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zanjero cover letter
1) Zanjero operates gates, checks, turnouts, and wasteways to regulate waterflow into canals laterals individual supply ditches . measures or estimates diversions of water from canals and to water users, and calculates records quantities delivered for use in computing charges to farmers. patrols assigned area by foot, horseback, or motor vehicle to detect leaks, breaks, weak areas, or obstructions damage to irrigation system...[..]

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open tenter operator cover letter
2) Open tenter operator turns wheel to adjust clips or pins to stretch cloth to specified width. moves lever to control speed of cloth through drying cabinet, to swing-folding attachment. measures width of cloth emerging from machine, using yardstick. records yardage clock readings. may replace full trucks with empty ones ravel seams to separate truck loads of cloth...[..]

office copy selector cover letter
3) Office copy selector examines each page of copies for uniformity of margins, quality of multicolored monocolored illustrations, missing pages, and other defects. sorts copies with highest overall quality routes stack to management. selects copies which have highest quality reproductions of advertisements feature articles, tags individual copies or bundles according to distribution sheet, and routes stacks to mailing room...[..]

4) Open pit quarry supervisor directs power-shovel operators any industry and truck drivers any industry in stripping new diggings and in loading removing ores from mine. directs crusher tender any industry in breaking ore into pieces preparatory to extraction of valuable minerals. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

5) Operation manager responsible for developing strong teams, communicating the company vision mission of the organization. leads multiple dimensions and functions within each team - operations, manufacturing, material procurement, distribution and service levels, facilities equipment. responsible to harness opportunities to control assets, reducing cost, enhancing profitability, to manage the business in a practical way...[..]

6) Observer electrical prospecting opens closes circuits to send electrical current through electrodes into earth. reads dials records data of millivoltmeter readings at various receptor points along cable to detect loss of potential due to resistance of earth formations. diagnoses cause of malfunctioning of instruments and cables makes repairs....[..]

7) Oil well sounding device operator perforates well casing or sidewall of borehole with explosive charge [perforator operator, oil well petrol. gas ]. assembles lowers detection instruments into wells having drill pipe, drilling tools, or other obstructions wedged in well. interprets instrument readings to ascertain depth of obstruction...[..]

8) Offset press operator helper positions skid of unprinted sheets on feed device of sheet-fed press, using handtruck or electric lift-truck, or lifts positions roll of paper in feed mechanism of web press, using chain hoist. fills ink dampening solution fountains of press. observes press operation to detect machine malfunctions and examines printed copy for ink density, position on paper, and registration, and adjusts press or notifies offset-press operator print. pub. i when malfunction occurs...[..]

9) Office machine servicer repairs, adjusts, or replaces parts, using handtools, power tools, and soldering welding equipment. cleans oils moving parts. may give instructions in operation care of machines to machine operators. may assemble new machines. may be designated according to machine repaired or serviced as accounting-machine servicer any industry , adding-machine servicer any industry , calculating-machine servicer any industry , duplicating-machine servicer any industry , typewriter servicer any industry ....[..]

10) Observer helper unreels and connects electrical cables between seismometers recording equipment in truck. guides drill pipe casing into shotholes. loads shotholes with explosives. runs water or pours sand into shotholes to tamp charge. washes printed seismograph records with solutions. repairs automotive prospecting equipment...[..]

11) Office machine components inspector adjuster turns adjusting screw to increase or decrease tension clearance of parts not conforming to specifications. examines printout of printed characters to define if height, width, and spacing meet specifications, using plastic template, and adjusts rollers to correct defects, using handtools. connects frequency meter lead to circuit board of printer reads meter dial to verify that frequency readings are within prescribed limits...[..]

12) Offbearer sewer pipe lifts places pipe on pallet board, wagon, or rack, using overhead hoist or pipe turner. coats pipe socket with grease, oil, or water to prevent premature drying, using sponge or leather smoother. sprays inside of pipe with glaze, using spray gun. places kiln furniture fittings on pipe to prepare pipe for firing...[..]

13) Outer diamet dresses wheel manually or with preset dressing device. moves controls reads dials to set angle of workpiece to grinding wheel. positions secures workpiece between centers, on magnetic chuck, or in chuck jaws, using wrenches. selects sets grinding wheel speed, work surface speed, and travel rate of powered table...[..]

14) Order takers supervisor reviews completed orders for errors or omissions. trains order clerks clerical in order-taking procedures customer-relations techniques, and advises workers of new or revised information on products or merchandise, like product capability, pricing, credit, warranties, and shipping. performs other duties as described under supervisor clerical master title....[..]

15) Oscillograph technician traces out and tests electronic solid state and vacuum tube circuitry and components to locate defective parts in analog digital, protection, or radiation monitoring systems, using test equipment, schematics, and maintenance manuals. removes defective instruments from system, decontaminates, disassembles, and cleans instruments, and replaces defective parts, using handtools...[..]

16) Oil burner servicer and installer helper lifts disassembled parts from work area. hands tools parts to worker drilling holes in walls, installing oil storage tanks, pipes, and insulating materials. loosens bolts of oil burners, using wrenches, and removes and cleans oil strainer sediment bowl with rag. performs other duties as described under helper any industry master title....[..]

17) Office clerk routine counts, weighs, or measures material. receives money from customers deposits money in bank. addresses envelopes or packages by hand or with typewriter or addressograph machine. stuffs envelopes by hand or with envelope stuffing machine. answers telephone, conveys messages, and runs errands. stamps, sorts, and distributes mail...[..]

18) Overseer kosher kitchen ensures that silverware, dishes, and utensils are sent to prescribed meat kitchen or dairy kitchen for washing. washes and salts meat fowl in accordance with hebrew ritual. directs kitchen staff in methods of complying with dietary laws....[..]

19) Overhead cleaner maintainer removes motors requiring major repair replaces them with new or rebuilt motors, using handtools. regulates speed of cleaning unit to make sure effective cleaning. oils greases parts of cleaner. cleans motor, blower, sleeves, and monorail, using rags, brushes, and airhose....[..]

20) Outboard motor tester holds tachometer against turning shaft reads revolutions per minute. verifies timing of cam gears, idle gear, and flywheel, using stroboscope. turns regulating screws on carburetor to adjust idle speed, choke, and high-low speed. sets starter lock aligns shift lever shaft with indicated marks for speeds, using gauges, screwdrivers, and wrenches...[..]

21) Oil well service operator helper dumps acids, cement, or other treating materials in mixer to blend solution. opens valve as directed to admit specified amounts of solution into well. dismantles loads equipment on truck after treatment. may be designated according to duty performed as acidizer helper petrol. and gas , cementer helper petrol. and gas , formation-fracturing-operator helper petrol. gas ....[..]

22) Optical instrument assembler coats optical elements according to specifications [optical-element coater optical goods ]. cements multiple lens assemblies together [cementer optical goods ]. picks up element, using vacuum-holding device, and positions element in mounting seat of instrument housing. inserts screws locking ring in housing to hold element in place...[..]

23) Office planning representative computes square footage available for each member of staff to define whether minimum space restrictions can be met. draws design layout, showing location of furniture, equipment, doorways, electrical and telephone outlets, other facilities. may review real estate contracts for compliance with government specifications suitability for occupancy of employing agency...[..]

24) Operations chief schedules periodic inspections tests of equipment to prevent service interruptions. keeps records of trouble reports repairs made. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title. may be designated according to area supervised as central-office supervisor tel. and tel. , city-plant supervisor tel. and tel. , district-plant supervisor tel. and tel. , inside-plant supervisor tel. & tel. , outside-plant supervisor tel. tel. ....[..]

25) Order filler bakery products loads racks with bakery products to prepare orders for shipping, according to products available following order slips. adjusts amount of products going to routes according to supply route-return records of driver, sales route retail trade, wholesale tr. 292.353-010. loads products onto tiered racks pushes racks to loading area...[..]

26) Ore sampler weighs material, using balance scale, and dumps sample into grinding machine to grind blend sample or into screen testing machine to separate particles by size. weighs segregated particles collected on each screen computes percentage of each in total sample. examines samples for presence of foreign matter variation from color standard...[..]

27) Operator direct wire reports alarms to police or fire department. posts changes of subscriber opening closing schedules. prepares daily alarm activity subscriber service reports. may adjust central station equipment to make sure uninterrupted service. may dispatch security personnel to premises after receiving alarm....[..]

28) Oil well services superintendent directs activities concerned with providing technical services, like electrical well logging, gun perforating, directional or caliper surveying, and cementing, acidizing, and formation fracturing, to assist in solving special oil well drilling production problems. advises superintendent, drilling and production petrol. and gas on specific servicing problems recommends use of specialized tools, techniques and services...[..]

29) Operator lights switches lights on during broadcast, following script or instructions from directors. makes minor repairs, like replacing broken cables on equipment. may lead give directions to workers while performing same duties....[..]

30) Zoo veterinarian provides immediate medical attention to diseased or traumatized animals. participates with other personnel in planning and executing nutrition reproduction programs for animals in zoo. develops special programs to encourage reproduction among animals designated as endangered species, based on knowledge of native habitat instincts...[..]

31) Offal icer poultry shovels ice into chicken offal waste parts container to cool waste retard spoilage. loads removes containers, using handtruck. may tend baling machine to bale wet feathers....[..]

32) Oliving machine operator grinds olive-shaped contour to bearing surface of olive-jewel hole. fits wire strung with jewels and on which wire diamond dust is spread, in holding bow. holds bow so that jewel is rotated between shaped rotating wheels of machine while rocking bow back forth so that action of wire on rotating jewel will wear away sides of hole to olive shape...[..]

33) Octave board racker assembles octave rack for electronic organ, according to blueprint or diagram. places octave boards in designated rack sections staples edges to rack, using stapling gun. solders wires between boards to connect octave board circuits, using electric soldering iron. positions wire cable on rack octave boards, according to blueprint or diagram, and solders cable ends to solder buttons on boards...[..]

34) Open hearth stockyard supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in stocking raw materials scrap used for open-hearth furnace charging operations. directs workers in filling charging boxes with scrap, loading boxes on charging buggies low flatbed railroad car , weighing scrap and positioning buggies on charging floor...[..]

35) Office machine inspector repairs, adjusts, or replaces parts, using handtools, power tools, and soldering welding equipment. cleans oils moving parts. may give instructions in operation care of machines to machine operators. may assemble new machines. may be designated according to machine repaired or serviced as accounting-machine servicer any industry , adding-machine servicer any industry , calculating-machine servicer any industry , duplicating-machine servicer any industry , typewriter servicer any industry ....[..]

36) Outside upholsterer tacks cover to bottom rails to enclose bottom area. attaches trimming material, like gimp, braid, binding, skirts, and panels to upholstered frames, using glue, staples, nails, or tacks. may screw leg units to frame....[..]

37) Operative supervisor places sound film sections under microscope of densitometer records densitometer readings on test forms to define density of film. examines film under microscope to define width of noise reduction line on film, and records readings. reads instructions to define amount of current to be used on exposure lamp of each film recording machine, and what adjustments are necessary...[..]

38) Office manager welcomes callers visitors in person or on the telephone, answering or referring inquiries. directs visitors, employment applicants, salespersons and customers to appropriate locations parties. maintains office and kitchen supplies inventory by checking stock to define inventory level, anticipating needed supplies, evaluating new office products, placing expediting orders for supplies, verifying receipt of supplies...[..]

39) Outsole paraffiner applies liquid coating to shoe parts, or cements cushioning material between parts, to prevent squeaking due to friction or wear. brushes coating of liquid chalk, paraffin, or wax on parts, like heel bases, flares and outsoles....[..]

40) Ophthalmic medical technician calls patients to inquire about their post-operative status or recovery. cleans or sterilize ophthalmic or surgical instruments. conducts ocular motility tests to measure function of eye muscles. conducts visual field tests to measure field of vision. instructs patients in the care use of contact lenses...[..]

41) Oil sprayer drives operates truck equipped with tank to spray oil or bituminous emulsions on road surfaces. connects hose from storage tank to truck tank moves lever to fill pressure tank with bituminous liquid. regulates burner to heat liquid. drives truck at constant speed to obtain uniform distribution of oil...[..]

42) Otolaryngologist diagnoses treats diseases of ear, nose, and throat. examines affected organs, using equipment like audiometers, prisms, nasoscopes, microscopes, x-ray machines and fluoroscopes. determines nature & extent of disorder and prescribes administers medications, or performs surgery. performs tests to define extent of loss of hearing due to aural or other injury, and speech loss as result of diseases or injuries to larynx...[..]

43) Outside machinist helper assists machinist, outside ship-boat mfg. in installing ship machinery, like motors, pumps, ventilating equipment steering gear. drills holes in foundations in specified places for anchoring machinery, using portable, powered drills. assists in moving leveling machinery, using portable jacks, as directed...[..]

44) Open hearth furnace laborer shovels refractory materials onto furnace bottom. transports additives from bins to furnace. shovels additives into furnace ladle. cleans and reams furnace taphole and pries solidified metal from pouring spout, using reaming rod bar. sprays slag with water, using hose. maintains tools equipment required for furnace operations...[..]

45) Oil well services dispatcher prepares time reports other records. confers with customer regarding drilling or production problems outlines types of services available. may compute quantities of materials required quote prices for services. may refer customer inquiries regarding production problems or available services to sales personnel....[..]

46) Orthopedic shoe fitter evaluates customers foot conditions and fits sells corrective shoes, using knowledge of orthopedics or following prescription. examines malformed or injured joints bone structure of customers feet, or reads physicians prescription to define type of corrective shoe required. selects shoes from stock or draws outline takes measurements of customers feet to order custom-made shoes...[..]

47) Zoo caretaker fills water containers places food in cages as specified. cleans animals quarters, using rake, water hose, and disinfectant. observes animals to detect illnesses and injuries and notifies animal keeper, head amuse. rec. 412.137-010 or veterinarian medical ser. of findings. transfers animals from one enclosure to another for purposes like breeding, giving birth, rearrangement of exhibits, or shipping...[..]

48) Office rn pain management documents chief complaint/visit reason details according to provider preference. initiates reviews and updates patients medication summary list according to provider preference. escorts patients to the room and obtains patient weight vital signs accurately. performs point of care lab testing and obtains blood samples other specimens for lab testing as ordered...[..]

49) Occupational health and safety technician tests workplaces for environmental hazards, like exposure to radiation, chemical or biological hazards, or excessive noise. prepares or review specifications or orders for the purchase of safety equipment, ensuring that proper features are present and that items conform to health safety standards...[..]

50) Otter trawler boatswain directs lowering of net over side of vessel, and moves winch controls to release otter boards tow cables into sea. observes action of otter boards to make sure that net is tangle free and in desired position, and moves winch controls to maintain even alignment designated depth of net behind vessel, according to markings on tow cables...[..]

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