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Handwriting expert measures angle or slant to estimate degree to which letters lines vary from perpendicular, using protractor. compares paper specimen with manufacturers samples to ascertain type source. compares photographic blowup of written or typed specimen obtained from separate sources to ascertain similarity or differences...[..]

Handwriting Expert Cover Letter

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Echocardiograph technician adjusts equipment controls according to physicians orders areas of heart to be examined. keys patient information into computer keyboard on equipment to record information on video cassette strip printout of test. starts ultrasound equipment that produces images of real time tomographic cardiac anatomy, and adjusts equipment to obtain quality images...[..]

Echocardiograph Technician Cover Letter

Elevating grader operator operates self-powered or tractor-drawn elevating grader to plow and scrape up dirt deposit dirt in trucks, stockpiles, or earth fills. starts engine to drive machine or signals tractor operator any industry to guide movement of tractor-drawn machine. moves levers to raise & lower plowing disk conveyor....[..]

Elevating grader Operator Cover Letter

Winding machine operator signals welder, arc welding 810.384-010 to weld end of wire to cylinder. starts machine to wind wire on cylinder when signaled by tensioning-machine operator concrete prod. 616.665-010. signals welder, arc welding to weld ends of wire to cylinder. pushes levers to release from cylinder chucks, and signals industrial-truck operator any industry 921.683-050 to remove cylinder from machine....[..]

Winding machine Operator Cover Letter

Wood box maker repairs damaged containers by replacing damaged parts, using handtools. salvages used crating by removing nails from board with hammer, nail puller, or crowbar by sawing ends with portable electric handsaw. may sharpen saw, using file. may insert cardboard fillers, felt pads, and wooden separators in containers...[..]

Welder setter electron beam machine turns controls to start air-pumping water-cooling systems. positions metal components into present fixture. pushes cycle button to automatically start power supply to weld component. inspects welded component for defects according to knowledge of metal characteristics electron-beam welding equipment...[..]

Gluer inserts paper sheets singly into slot at top of gluepot moves lever, causing spreading pins to apply glue to edge of sheet. positions sheet in slot of glueboard presses it against preceding sheet until specified number of forms are assembled in numerical sequence. removes completed forms places on rack...[..]


Extrusion press operator presses buttons to alter pressure of ram in feeding cylinder or speed of wire feeder to correct defects in formation of rods. may measure welding rods with fixed gauge and turn screws to adjust coating nozzle to obtain specified diameter concentricity of rod. may adjust abrasive brushes that remove flux from ends center of coated rod at cutting point...[..]

Water purification chemist analyzes water in purification plant to control chemical processes which soften it or make it suitable for drinking. analyzes samples of filtered water for making sure that quantities of solids left in suspension are below prescribed limits. determines amounts of liquid chlorine to be used in chlorinators to destroy microbes & other harmful organisms, basing amounts on findings of microbiologist profess. kin. ...[..]

Exhaust equipment operator sets controls on power supplies, ovens, and pumps according to calculations. observes meters, gauges, and recording instruments during operation, and adjusts controls to make sure tubes are exhausted as specified. troubleshoots exhaust equipment to locate malfunction when tubes fail to exhaust. repairs faulty exhaust equipment, or notifies maintenance department of faulty equipment...[..]

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