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Nail Technician Job Description Duties Sample

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Job description duties sample for nail technician

Job title: Nail Technician Reports to: direct supervisor or manager

Job tasks: [Core 24 job duties]

1) Provide nail care services like manicures pedicures to guests

2) Assess guest needs, inquire about contraindications and examine skin, hair, or nails to evaluate condition, appearance and appropriateness of scheduled service

3) Determine advise guests on proper skin, hair, or nail care

4) Demonstrate, promote, and sell spa/salon retail products

5) Answer questions about general property information amenities

6) Escort guests to from treatment rooms

7) Check with guest to make sure continued comfort throughout service

8) Monitor stick to time schedule throughout the day

9) Clean, maintain, and sterilize tools equipment

10) Maintain cleanliness of workstation and/or treatment room throughout shift

11) Dispose of trash dirty linens in the proper area

12) Secure supplies equipment at the end of each shift. maintain current licensure in service area

13) Report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager; complete safety training certifications

14) Ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean professional

15) Maintain confidentiality of proprietary information

16) Protect company assets

17) Welcome acknowledge all guests according to company standards

18) Anticipate address guests service needs

19) Assist individuals with disabilities

20) Thank guests with genuine appreciation

21) Speak with others using clear professional language

22) Develop maintain positive working relationships with others

23) Comply with quality assurance expectations standards

24) Reach, bend, twist, pull, and stoop; grasp, turn, and manipulate objects of varying size weight

Complete job description include:

A) (compensation and benefits): all forms of pay running to nail technician employee and arising from his/her employment.

B) (job competencies): Competence is the ability of an employee to do a job properly.

C) (performance expectations): a range of expected job occupation outcomes.

D) (work environment): location where job roles (tasks) are completed.

E) (work styles): the basis of how to organize your work, manage your time, teach & learn, interact with others, contribute to teams, communicate, and even create words or sentence patterns.

F) (work activities): how doing the nail technician job tasks.

G) (work values): refer to the things and / or activities we place worth upon and strive to obtain or engage.

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