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Director educational board of nurse examiners directs activities concerned with maintaining educational standards established by board of nursing or other legally authorized agency. participates in development and implementation of philosophy, purpose, policies and plans of board of agency and consults with & advises administrators of nursing schools in regard to curricula facilities for instruction...[..]


Sample director educational board of nurse examiners cover letter & template (#JOB100451) last updated on

Continuity director may be responsible for nonmusical copyright material. may read book or script of television programs and commercials or view and listen to videotapes to detect and recommend deletion of vulgar, immoral, libelous, or misleading statements, applying knowledge of federal communications commission & station standards regulations...[..]


Sample continuity director cover letter & template (#JOB100724) last updated on

Workforce managing director communicates effectively with all system stakeholders, develops maintains professional relationships with workforce solutions staff, and community-based organizations to meet contractual obligations. works closely with workforce solutions staff to make sure that medium long-term strategies are in place to achieve the mission of workforce solutions...[..]


Sample workforce managing director cover letter & template (#CV13971) last updated on

Consumer affairs director conducts investigations cooperates with federal, state, and local agencies, business community, and private organizations to resolve violations of consumer protection laws. advocates consumer interests before legislative body, regulatory agencies, and other judicial forums. recommends changes in legislation affecting consumer protection...[..]


Sample consumer affairs director cover letter & template (#JOB101282) last updated on

Chemical plant technical director coordinates activities of workers engaged in testing and metering unit operations, and collecting interpreting processing records. evaluates performance records of chemical processes and physical operations submits report of findings to management. may prepare reports on cost of plant operation....[..]


Sample chemical plant technical director cover letter & template (#JOB100095) last updated on

Institution director recommends parole or discharge of persons under jurisdiction of institution. directs recruitment training of staff. confers with staff to formulate and institute policies regulations. compiles and analyzes expenditures projected costs, and prepares reports for officials. prepares budget monitors expenditures...[..]


Sample institution director cover letter & template (#JOB101202) last updated on

Accounting manager reviews all the financial controls that support inventory accuracy. performs analytical reviews of cost financial data. supports financial planning in the preparation of the cost and inventory financial information for the annual profit plan monthly forecast. ensures the completion of all month end close activities related to cost accounting...[..]


Sample accounting manager cover letter & template (#CV15426) last updated on

Director chemical laboratory reviews research, testing, quality control, and other operational reports to make sure that quality standards, efficiency, and schedules are met. interprets results of laboratory activities to laboratory personnel, management, and professional and technical societies, and prepares reports technical papers...[..]


Sample director chemical laboratory cover letter & template (#JOB100237) last updated on

Director product assurance cooperates with other top management personnel in formulating establishing company policies, operating procedures, and goals. develops initial and subsequent modifications of product assurance program to delineate areas of responsibility, personnel requirements, and operational procedures within program, according to and consistent with company goals policies...[..]


Sample director product assurance cover letter & template (#JOB101338) last updated on

Director public service makes recommendations to formulate policy. attends and addresses conventions and conferences of various groups to interest them in educational uses of radio television. interviews community officials and leaders to identify community problems concerns. examines station or network programming to ascertain available time schedules public service programs...[..]


Sample director public service cover letter & template (#JOB101072) last updated on

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