them yourself.

Nevertheless, there are indeed free career choice tests that can give you more insight into the career choice that suits you best. Although these tests don't give you a very detailed result, they do give you an indication of what suits you and where you should look.

Professional career selection tests

Paid career choice (selection) tests are more professional, more extensive and give you more insight into your results. These tests have been put together by professionals who often have a psychological background, and the questions have been prepared in such a way that they actually say something about what really suits you.

In addition to career selection tests, there are also interest tests, so you can find out more about what you're looking for in a job.

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