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Zanjero Employment Contracts

Listed top and most related sample zanjero employment contract and template format docs, examples for how to write job agreement including zanjero employee roles and responsibilities. try our simply samples and save it for free.
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zanjero employment contract
1) Zanjero controls irrigation system to convey water to farms in assigned area, according to rights, or as instructed by water control supervisor waterworks or other officials, for irrigating fields crops. contacts water users to define quantity of water needed and time duration of delivery. computes requisitions quantity of water required...[..]

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zinc plating machine operator employment contract
2) Zinc plating machine operator tends machine that coats wire electrolytically with zinc to protect wire surface from corrosion. mixes zinc solution according to specified formula turns valves to fill tank with solution. threads wire through machine sets rheostat to regulate flow of current through solution. starts machine to pull wire through solution...[..]

oil burner servicer and installer helper employment contract
3) Oil burner servicer and installer helper assists oil-burner-servicer-and-installer any industry in installing and servicing automatic oil burners in homes commercial establishments. carries tools equipment, like burners, pipes, pipefittings, handtools, portable power tools, plaster and insulating materials from truck to work site. loosens bolts & screws of ashpit grate bars...[..]

4) Oil tester tests and analyzes samples of crude oil and petroleum products during processing stages, using laboratory apparatus, testing equipment, and following standard test procedures to define physical and chemical properties ensure products meet quality control standards. tests samples of crude and blended oils, gases, asphalts and pressure distillates to define characteristics, like boiling, vapor, freeze, condensation, flash & aniline points, viscosity, specific gravity, penetration, doctor solution, distillation and corrosion, using test laboratory equipment, such as hydrometers, fractionators, distillation apparatus and analytical scales...[..]

5) Oral pathologist studies nature, cause, and development of diseases associated with mouth. examines patients mouth, jaw, face and associated areas obtains specimen, using medical instruments. examines specimen from patients mouth or associated area for defining pathological conditions, like tumors & lesions, using microscope and other laboratory equipment and applying knowledge of medical pathology dentistry...[..]

6) Orientation assists blind and visually impaired clients to achieve personal adjustment maximum independence through training in techniques of daily living. interviews clients, analyzes clients lifestyle and administers assessment tests to define present and required or desired orientation mobility skills...[..]

7) Oiler and greaser oils and greases moving parts of friction surfaces of mechanical equipment, like shaft and motor bearings, sprockets, drive chains, gears, and pulleys, according to specified procedures oral instructions. fills container, like oilcan, grease gun, or tank of lubrication truck with specified lubricant...[..]

8) Occupational health and safety specialist orders suspension of activities that pose threats to workers health or safety. recommends measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes, or materials. investigates the adequacy of ventilation, exhaust equipment, lighting, or other conditions that could affect employee health, comfort, or performance...[..]

9) Obstetrician treats women during prenatal, natal, and postnatal periods. examines patient to ascertain condition, utilizing physical findings, laboratory results and patients statements as diagnostic aids. determines need for modified diet physical activities and recommends plan. periodicallies examines patient, prescribing medication or surgery, if indicated...[..]

10) Office and administrative support worker first line supervisor resolves customer complaints or answer customers questions regarding policies procedures. provides employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaints or disputes. implements corporate or departmental policies, procedures, and service standards in conjunction with management...[..]

11) Obstetrician and gynecologist explains procedures discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients. treats diseases of female organs. monitors patients conditions and progress reevaluate treatments as necessary. performs cesarean sections or other surgical procedures as needed to preserve patients health deliver babies safely...[..]

12) Oil sprayer drives operates truck equipped with tank to spray oil or bituminous emulsions on road surfaces. connects hose from storage tank to truck tank moves lever to fill pressure tank with bituminous liquid. regulates burner to heat liquid. drives truck at constant speed to obtain uniform distribution of oil...[..]

13) Order picker performs any combination of following tasks to receive, store, and distribute material, tools, equipment, and products within establishments. reads production schedule, customer order, work order, shipping order, or requisition to define items to be moved, gathered, or distributed. conveys materials items from receiving or production areas to storage or to other designated areas by hand, handtruck, or electric handtruck...[..]

14) Ophthalmic medical technologist administers topical ophthalmic or oral medications. assesses abnormalities of color vision, like amblyopia. assesses refractive condition of eyes, using retinoscope. assists physicians in performing ophthalmic procedures, including surgery. calculates corrections for refractive errors. collects ophthalmic measurements or other diagnostic information, using ultrasound equipment, like a-scan ultrasound biometry or b-scan ultrasonography equipment...[..]

15) Oil well fishing tool technician analyzes conditions of unserviceable oil or gas wells and directs use of special well-fishing tools and techniques to recover lost equipment other obstacles from boreholes of wells. confers with superintendent, drilling and production petrol. and gas to gather information regarding size of pipes & tools borehole conditions in wells...[..]

16) Orthopedic assistant applies, adjusts, and removes casts, assembles traction apparatus, and fits strappings splints for orthopedic patients according to medical staff instructions, using handtools. covers injured areas with specified protective materials, like stockinette bandages, gauze, or rubber pads, preparatory to cast application...[..]

17) Oil well logging engineer measures sonar, electrical, or radioactive characteristics of earth formations in oil- or gas-well boreholes to evaluate productivity of oil- or gas-bearing reservoirs, using sonic, electronic, or nuclear measuring instruments. signals hoisting engineer any industry to lower instruments into well, observing oscillograph meters on control panel to verify operating condition of instruments...[..]

18) Otter trawler boatswain supervises coordinates activities of fishing vessel crew engaged in deploying, retrieving, and repairing otter trawl net to catch fish, and operates winches to launch, tow, haul, hoist, and dump net. confers with captain, fishing vessel fishing and hunt. 197.133-010 or mate, fishing vessel fishing & hunt. 197.133-018 to ascertain specified fishing depth, terrain of ocean floor and location of fish concentrations and selects required otter trawl net other fishing gear accordingly...[..]

19) Occupational safety and health compliance officer inspects places of employment to detect unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. inspects work environment, machinery and equipment in establishments other work sites for conformance with governmental standards according to procedure or in response to complaint or accident. interviews supervisors employees to obtain facts about work practice or accident...[..]

20) Operations manager responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the plant operations and maintenance for metals transportation operations. manages plant operations maintenance. implements the health, safety environment standards, overseeing the daily activities of the safety coordinator. responsible for labor relations...[..]

21) Oil well services supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating pumping and blending equipment to cement, acidize, and fracture oil gas wells. confers with superintendent, drilling and production petrol. gas to define well conditions, pipe sizes and characteristics of oil-or-gas-bearing rock formations to be treated...[..]

22) Outboard motor tester tests operation of outboard motor in tank and repairs, adjusts, or replaces parts according to specifications and engineering requirements, using measuring instruments handtools. lowers motor on test frame into water tank, using chain hoist and inspects wiring, screws, plugs and assemblies for missing or broken parts...[..]

23) Oil recovery unit operator controls processing equipment to separate recoverable oil from refinery sewage system. starts pumps, observes flowmeters pressure meters and turns valves to regulate directional flow of oil, water, solids, chemicals and air, according to operating procedures. turns handwheels to control skimming devices that collect sprung oil from reservoirs of separation units...[..]

24) Outside rigger fabricates, installs, and repairs rigging and weight-handling gear on ships and attaches hoists pulling gear to rigging to lift, move, and position machinery, equipment, structural parts, and other heavy loads aboard ship. forms slings and towing bridles by looping & splicing cable or by crimping metal sleeve around cable end body of cable, using crimping tool...[..]

25) Occupational physician diagnoses and treats work-related illnesses injuries of employees, and conducts fitness-for-duty physical examinations. attends patients in plant or hospital and reexamines disability cases periodically to verify progress. oversees maintenance of case histories, health examination reports and other medical records...[..]

26) Ornamental iron erector installs prefabricated ornamental ironwork, other than structural ironwork, like metal window and door frames, motor-driven and automatic power doors, metal trim paneling, and aluminum curtain-wall frames. measures marks layout for installation, according to blueprints, using rule, template, square and compass...[..]

27) Outside contact clerk interviews applicants records interview information into computer for water, gas, electric, telephone, or cable television system service. talks with customers by phone or in person receives orders for installation, turn-on, discontinuance, or change in service. fills out contract forms, determines charges for service requested, collects deposits, prepares change of address records and issues discontinuance orders, using computer...[..]

28) Outboard motorboat rigger installs accessories in outboard or inboard motorboats. drills holes, attaches brackets and installs accessories, like lights, batteries, ignition switches, fuel tanks and guide pulleys, using handtools power tools. may change propellors adjust motors to obtain maximum performance. may install outboard and inboard motors controls, using handtools...[..]

29) Office clerk compiles, copy, sort, and file records of office activities, business transactions, and other activities. completes mail bills, contracts, policies, invoices, or checks. operates office machines, like photocopiers scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems, and personal computers. computes, record, and proofread data other information, like records or reports...[..]

30) Orchid transplanter transplants orchids in greenhouse, according to specific instructions. slides meristem from jars of nutrient solution, or lifts plants from trays or pots. trims cleans plant roots, using knife, tweezers, water and fungicide. spreads pebbles and inert growth-media in planting containers, positions plant on media, adds and presses media around roots, and sprinkles surface with water fertilizer solution...[..]

31) Orchard manager directs coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, orchard activities, like orchard development, irrigation, chemical application and harvesting for making sure that company production goals are met. evaluates oral & written reports and observes operations to monitor progress of work and to detect resolve problems...[..]

32) Outside deliverer delivers messages, telegrams, documents, packages, and other items to business establishments private homes, traveling on foot or by bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or public conveyance. may keep log of items received delivered. may obtain receipts or payment for articles delivered. may service vehicle driven, like checking fluid levels replenishing fuel...[..]

33) Order filler bakery products loads racks with bakery products to prepare orders for shipping, according to products available following order slips. adjusts amount of products going to routes according to supply route-return records of driver, sales route retail trade, wholesale tr. 292.353-010. loads products onto tiered racks pushes racks to loading area...[..]

34) Outsole beveler tends machine that shaves shank, heel seat, forepart, or edges of shoe outsole to reduce thickness increase flexibility of outsole by any of following methods. 1 feeds edge of outsole against guide between rollers that force edge against machine blade. turns crank to regulate speed of rollers along curved edges...[..]

35) Overhead cleaner maintainer maintains traveling cleaners that blow dust and lint from production machinery work area. examines motor attachments of cleaner to define repairs needed. replaces worn parts, like blower sleeves. removes motors requiring major repair replaces them with new or rebuilt motors, using handtools. regulates speed of cleaning unit to make sure effective cleaning...[..]

36) Opticians dispensing verifies that finished lenses are ground to specifications. assists clients in selecting frames according to style and color, and ensure that frames are coordinated with facial and eye measurements optical prescriptions. maintains records of customer prescriptions, work orders, and payments. performs administrative duties like tracking inventory sales, submitting patient insurance information, and performing simple bookkeeping...[..]

37) Office manager oversees day-to-day operation of business office. responsible for the supervision of client/vendor files. responsible for the supervision of delegated tasks related to reconciliation. oversees payroll preparation submit to related office. tracks staff time off, reviewing with director. maintains personnel files...[..]

38) Oil and gas drafter drafts plans drawings for layout, construction, and operation of oil fields, refineries, and pipeline systems from field notes, rough or detailed sketches, and specifications. develops detail drawings for construction of equipment and structures, like drilling derricks, compressor stations, gasoline plants, frame, steel and masonry buildings, piping manifolds & pipeline systems and for manufacture, fabrication and assembly of machines and machine parts [drafter, architectural profess. and kin. , drafter, civil profess. and kin. , drafter, mechanical profess. kin. ]...[..]

39) Operations inspector inspects aircraft and maintenance base facilities to assure conformance with federal safety qualifications standards. examines aircraft maintenance record flight log to define if service checks, maintenance checks and overhauls were performed at intervals prescribed. inspects landing gear, tires and exterior of fuselage, wings and engine for evidence of damage or corrosion recommends repair...[..]

40) Operations manager directs coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production pricing sales or distribution of products. manages staff preparing work schedules assigning specific duties. reviews financial statements sales & activity reports and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and for defining areas needing cost reduction program improvement...[..]

41) Overlock hemmer operates overlock sewing machine equipped with s-shaped folder to hem garment edge. guides garment edge into folder and simultaneously sews over raw edge & over folded-back top of hem to secure hem cover raw edge with stitching. performs duties as described under sewing-machine operator, regular equipment any industry master title....[..]

42) Overseer kosher kitchen supervises workers engaged in storing, preparing, and cooking meats, poultry, and other foods in restaurants, catering halls, hospitals, or other establishments to make sure observance of hebrew dietary laws customs. examines incoming purchases of meat and fowl for making sure that slaughtering selection of meat cuts have been performed according to dietary law...[..]

43) Oven heater helper assists heater steel rel. ii in carbonizing coal. turns handwheel to open and close decarbonizing caps which admit air to flues to burn carbon from gas air nozzles. observes pressure gauges and notifies heater steel rel. ii if pressure varies from specified limits. reads pyrometer to define oven wall temperature...[..]

44) Ornamental ironworking supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in installing prefabricated ornamental ironwork, like window door frames, elevator fronts, and fences. examines blueprints and confers with employer to define location type ironwork to be installed, plan installation procedures and resolve problems in securing specified units...[..]

45) Office assistant screens incoming calls, directing calls, taking transmitting messages. greets visitors, providing assistance guide. responsible to receive, sort additionally distribute various mail correspondence to appropriate personnel. prepares external and internal outgoing mail, following established procedures postal requirements...[..]

46) Zipper joiner joins together stringers sides of slide fasteners, using slider jig. aligns links of stringer with links of other stringer inserts ends of stringers in slider jig. pulls ends of stringers through jig to interlock links. examines fastener for defects, like crooked, broken, flattened, or misaligned links...[..]

47) Operations manager manages the daily activities of assigned resources to make sure clients receive effective and timely resolution of all issues in compliance with the service level requirements defined in the client contract based on established company objectives. activelies participates in resource management meetings on a weekly basis to identify resource sharing opportunities across the organization for making sure optimal productivity levels are achieved by all technical resources...[..]

48) Office nurse cares for treats patients in medical office, as directed by physician. prepares patient for assists with examinations. administers injections & medications, dresses wounds and incisions, interprets physicians instructions to patients, assists with emergency minor surgery and performs related tasks as directed...[..]

49) Office machine inspector repairs services office machines, like adding, accounting, and calculating machines, and typewriters, using handtools, power tools, micrometers, and welding equipment. operates machines to test moving parts to listen to sounds of machines to locate causes of trouble. disassembles machine & examines parts, like gears, guides, rollers and pinions for wear defects, using micrometers...[..]

50) Office supervisor animal hospital supervises coordinates activities of clerical staff in nonprofit animal hospital. performs duties as described under supervisor clerical master title. may interview pet owners to compile information on financial status make determinations regarding eligibility for free services, reduced fees, or deferred payments...[..]

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