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Accounting Manager Job Title: Job Description Sample

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Accounting Manager Job Description
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Job title: Accounting Manager Reports to: direct supervisor or manager

Job tasks: [Core 13 job duties]

1) Maintain adherence to GAAP policies corporate financial policy

2) Provide for the implementation of new policies where appropriate

3) Provide systems which insure an adequate level of internal control the accuracy of cost financial data

4) Review all the financial controls that support inventory accuracy

5) Perform analytical reviews of cost financial data

6) Support Financial Planning in the preparation of the cost and inventory financial information for the annual profit plan monthly forecast

7) Ensure the completion of all month end close activities related to cost accounting

8) Ensure that on a monthly basis all inventory Account reconciliations are appropriately maintained; accruals reserves are adequate

9) Perform product cost reviews

10) Perform in a join work with Supply Chain the annual physical inventory counts

11) Perform special Cost projects like - make vs buy, product transfers, and cost improvements

12) Provide information documentation to internal or external auditors as required

13) Build professional capability of the Cost Accounting Team

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