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Listed top and most related sample accountant knowledge, skills and abilities & template format documents, examples for how to write federal resume ksa including accountant working experience. try our simply samples and templates. save it free.
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accountant knowledge and skills
1) Accountant prepares examine or analyze accounting records financial statements or other financial reports to assess accuracy completeness and conformance to reporting procedural standards. computes taxes owed prepare tax returns ensuring compliance with payment reporting or other tax requirements. analyzes business operations trends costs revenues financial commitments & obligations to project future revenues expenses or to provide advice...[..]

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transportation planner knowledge and skills
2) Transportation planner prepares or review engineering studies or specifications. represents jurisdictions in the legislative or administrative approval of land development projects. prepares necessary documents to obtain project approvals or permits. directs urban traffic counting programs. develops or test new methods or models of transportation analysis...[..]

real estate appraiser knowledge and skills
3) Real estate appraiser inspects properties to evaluate construction, condition, special features, and functional design, and to take property measurements. photographs interiors exteriors of properties to assist in estimating property value, substantiate findings, and complete appraisal reports. evaluates land and neighborhoods where properties are situated, considering locations trends or impending changes that could influence future values...[..]

4) Ambulance driver and attendant drives ambulances or assist ambulance drivers in transporting sick, injured, or convalescent persons. removes replace soiled linens or equipment to maintain sanitary conditions. places patients on stretchers load stretchers into ambulances, usually with assistance from other attendants. accompanies assist emergency medical technicians on calls...[..]

5) Technical directors or manager monitors broadcasts to make sure that programs conform to station or network policies regulations. observes pictures through monitors, and direct camera and video staff concerning shading composition. acts as liaisons between engineering production departments. supervises and assign duties to workers engaged in technical control and production of radio television programs...[..]

6) Tour guide and escort conducts educational activities for school children. monitors visitors activities to make sure compliance with establishment or tour regulations safety practices. greets register visitors, and issue any required identification badges or safety devices. distributes brochures, show audiovisual presentations, and explain establishment processes operations at tour sites...[..]

7) Animal breeder examines animals to detect symptoms of illness or injury. places vaccines in drinking water, inject vaccines, or dust air with vaccine powder to protect animals from diseases. selects animals to be bred, and semen specimens to be used, according to knowledge of animals, genealogies, traits, and desired offspring characteristics...[..]

8) Telecommunications line installer and repairer travels to customers premises to install, maintain, or repair audio visual electronic reception equipment or accessories. splices cables, using hand tools, epoxy, or mechanical equipment. measures signal strength at utility poles, using electronic test equipment. sets up service for customers, installing, connecting, testing, or adjusting equipment...[..]

9) Tree trimmer and pruner supervises others engaged in tree trimming work train lower-level employees. climbs trees, using climbing hooks belts, or climb ladders to gain access to work areas. cleans, sharpen, and lubricate tools equipment. cuts away dead excess branches from trees, or clear branches around power lines, using climbing equipment or buckets of extended truck booms, or chainsaws, hooks, handsaws, shears, and clippers...[..]

10) Animal control worker captures remove stray, uncontrolled, or abused animals from undesirable conditions, using nets, nooses, or tranquilizer darts as necessary. removes captured animals from animal-control service vehicles place animals in shelter cages or other enclosures. euthanizes rabid, unclaimed, or severely injured animals...[..]

11) Auditor collects and analyze data to detect deficient controls duplicated effort extravagance fraud or non-compliance with laws regulations management policies. reports to management about asset utilization and audit results & recommend changes in operations financial activities. prepares detailed reports on audit findings...[..]

12) Telecommunications engineering specialist keeps abreast of changes in industry practices emerging telecommunications technology by reviewing current literature, talking with colleagues, participating in educational programs, attending meetings or workshops, or participating in professional organizations or conferences. estimates costs for system or component implementation operation...[..]

13) Transportation manager directs activities related to dispatching, routing, or tracking transportation vehicles, like aircraft or railroad cars. directs investigations to verify resolve customer or shipper complaints. serves as contact persons for all workers within assigned territories. implements schedule policy changes...[..]

14) Adapted physical education specialist requests or order physical education equipment, following standard procedures. writes reports to summarize student performance, social growth, or physical development. attends in-service training, workshops, or meetings to keep abreast of current practices or trends in adapted physical education. writes or modify individualized education plans ieps for students with intellectual or physical disabilities...[..]

15) Treasurer and controller prepares file annual tax returns or prepare financial information so that outside accountants can complete tax returns. prepares or direct preparation of financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, annual budgets, or reports required by regulatory agencies. delegates authority for the receipt, disbursement, banking, protection, and custody of funds, securities, and financial instruments...[..]

16) Administrative service manager directs or coordinate the supportive services department of a business, agency, or organization. sets goals deadlines for the department. prepares and review operational reports and schedules to make sure accuracy efficiency. analyzes internal processes and recommend implement procedural or policy changes to improve operations, like supply changes or the disposal of records...[..]

17) Agricultural crop and horticultural worker first line supervisor inspects crops, fields, or plant stock to define conditions need for cultivating, spraying, weeding, or harvesting. assigns duties, like cultivation, irrigation, or harvesting of crops or plants, product packaging or grading, or equipment maintenance. observes workers to detect inefficient or unsafe work procedures or to identify problems, initiating corrective action as necessary...[..]

18) Taxi driver and chauffeur notifies dispatchers or company mechanics of vehicle problems. drives taxicabs, limousines, company cars, or privately owned vehicles to transport passengers. picks up passengers at prearranged locations, at taxi stands, or by cruising streets in high traffic areas. performs routine vehicle maintenance like regulating tire pressure adding gasoline, oil, and water...[..]

19) Advertising sales agent explains to customers how specific types of advertising will help promote their products or services in the most effective way possible. maintains assigned account bases while developing new accounts. processes all correspondence paperwork related to accounts. delivers advertising or illustration proofs to customers for approval...[..]

20) Architecture teachers postsecondary evaluates grade students work, including work performed in design studios. initiates, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions. plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, and course materials methods of instruction. keeps abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences...[..]

21) Assessor explains assessed values to property owners defend appealed assessments at public hearings. inspects properties, considering factors like market value, location, and building or replacement costs to define appraisal value. prepares and maintain current data on each parcel assessed, including maps of boundaries, inventories of land structures, property characteristics, and any applicable exemptions...[..]

22) Art director confers with creative, art, copywriting, or production department heads to discuss client requirements and presentation concepts to coordinate creative activities. presents final layouts to clients for approval. confers with clients to define objectives, budget, background information, and presentation approaches, styles, and techniques...[..]

23) Travel agent collects payment for transportation accommodations from customer. books transportation hotel reservations, using computer terminal or telephone. plans, describe, arrange, and sell itinerary tour packages promotional travel incentives offered by various travel carriers. provides customer with brochures publications containing travel information, like local customs, points of interest, or foreign country regulations...[..]

24) Tile and marble setter determines implement the best layout to achieve a desired pattern. finishes and dress the joints wipe excess grout from between tiles, using damp sponge. applies mortar to tile back, position the tile press or tap with trowel handle to affix tile to base. mixes, apply, and spread plaster, concrete, mortar, cement, mastic, glue or other adhesives to form a bed for the tiles, using brush, trowel screed...[..]

25) Advertising manager prepares budgets submit estimates for program costs as part of campaign plan development. assists with annual budget development. inspects layouts and advertising copy and edit scripts, audio video tapes, and other promotional material for adherence to specifications. coordinates activities of departments, like sales, graphic arts, media, finance, and research...[..]

26) Audio visual and multimedia collections specialist offers presentations workshops on the role of multimedia in effective presentations. instructs users in the selection, use, and design of audiovisual materials, and assist them in the preparation of instructional materials the rehearsal of presentations. maintains hardware software, including computers, scanners, color copiers, and color laser printers...[..]

27) Aircraft mechanic and service technician inspects completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards that aircraft are ready for operation. maintains repair logs, documenting all preventive corrective aircraft maintenance. conducts routine special inspections as required by regulations. examines inspect aircraft components, including landing gear, hydraulic systems, and deicers to locate cracks, breaks, leaks, or other problems...[..]

28) Aerospace engineering technician adjusts, repair or replace faulty components of test setups equipment. identifies required data, data acquisition plans test parameters, setting up equipment to conform to these specifications. constructs and maintain test facilities for aircraft parts systems, according to specifications. operates and calibrate computer systems and devices to comply with test requirements to perform data acquisition analysis...[..]

29) Automotive specialty technician repairs, overhaul, or adjust automobile brake systems. repairs or replace defective ball joint suspensions, brake shoes, or wheel bearings. inspects and test new vehicles for damage record findings so that necessary repairs can be made. tests electronic computer components in automobiles to make sure proper operation...[..]

30) Tire repairer and changer raises vehicles, using hydraulic jacks. remounts wheels onto vehicles. locates punctures in tubeless tires by visual inspection or by immersing inflated tires in water baths observing air bubbles. unbolts wheels from vehicles and remove them, using lug wrenches and other hand power tools. reassembles tires onto wheels...[..]

31) Automotive body and related repairer follows supervisors instructions as to which parts to restore or replace how much time the job should take. removes damaged sections of vehicles using metal-cutting guns, air grinders wrenches, and install replacement parts using wrenches or welding equipment. cuts and tape plastic separating film to outside repair areas to avoid damaging surrounding surfaces during repair procedure, and remove tape wash surfaces after repairs are complete...[..]

32) Airline pilot uses instrumentation to guide flights when visibility is poor. works as part of a flight team with other crew members, especially during takeoffs landings. contacts control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival instructions, and other information, using radio equipment. steers aircraft along planned routes, using autopilot flight management computers...[..]

33) Architectural and engineering manager confers with management, production, or marketing staff to discuss project specifications or procedures. plans or direct the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, or repair of facilities or equipment. presents explain proposals, reports, or findings to clients. consults or negotiate with clients to prepare project specifications...[..]

34) Telecommunications equipment installer and repairer notes differences in wire cable colors so that work can be performed correctly. drives crew trucks to from work areas. inspects equipment on a regular basis to make sure proper functioning. repairs or replace faulty equipment like defective damaged telephones, wires, switching system components, and associated equipment...[..]

35) Advanced practice psychiatric nurse teaches classes in mental health topics like stress reduction. participates in activities aimed at professional growth development including conferences or continuing education activities. directs or provide home health services. monitors the use and status of medical pharmaceutical supplies. develops practice protocols for mental health problems based on review evaluation of published research...[..]

36) Tax examiner and collector and revenue agent collects taxes from individuals or businesses according to prescribed laws regulations. confers with taxpayers or their representatives to discuss the issues, laws, and regulations involved in returns, and to resolve problems with returns. contacts taxpayers by mail or telephone to address discrepancies to request supporting documentation...[..]

37) Timing device assembler and adjuster replaces specified parts to repair malfunctioning timepieces, using watchmakers tools, loupes, and holding fixtures. disassembles timepieces like watches, clocks, and chronometers so that repairs can be made. cleans and lubricate timepiece parts assemblies, using solvents, buff sticks, and oil. examines components of timepieces like watches, clocks, or chronometers for defects, using loupes or microscopes...[..]

38) Transportation security screener asks passengers to remove shoes divest themselves of metal objects prior to walking through metal detectors. closes entry areas following security breaches or reopen areas after receiving notification that the airport is secure. confiscates dangerous items and hazardous materials found in opened bags turn them over to airlines for disposal...[..]

39) Telephone operator listens to customer requests, referring to alphabetical or geographical directories to answer questions provide telephone information. suggests check alternate spellings, locations, or listing formats to customers lacking details or complete information. offers special assistance to persons like those who are unable to dial or who are in emergency situations...[..]

40) Textile cutting machine setter places patterns on top of layers of fabric cut fabric following patterns, using electric or manual knives, cutters, or computer numerically controlled cutting devices. notifies supervisors of mechanical malfunctions. repairs or replace worn or defective parts or components, using hand tools. adjusts cutting techniques to types of fabrics styles of garments...[..]

41) Animal husbandry and animal care worker first line supervisor observes animals for signs of illness, injury, or unusual behavior, notifying veterinarians or managers as warranted. treats animal illnesses or injuries, following experience or instructions of veterinarians. assigns tasks like feeding and treatment of animals, and cleaning maintenance of animal quarters...[..]

42) Atmospheric and space scientist broadcasts weather conditions, forecasts, or severe weather warnings to the public via television, radio, or the internet or provide this information to the news media. gathers data from sources like surface or upper air stations, satellites, weather bureaus, or radar for use in meteorological reports or forecasts...[..]

43) Atmospheric conducts research in a particular field of knowledge publish findings in professional journals, books, or electronic media. writes grant proposals to procure external research funding. supervises undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship, and research work. prepares deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics like structural geology, micrometeorology, and atmospheric thermodynamics...[..]

44) Terrazzo worker and finisher cuts metal division strips press them into the terrazzo base for joints or changes of color to form designs or patterns or to help prevent cracks. molds expansion joints edges, using edging tools, jointers, or straightedges. spreads, level, or smooth concrete or terrazzo mixtures to form bases or finished surfaces, using rakes, shovels, hand or power trowels, hand or power screeds, or floats...[..]

45) Adhesive bonding machine operator examines measure completed materials or products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring devices like tape measures, gauges, or calipers. monitors machine operations to detect malfunctions report or resolve problems. fills machines with glue, cement, or adhesives. mounts or load material like paper, plastic, wood, or rubber in feeding mechanisms of cementing or gluing machines...[..]

46) Athlete and sports competitor attends scheduled practice or training sessions. participates in athletic events or competitive sports, according to established rules regulations. exercises or practice under the direction of athletic trainers or professional coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition, or prepare for competitions...[..]

47) Machine and vehicle operator first line supervisor enforces safety rules regulations. plans work assignments equipment allocations to meet transportation, operations or production goals. confers with customers, supervisors, contractors, or other personnel to exchange information or to resolve problems. directs workers in transportation or related services, like pumping, moving, storing, or loading or unloading of materials or people...[..]

48) Transportation vehicle inspects vehicles or other equipment for evidence of abuse, damage, or mechanical malfunction. examines transportation vehicles, equipment, or systems to detect damage, wear, or malfunction. conducts vehicle or transportation equipment tests, using diagnostic equipment. inspects repairs to transportation vehicles or equipment to make sure that repair work was performed properly...[..]

49) Tool grinders dresses grinding wheels, according to specifications. sets up operate grinding or polishing machines to grind metal workpieces like dies, parts, and tools. removes finished workpieces from machines place them in boxes or on racks, setting aside pieces that are defective. files or finish surfaces of workpieces, using prescribed hand tools...[..]

50) Airfield operations specialist plans coordinate airfield construction. monitors the arrival, parking, refueling, loading, and departure of all aircraft. maintains air-to-ground point-to-point radio contact with aircraft commanders. relays departure, arrival, delay, aircraft airfield status, and other pertinent information to upline controlling agencies...[..]

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