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Job resume sample for brewing director

Professional experience

Brewing director, 11/2010 - present


Develop new or modifies existing brewing formulas and processing techniques coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, brewing, fermenting, lagering, and malting departments of a brewery

Devise brewing formulas and processes or works in conjunction with research personnel to develop or modify formulas processes

Direct coordinates activities of departments to control processing, according to formula specifications

Confer with technical and administrative personnel to resolve formula process problems

Review and analyzes production orders to define brewing schedules human resource requirements

Test and inspects beer, grain, malt, wort, and yeast, using saccharimeter, hydrometer, and other test equipment correlates results with quality control analyses

Advise and recommends to management methods procedures for selecting, installing, and maintaining equipment

Review resolves personnel actions

Prepare submits production reports

May confer with workers representatives to resolve grievances.

Skills and qualifications

  • Three years of working experience as Brewing Director
  • Use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Talk to others to convey information effectively

A Complete CV / resumes includes:

A) (personal information): your name, date of birth and military status

B) (education): academic faculties, institutes, and related degrees.

C) (training): courses and training information supported with any brewing director career professional certificates if available.

D) (career objective): it refers also to "resume objective"; a summary of accomplishments that precedes an explanation of career goals.

E) (knowledge, skills, and abilities): KSAs are used to determine who the best job applicants are when more candidates qualify for brewing director job.

F) (activities and honors): highlights the related activities you have been involved with and the honors you have received that you could discuss with your prospective employer.

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