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Sample Sales Manager Employment Contract Template

Job contract sample for sales manager

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employee...employee adderss...
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Job title: Sales manager

Duties and responsibilities [are to]:

    Achieve assigned period, annual volume as well as category targets by taking initiative, being creative solving problems

    Sell products using all available resources including financial information

    Grow base sales by maximizing distribution, growing shelf share additionally pursuing creative secondary positioning of all products

    Responsible for coaching, developing managing workforce to maximize service, productivity, merchandising, and also display building

    Manage variable labor by accurately forecasting weekly merchandising needs

    Partnering with team as well as other functions to improve delivery efficiencies optimize customer service levels while minimizing cost of donated/ damaged/destroyed product

termination of employment...wage...hours of work...
meal intervals...sunday work...public holidays...
annual leave...sick leave...maternity leave...
family responsibility leave...deductions from remuneration...accommodation leave...
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