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bundle clerk job description duties
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Bundle Clerk Job Description Duties Sample

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Job Title: "Bundle Clerk"
Template Ref#: Job Description Duties (#JOB200820)
Categories: Bundle, Clerk

Sample Job Description Duties For Bundle Clerk

List of core working tasks required as bundle clerk employee:

Prepares laundry for processing distributes laundry, performing any combination of following duties.

Opens bundles of soiled laundry.

Places bundles onto conveyor belt or drops down chute for distribution to marking classification sections.

Weighs laundry on scales records weight on tickets.

Removes bundles from conveyor distributes to workers, using handtruck.

Fastens identification pins or clips onto laundry to facilitate subsequent assembly of customers orders.

Sorts net bags containing clean wash according to customers identification tags.

Sorts empty net bags according to color size.

Collects identification tags from lots of laundered articles for reuse.

Moistens clean wash preparatory to ironing.

Operates power hoist to load and unload washing machines extractors.

Stacks linen supplies on storage room shelves.

Unloads soiled linen from trucks.

May be designated according to duties performed as Bundle Weigher laundry and rel. ; Chute Worker laundry and rel. ; Clipper laundry and rel. ; Linen-Supply-Room Worker laundry & rel. ; Net Sorter laundry rel. .

Pin Sorter And Bagger laundry and rel. ; Pin Worker laundry and rel. ; Washing-Machine Loader laundry rel. Ii..

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