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Continuous drier operator tends drying chamber that removes moisture from felt strips. opens steam valves to heat chamber to specified temperature and opens closes vents in chamber to control ventilation. attaches leading edge of felt strip to hooks of conveyor starts machine to draw strip through drying chamber. clamps leading edge of strip to winding drum as strip emerges from chamber...[..]


Sample continuous drier operator cover letter & template (#JOB402111) last updated on

Color shader smears sample of batch on glass or paper, using spatula or brush, and compares sample with standard color, using colorimeter. repeats operation to attain specified shade. records ingredients added on batch ticket. ladles sample into container, writes identifying data on container, and submits sample to laboratory for final color, gloss, weight, and viscosity tests...[..]


Sample color shader cover letter & template (#JOB401107) last updated on

Core analyst tests sand, shale, and other earth materials to define petroleum and mineral content physical characteristics. performs routine chemical or physical tests of earth samples in field or laboratory to define content of hydrocarbon or other minerals indicating presence of petroleum mineral deposits...[..]


Sample core analyst cover letter & template (#JOB100267) last updated on

Cheese cooker dumps measured amounts of dye starter into milk. starts agitator to mix ingredients. tests sample of milk for acidity allows agitator to mix ingredients until specified level of acidity is reached. dumps mixes measured amount of rennet into milk. stops agitator to allow milk to coagulate into curd...[..]


Sample cheese cooker cover letter & template (#JOB400732) last updated on

Motion picture commentator makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of motion picture. reads from script speaks into microphone as film is being projected, timing comments to fit action portrayed...[..]


Sample motion picture commentator cover letter & template (#JOB100803) last updated on

Electrolysis and corrosion control engineer confers with power company personnel and power consumers suggests methods to eliminate sources of power leakage. studies destructive properties of soil, corrosive actions, and other problems of deterioration, and suggests methods of preventing or mitigating trouble. writes reports of studies investigations conducted...[..]


Sample electrolysis and corrosion control engineer cover letter & template (#JOB100029) last updated on

Scouring train operator starts machine that feeds raw wool from hopper into washbowl and activates rakes that move wool through bowls to squeeze rolls rinse bowl. patrols scouring train to detect choke-up at squeeze rolls removes jammed fibers by hand. observes sudsing in washbowls turns valve to increase or decrease concentration of detergent...[..]


Sample scouring train operator cover letter & template (#JOB402367) last updated on

Supervisor chimney construction observes progress of work to make sure safety of installations conformance of work to specifications. verifies dimensions, using rule spirit level. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]


Sample supervisor chimney construction cover letter & template (#801131010) last updated on

Pest control worker directs or assist other workers in treatment or extermination processes to eliminate or control rodents, insects, or weeds. drives truck equipped with power spraying equipment. measures area dimensions requiring treatment, using rule, calculate fumigant requirements, and estimate cost for service. posts warning signs lock building doors to secure area to be fumigated...[..]


Sample pest control worker cover letter & template (#ON37202100) last updated on

Combined food preparation and serving worker notifies kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders. cooks or re-heat food items like french fries. washes dishes, glassware, and silverware after meals. collects return dirty dishes to the kitchen for washing. relays food orders to cooks. distributes food to servers. serves food beverages to guests at banquets or other social functions...[..]


Sample combined food preparation and serving worker cover letter & template (#ON35302100) last updated on

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