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Cashier Interview Questions & Answers

Listed top and most related sample cashier interview questions and answers, common expected queses and replaies help to conduct successful interview for cashier job. search our examples and get more knowledge.
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Cashier Interview Questions Related Samples

Listed top related sample interview questions for "cashier" or similar careers:

1) Cashier receives payment by cash check credit cards vouchers or automatic debits. issues receipts refunds credits or change due to customers. counts money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to make sure that amounts are correct that there is adequate change. greets customers entering establishments...[..]

2) Booth cashier counts money audit money drawers. works in monitor an assigned area on the casino floor where slot machines are located. listens for jackpot alarm bells issue payoffs to winners. maintains cage security according to rules. obtains customers signatures on receipts when winnings exceed the amount held in a slot machine...[..]

3) Railroad brake signals locomotive engineers to start or stop trains when coupling or uncoupling cars, using hand signals, lanterns, or radio communication. pulls or push track switches to reroute cars. observes signals from other crewmembers so that work activities can be coordinated. inspects couplings, air hoses, journal boxes, and handbrakes to make sure that they are securely fastened functioning properly...[..]

4) Retail salesperson greets customers ascertain what each customer wants or needs. computes sales prices, total purchases and receive process cash or credit payment. maintains records related to sales. watches for and recognize security risks thefts, and know how to prevent or handle these situations. recommends, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs desires...[..]

5) Compliance manager verifies that software technology is in place to adequately provide oversight monitoring in all required areas. serves as a confidential point of contact for employees to communicate with management, seek clarification on issues or dilemmas, or report irregularities. maintains documentation of compliance activities, like complaints received or investigation outcomes...[..]

6) Conveyor operator and tender positions deflector bars, gates, chutes, or spouts to divert flow of materials from one conveyor onto another conveyor. records production data like weights, types, quantities, and storage locations of materials, and equipment performance problems downtime. informs supervisors of equipment malfunctions that need to be addressed...[..]

7) Combined food preparation and serving worker serves customers in eating places that specialize in fast service inexpensive carry-out food. prepares serve cold drinks, or frozen milk drinks or desserts, using drink-dispensing, milkshake, or frozen custard machines. selects food items from serving or storage areas place them in dishes, on serving trays, or in takeout bags...[..]

8) Railroad conductor and yardmaster signals engineers to begin train runs, stop trains, or change speed, using telecommunications equipment or hand signals. receives information regarding train or rail problems from dispatchers or from electronic monitoring devices. keeps records of the contents destination of each train car, and make sure that cars are added or removed at proper points on routes...[..]

9) Chef and head cook checks the quantity quality of received products. orders or requisition food or other supplies needed to make sure efficient operation. supervises or coordinate activities of cooks or workers engaged in food preparation. inspects supplies, equipment, or work areas to make sure conformance to established standards...[..]

10) Chemistry teacher supervises students laboratory work. compiles, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others. maintains student attendance records, grades, and other required records. prepares course materials like syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. maintains regularly scheduled office hours to advise assist students...[..]

11) Criminal investigator and special agent examines records to locate links in chains of evidence or information. prepares reports that detail investigation findings. collaborates with other offices and agencies to exchange information coordinate activities. determines scope, timing, and direction of investigations. testifies before grand juries concerning criminal activity investigations...[..]

12) Reservation and ticketing agent prepares customer invoices accept payment. answers inquiries regarding information like schedules, accommodations, procedures, and policies. assembles issue required documentation, like tickets, travel insurance policies, and itineraries. determines whether space is available on travel dates requested by customers, assigning requested spaces when available...[..]

13) Critical care nurse identifies patients age-specific needs alter care plans as necessary to meet those needs. provides post-mortem care. performs approved therapeutic or diagnostic procedures based upon patients clinical status. administers blood and blood products, monitoring patients for signs symptoms related to transfusion reactions...[..]

14) Career education teacher prepares materials classroom for class activities. establishes and enforce rules for behavior procedures for maintaining order among students. observes evaluate students performance, behavior, social development, and physical health. instructs and monitor students in the use and care of equipment materials to prevent injury damage...[..]

15) Cardiovascular technologist and technician monitors patients blood pressure heart rate using electrocardiogram ekg equipment during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures to notify the physician if something appears wrong. monitors patients comfort safety during tests, alerting physicians to abnormalities or changes in patient responses. explains testing procedures to patients to obtain cooperation reduce anxiety...[..]

16) Costume attendant distributes costumes or related equipment keep records of item status. arranges costumes in order of use to facilitate quick-change procedures for performances. returns borrowed or rented items when productions are complete return other items to storage. cleans and press costumes before and after performances perform any minor repairs...[..]

17) Chemical plant and system operator moves control settings to make necessary adjustments on equipment units affecting speeds of chemical reactions, quality, or yields. monitors recording instruments, flowmeters, panel lights, or other indicators listen for warning signals, to verify conformity of process conditions. controls or operate chemical processes or systems of machines, using panelboards, control boards, or semi-automatic equipment...[..]

18) Cartographer and photogrammetrist collects information about specific features of the earth using aerial photography other digital remote sensing techniques. compiles data required for map preparation, including aerial photographs, survey notes, records, reports, and original maps. inspects final compositions to make sure completeness accuracy...[..]

19) Recycling and reclamation worker cuts discarded products, like appliances automobiles, into small pieces using saws, blow torches, or other hand or power tools. extracts chemicals from discarded appliances, like air conditioners or refrigerators, using specialized machinery, like refrigerant recovery equipment. sorts materials, like metals, glass, wood, paper or plastics, into appropriate containers for recycling...[..]

20) Hr compensation benefits and job analysis specialist ensures company compliance with federal state laws, including reporting requirements. plans, develop, evaluate, improve, and communicate methods techniques for selecting, promoting, compensating, evaluating, and training workers. provides advice on the resolution of classification salary complaints...[..]

21) Cement mason and concrete finisher checks the forms that hold the concrete to see that they are properly constructed. molds expansion joints edges, using edging tools, jointers, and straightedge. monitors how the wind, heat, or cold affect the curing of the concrete throughout the entire process. signals truck driver to position truck to facilitate pouring concrete, and move chute to direct concrete on forms...[..]

22) Radiologic technician determines patients x-ray needs by reading requests or instructions from physicians. makes exposures necessary for the requested procedures, rejecting repeating work that does not meet established standards. processes exposed radiographs using film processors or computer generated methods. explains procedures to patients to reduce anxieties obtain cooperation...[..]

23) Rehabilitation counselor arranges for physical, mental, academic, vocational, and other evaluations to obtain information for assessing clients needs developing rehabilitation plans. analyzes information from interviews, educational medical records, consultation with other professionals, and diagnostic evaluations to assess clients abilities, needs, and eligibility for services...[..]

24) Computer and information systems manager manages backup, security user help systems. directs daily operations of department, analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, developing standards setting deadlines. assigns review the work of systems analysts, programmers, and other computer-related workers. stays abreast of advances in technology...[..]

25) System analyst confers with clients regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs a computer program is to address. coordinates and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility so information can be shared. consults with management to make sure agreement on system principles...[..]

26) Technical education teacher maintains accurate complete student records as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations. prepares materials classrooms for class activities. establishes clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects communicate those objectives to students. plans conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate...[..]

27) Commercial diver communicates with workers on the surface while underwater, using signal lines or telephones. checks maintain diving equipment, like helmets, masks, air tanks, harnesses, or gauges. descends into water with the aid of diver helpers, using scuba gear or diving suits. obtains information about diving tasks environmental conditions...[..]

28) Refrigeration mechanic and installer brazes or solder parts to repair defective joints leaks. dismantles malfunctioning systems test components, using electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic testing equipment. adjusts or replace worn or defective mechanisms parts, and reassemble repaired systems. reads blueprints to define location, size, capacity, and type of components needed to build refrigeration system...[..]

29) Regulatory affairs specialist communicates with regulatory agencies regarding pre-submission strategies, potential regulatory pathways, compliance test requirements, or clarification follow-up of submissions under review. escorts government inspectors during inspections provide post-inspection follow-up information as requested...[..]

30) Correctional officer and jailer guards facility entrances to screen visitors. searches for recapture escapees. inspects mail for the presence of contraband. takes prisoners into custody and escort to locations within outside of facility, like visiting room, courtroom, or airport. uses weapons, handcuffs, and physical force to maintain discipline order among prisoners...[..]

31) Construction carpenter verifies trueness of structure, using plumb bob level. shapes or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws. studies specifications in blueprints, sketches, or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions materials required. assembles and fasten materials to make frameworks or props, using hand tools wood screws, nails, dowel pins, or glue...[..]

32) Chief executive directs or coordinate an organizations financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, or increase efficiency. confers with board members, organization officials, or staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities, or resolve problems. directs, plan, or implement policies, objectives, or activities of organizations or businesses to make sure continuing operations, to maximize returns on investments, or to increase productivity...[..]

33) Short order cooker plans work on orders so that items served together are finished at the same time. takes orders from customers cook foods requiring short preparation times, according to customer requirements. grills and garnish hamburgers or other meats like steaks chops. completes orders from steam tables, placing food on plates serving customers at tables or counters...[..]

34) Coroner completes death certificates, including the assignment of cause manner of death. observes and record the positions and conditions of bodies related evidence. collects document any pertinent medical history information. observes, record, and preserve any objects or personal property related to deaths, including objects like medication containers suicide notes...[..]

35) Computer science teacher prepares course materials like syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. compiles, administer, and grade examinations or assign this work to others. keeps abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences. initiates, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions...[..]

36) Credit counselor advises clients or respond to inquiries about financial matters in person or via phone, email, web site, or internet chat. assesses clients overall financial situation by reviewing income, assets, debts, expenses, credit reports, or other financial information. calculates clients available monthly income to meet debt obligations...[..]

37) Rail track laying and maintenance equipment operator patrols assigned track sections so that damaged or broken track can be located reported. cleans tracks or clear ice or snow from tracks or switch boxes. repairs or adjust track switches, using wrenches replacement parts. lubricates machines, change oil, or fill hydraulic reservoirs to specified levels...[..]

38) Clinical nurse specialist coordinates or conduct educational programs or in-service training sessions on topics like clinical procedures. evaluates the quality effectiveness of nursing practice or organizational systems. provides direct care by performing comprehensive health assessments, developing differential diagnoses, conducting specialized tests, or prescribing medications or treatments...[..]

39) Childcare worker cares for children in institutional setting, like group homes, nursery schools, private businesses, or schools for the handicapped. sanitizes toys play equipment. disciplines children and recommend or initiate other measures to control behavior, like caring for own clothing and picking up toys books...[..]

40) Computer and information research scientist analyzes problems to develop solutions involving computer hardware software. assigns or schedule tasks to meet work priorities goals. evaluates project plans proposals to assess feasibility issues. applies theoretical expertise innovation to create or apply new technology, like adapting principles for applying computers to new uses...[..]

41) Rolling machine setter operator reads rolling orders, blueprints, and mill schedules to define setup specifications, work sequences, product dimensions, and installation procedures. manipulates controls observe dial indicators to monitor, adjust, and regulate speeds of machine mechanisms. starts operation of rolling and milling machines to flatten, temper, form, and reduce sheet metal sections to produce steel strips...[..]

42) Curator provides information from the institutions holdings to other curators to the public. trains supervise curatorial, fiscal, technical, research, and clerical staff, and volunteers or interns. negotiates authorize purchase, sale, exchange, or loan of collections. plans conduct special research projects in area of interest or expertise...[..]

43) System engineer or architect communicates with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements. provides advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes. verifies stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture. collaborates with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components...[..]

44) Coache and scout plans strategies choose team members for individual games or sports seasons. plans direct physical conditioning programs that will enable athletes to achieve maximum performance. adjusts coaching techniques, based on the strengths weaknesses of athletes. files scouting reports that detail player assessments, provide recommendations on athlete recruitment, and identify locations individuals to be targeted for future recruitment efforts...[..]

45) Rail car repairer tests units for operability before after repairs. removes locomotives, car mechanical units, or other components, using pneumatic hoists jacks, pinch bars, hand tools, and cutting torches. inspects components like bearings, seals, gaskets, wheels, and coupler assemblies to define if repairs are needed...[..]

46) Credit checker compiles analyze credit information gathered by investigation. interviews credit applicants by telephone or in person to obtain personal financial data needed to complete credit report. prepares reports of findings recommendations, using typewriters or computers. contacts former employers other acquaintances to verify applicants references, employment, health history, and social behavior...[..]

47) Rock splitters quarry locates grain line patterns to define how rocks will split when cut. marks dimensions or outlines on stone prior to cutting, using rules chalk lines. cuts slabs of stone into sheets that will be used for floors or counters. sets charges of explosives to split rock. drills holes along outlines, using jackhammers...[..]

48) Carpet installer rolls out, measure, mark, and cut carpeting to size with a carpet knife, following floor sketches allowing extra carpet for final fitting. plans the layout of the carpet, allowing for expected traffic patterns and placing seams for best appearance longest wear. stretches carpet to align with walls ensure a smooth surface, and press carpet in place over tack strips or use staples, tape, tacks or glue to hold carpet in place...[..]

49) Craft artist creates functional or decorative objects by hand, using a variety of methods materials. cuts, shape, fit, join, mold, or otherwise process materials, using hand tools, power tools, and/or machinery. attends craft shows to market products. selects materials for use based on strength, color, texture, balance, weight, size, malleability other characteristics...[..]

50) Private household cooker plans menus according to employers needs diet restrictions. prepares meals in private homes according to employers recipes or tastes, handling all meals for the family possibly for other household staff. stocks, organize, and clean kitchens cooking utensils. specializes in preparing fancy dishes and/or food for special diets...[..]

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