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Occupational Therapist Employment Contract Sample

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Job contract sample for occupational therapist

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Job title: Occupational therapist

Duties and responsibilities [are to]:

    Perform patient evaluation, including all pertinent tests measurements appropriate for required documentation in a timely manner

    Review patient records for current diagnosis, past medical history, precautions contraindications

    Instruct patients in home exercise program, transfer training, positioning and additionally safety issues

    Adhere to all related regulations regarding patient confidentiality recordkeeping

    Maintain a safe clinical environment

    Adhere to billing compliance standards

    Adhere to continuing education requirements

    Adhere to productivity standards

    Assist with scheduling of patient appointments

    Develop a plan of care based on physicians orders evaluation findings

    Maintain professional attire neat appearance at all times

    Document date, time treatment applied at each session objectively in electronic documentation system like progression, regression of functional abilities, or any adverse responses noted during session

    Communicate - in a timely manner - with other professionals such information as appropriate to update the plan of care for the patient, coordinate services, or report adverse responses to treatment

    Perform other diverse duties as requested or required Qualifications

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