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Tax Accountant Employment Contract

tax accountant employment contract
Searching for tax accountant employment contract sample, well written word format job agreement document, looking for how to write example for tax accountant including related duties and responsibilities, free use our form template, download, save or copy
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Tax Accountant Employment Contract Sample

Document Summary:

Job Title: "Tax Accountant"
Template Ref#: Employment Contract (#JOB100863)
Categories: Tax, Accountant

Sample Employment Contract For Tax Accountant

employer...employer adderss...
employee...employee adderss...
commencement...place of work...
Job title: Tax accountant
Duties and responsibilities [are to]:

    Prepare federal, state, or local tax returns of individual, business establishment, or other organization

    Examine accounts plus records computes taxes owed according to prescribed rates, laws plus regulations, using computer

    Advise management regarding effects of business activities on taxes and additionally on strategies for minimizing tax liability

    Ensure that establishment complies with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and also other taxing authority requirements

    Represent principal before taxing bodies

    May devise install tax record systems

    May specialize in various aspects of tax accounting, like tax laws applied to particular industry, or in individual, fiduciary, or partnership income tax preparation

termination of employment...wage...hours of work...
meal intervals...sunday work...public holidays...
annual leave...sick leave...maternity leave...
family responsibility leave...deductions from remuneration...accommodation leave...
special details...
employer signature...employee signature...signature date...

About Tax Accountant Employment Contract Sample:

  • The employment agreement sample for tax accountant job shows how tax accountant job roles and responsibilities must be clearly declared.
  • We pointed most important elements beside the Tax Accountant duties in our sample employment contract for tax accountant, such as commencement which describes the begin and end of the contract; wages which defines any additional payments such as overtime or work on holidays, meals, accommodation and transportation allowance; working hours which lists the daily work start and end time and may differ per day such as woking shifts; Intervals of Meals where you'll specify the time and duration for the employee to take a meal; public holidays specify if the tax accountant employee may work in holidays and the wage related; leave details and descriptions [annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, family responsibility and accommodation leave] and if the employee will be paid plus the payment information; special details describe any extra or special agreements needed as special agreements does not belong to the tax accountant job itself but the company may accept special requests such as [payments for children schools, laptop, cell phone, car driver]; finaly the signatures and date of sign.

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