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Janitor CV Work Experience Samples

Listed top and most related sample janitor resume work experience and template format docs; examples for how to write janitor cv working experience including job duties and responsibilities. try our simply samples and templates. save it free.
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Janitor CV Work Experience Related Samples

Listed top related sample cv work experience for "janitor" or similar careers:

janitor cv work experience
1) Janitor keeps working areas in production departments of industrial establishment in clean orderly condition, performing any combination of following duties. transports raw materials semifinished products or supplies between departments or buildings to supply machine tenders or operators with materials for processing, using handtruck...[..]

Sample janitor work experience & template (#JOB201060) last updated on

janitor cv work experience
2) Janitor cleans brewery floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them. services, clean and supply restrooms. cleans and maintain cleanliness in tasting room break room throughout the day. cleans and polish furniture fixtures. cleans windows, glass partitions, and mirrors. dusts furniture, walls, machines, and equipment...[..]

Sample janitor work experience & template (#CV13974) last updated on

dry janitor cv work experience
3) Dry janitor maintains building, like locker room of golf club, change house of mining camp, or shower facilities of industrial plant, in which patrons or workers shower change clothes. sweeps floor and scrubs shower stalls, using broom, brushes and soap water. opens windows to control ventilation or adjusts controls of automatic heating, cooling, or dehumidifying unit to maintain healthful comfortable conditions...[..]

Sample dry janitor work experience & template (#JOB200791) last updated on

4) Janitorial performs custodial work in offices, warehouses, industrial areas, and other building interiors. works within a team or individually to accomplish goals, accountable for the overall cleaning, general maintenance and communication of facility needs. responsible to sweep, vacuum, mop, scrub, wax & polish floors using industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubbing and buffing machines, and may use ladders, dusts and washes walls, cleans ceilings and dusts polishes light fixtures...[..]

Sample janitorial work experience & template (#CV15680) last updated on

5) Housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor directs activities for stopping the spread of infections in facilities like hospitals. plans prepare employee work schedules. performs or assist with cleaning duties as necessary. investigates complaints about service equipment, and take corrective action. coordinates activities with other departments to make sure that services are provided in an efficient timely manner...[..]

Sample housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor work experience & template (#ON37101100) last updated on

6) Supervisor janitorial services supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample supervisor janitorial services work experience & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

7) Lead janitor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample lead janitor work experience & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

8) Janitorial services supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample janitorial services supervisor work experience & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

9) Janitor head supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample janitor head work experience & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

10) Janitor and cleaner services, clean, or supply restrooms. cleans building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming. follows procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment to prevent damage to floors fixtures. mixes water detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications...[..]

Sample janitor and cleaner work experience & template (#ON37201100) last updated on

11) Recreation and fitness studies teacher prepares course materials like syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. compiles, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others. maintains regularly scheduled office hours to advise assist students. plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction...[..]

12) Roll machine operator tends machines that automatically divide, round, proof, and shape dough into units of specified size weight, according to work order, preparatory to baking. presses buttons and turns dials or handcranks to start machines & to adjust capacity of dividing compartments speed of feeding conveyor on dividing machine...[..]

13) Rigger fabricates, installs, and repairs rigging and weight-handling gear on ships and attaches hoists pulling gear to rigging to lift, move, and position machinery, equipment, structural parts, and other heavy loads aboard ship. forms slings and towing bridles by looping & splicing cable or by crimping metal sleeve around cable end body of cable, using crimping tool...[..]

14) Rigger chief supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in wiring and repairing antenna systems for radio communications and radio television broadcasting. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry master title. may supervise workers engaged in operation repair of radio transmitters....[..]

15) Radioisotope production operator controls laboratory compounding equipment enclosed in protective hot cell to prepare radioisotopes other radioactive materials for use as tracers for biological, biomedical, physiological, and industrial purposes according to written procedures. places specified amounts of chemicals into container to be irradiated at nuclear reactor or with other irradiation equipment...[..]

16) Refrigeration operator head supervises coordinates activities of refrigerating engineers any industry engaged in operating refrigerating equipment to provide ice or to cool refrigerating rooms in establishments, like ice cream plants, frozen food warehouses, and meat packing plants. directs refrigeration mechanics any industry in repair of equipment...[..]

17) Refractory specialist builds and replaces clay structures that control flow and temperature of molten glass in melting tanks drawing kilns. bolts sections of specified wooden mold together, using wrench and lines assembled mold with paper to prevent adherence of clay to wooden mold. dumps tamps clay in mold, using tamping tool...[..]

18) Railroad car repair supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting, dismantling, welding, carpentering, painting, riveting, and testing parts, units, and damaged wood or steel sections of railway cars. may inspect damaged cars prepare estimate of repair costs. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

19) Jailer chief supervises coordinates activities of jail staff. establishes rules, regulations and procedures to be executed by jailers government ser. . prepares work schedules assigns duties. reviews commitment orders of new inmates to make sure that legal requirements are met. classifies segregates inmates according to status, like pretrial, under-sentence, or witness...[..]

20) Revenue stamp clerk computes state or federal taxes on sales transactions, production processes, or articles produced, and keeps record of amount due paid. may affix revenue stamps to tax reports to cover amount of tax due....[..]

21) Returning officer performs any combination of the following duties during elections. compiles verifies voter lists from official registration records. requests identification of voters at polling place. obtains signatures records names of voters to prevent voting of unauthorized persons. distributes ballots to voters answers questions concerning voting procedure...[..]

22) Registrar registers visitors to public facilities, like national or state parks, military bases, and monuments. stops vehicles and pedestrians at gate & records name, nationality, home address, license plate number of vehicle and time of entrance departure. cautions visitors about fires, wild animals, travel hazards and domestic pets & informs them of laws regulations pertaining to area...[..]

23) Ramrod supervises coordinates activities of a group of cowpunchers agriculture colloquially called screws or waddies riding after cattle on open range. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

24) Road hogger operator operates self-propelled grader to spread and level dirt, gravel, and stone, to grade specifications in construction maintenance of earthwork structures, like highways, streets, airports, dikes, and temporary roads. drives grader and moves levers to regulate height angle of grader blade, lower scarifier that loosens packed soil to permit grading and to tilt front wheels of grader when making sharp turns...[..]

25) Junior account manager maintains build relationships with the key accounts. develops and execute a sales & marketing plan for key accounts that meets or exceeds sales margin targets. grows existing product offerings with key accounts while introducing new product opportunities. works closely with the various departments in the marketing industry nation wide to make sure the accurate execution of sales orders account activity...[..]

26) Reprint sorter performs any combination of following tasks to prepare disseminate negatives, positives, and prints in photofinishing laboratory. reads instructions written on orders and examines contents of orders to ascertain size, type and number of pieces. sorts orders according to size type processing required...[..]

27) Railroad conductor and yardmaster signals engineers to begin train runs, stop trains, or change speed, using telecommunications equipment or hand signals. receives information regarding train or rail problems from dispatchers or from electronic monitoring devices. keeps records of the contents destination of each train car, and make sure that cars are added or removed at proper points on routes...[..]

28) Rehabilitation officer advises aids veterans or dependents in presenting disability, insurance, or pension claims for benefits under federal, state, or local laws. reviews legislation, regulations and precedents and studies veterans medical report & service history to evaluate determine validity of claim. obtains claimants power of attorney...[..]

29) Roller cleaner cleans lint dust from drawing rollers of spinning or roving frames while machines are in operation, using pneumatic roll picker or handbrush. removes roving wound on rollers , using fingers or hook. feels rubber covered rollers for surface defects, replaces defective rollers and routes defective rollers for resurfacing...[..]

30) Roving or yarn color checker tests dyed roving or yarn to define fastness of dye uniformity of color. winds specified quantity of yarn or roving onto reel binds sample skein with bleached cloth band. boils test sample in detergent solution for specified length of time. dries sample in humidity temperature controlled drier. winds dried sample onto sample card compares test sample with standard sample to detect variations in color...[..]

31) Rotary furnace operator controls gas, oil, coal, electric-arc, or electric induction furnace to melt metal prior to casting. weighs out specified amounts of metal ingots scrap metal and charges metal into furnace by hand, using hoist, or by directing crane operator to charge furnace. loads molten metal into furnace, using transfer ladle...[..]

32) Runner locates library materials, like books, periodicals, and pictures for loan, and replaces material in shelving area stacks or files, according to identification number title. trucks or carries material between shelving area issue desk. may clip premarked articles from periodicals....[..]

33) Recruitment consultant collaborates with senior leaders, hr partners, business unit managers and others as appropriate to develop implement a strategic talent acquisition plan. provides high level of sourcing, networking and recruiting. works collaboratively with hiring managers through service level agreements to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction...[..]

34) Receiving distribution station operator controls equipment, like current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers, that regulate flow of electricity through substation of electric power system over distribution lines to consumers. records readings of switchboard instruments to compile data concerning quantities of electric power used for substation operation amounts distributed from station...[..]

35) Revenue director administers state revenue program for collection of taxes, like income, inheritance, gasoline, and sales. devises and implements policies & procedures for collecting taxes auditing accounts in compliance with state statutory regulations. schedules & holds hearings to resolve delinquency other tax violations...[..]

36) Jewelry salesperson displays and sells jewelry watches. advises customer on quality, cuts, or value of jewelry and gems in selecting mountings or settings for gems. informs customer of various grades of watch movements type of servicing offered by manufacturer. performs other duties as described under salesperson retail trade, wholesale tr. master title...[..]

37) Reservation and ticketing agent prepares customer invoices accept payment. answers inquiries regarding information like schedules, accommodations, procedures, and policies. assembles issue required documentation, like tickets, travel insurance policies, and itineraries. determines whether space is available on travel dates requested by customers, assigning requested spaces when available...[..]

38) Retail assistant manager greets customers with a smile a helpful attitude. carefullies listen to the customer with regard to request or issue. promptlies arrange for vehicle service or repair action. develops a repair estimate based upon the technician diagnosis. monitors service/repair action inform customer of progress...[..]

39) Refrigerating engineer operates freon, carbon-dioxide, or ammonia gas-cooling systems to refrigerate rooms in establishments, like slaughtering and meat packing plants dairies, to air-condition buildings, or to provide refrigeration for industrial processes. opens valves on equipment, like compressors, pumps and condensers to prepare system for operation and starts equipment auxiliary machinery...[..]

40) Receptionist receives callers at establishment, determines nature of business, and directs callers to destination. obtains callers name arranges for appointment with person called upon. directs caller to destination records name, time of call, nature of business and person called upon. may operate pbx telephone console to receive incoming messages...[..]

41) Recruiter interviews military and civilian personnel to recruit and inform individuals on matters concerning career opportunities, incentives, military rights benefits, and advantages of military career. assists and advises military commands in organizing, preparing and implementing enlisted recruiting retention program...[..]

42) Room service clerk performs any combination of following tasks related to serving guests in apartment hotels. delivers and removes packages, laundry, clothes, groceries and other articles to from guests rooms or servidors cabinets built into doors of hotel rooms . collects supply orders from various departments & delivers to purchasing agent profess. kin. ...[..]

43) Room attendant cleans bathtub, toilet, sink, walls, mirrors, tiles, counters and floor surfaces using cloths, mops sponges, brushes, and/or cleaning agents by extending arms over head, bending stooping. changes bed linens which may require lifting bedspreads weighing a maximum of num of lbs. dusts all furniture, pictures, drawers, window ledges shelves thoroughly...[..]

44) Robotics engineer supervises, technologists, technicians, or other engineers. integrates robotics with peripherals, like welders, controllers, or other equipment. provides technical support for robotic systems. reviews or approve designs, calculations, or cost estimates. makes system device lists or event timing charts...[..]

45) Refrigeration mechanic and installer brazes or solder parts to repair defective joints leaks. dismantles malfunctioning systems test components, using electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic testing equipment. adjusts or replace worn or defective mechanisms parts, and reassemble repaired systems. reads blueprints to define location, size, capacity, and type of components needed to build refrigeration system...[..]

46) Room service waiter waitress serves meals to guests in their rooms. carries silverware, linen and food on tray or uses cart. sets up table serves food from cart. removes equipment from rooms....[..]

47) Retail supervisor leads retail sales by determining customer needs selling to exceed expectations. maximizes productivity through implementation of resource scheduling where applicable. provides a thorough dispense with each customer. assists in supervising staff including recruitment and interviewing of retail staff, coaching and counseling meetings, preparation of schedules for retail staff in compliance with payroll guidelines customer flow...[..]

48) Job order clerk compiles purchase orders product specifications to prepare worksheets used in assembly or manufacture of products. compares customer purchase order with specifications to define method of assembly or manufacture materials needed. records data, like quantity, quality, type and size of material and expected completion date, on worksheet...[..]

49) Restaurant general manager responsible to interview, select, train, supervise, counsel discipline staff. institutes on going training programs for making sure that the highest quality service standards are being obtained. responsible to organize & conduct pre-shift and departmental meetings communicating pertinent information to the staff, like house count menu changes...[..]

50) Recorder gravity prospecting records readings of gravity meter, torsion balance, and other gravity-measuring instruments at various points in terrain to obtain data regarding gravity characteristics indicating potential source of metallic ore or petroleum deposits. sets up or directs set-up of instruments at specified location records readings...[..]

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