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Receptionist Application Letters

Listed top and most related example receptionist application letter and template format documents; examples for how to write including receptionist job duties, roles and responsibilities. try our free simply samples.
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receptionist application letter
1) Receptionist greets guest in a professional manner. operates multi-line phone system. ensures phone calls are transferred or message is taken. manages phone system, updating messages accordingly. responsible for filing, faxing,copying, and data entry as assigned. responsible for typing memos, correspondence, reports other documents as assigned...[..]

Sample receptionist application letter & template (#CV157102) last updated on

receptionist application letter
2) Receptionist receives callers at establishment, determines nature of business, and directs callers to destination. obtains callers name arranges for appointment with person called upon. directs caller to destination records name, time of call, nature of business and person called upon. may operate pbx telephone console to receive incoming messages...[..]

Sample receptionist application letter & template (#JOB200239) last updated on

receptionist application letter
3) Receptionist greets guests employees in a cheerful welcoming manner. answers questions and assists guests employees with reasonable requests. processes screen all persons requesting access. prepares issue visitor passes. announces all visitors, unless directed otherwise by the host. reads daily memos for special events/visitors...[..]

Sample receptionist application letter & template (#CV13981) last updated on

4) Receptionist ensures the efficient operation of the telephone switchboard, answering diverting calls in a professional manner. greetings of visitors and control of all sign in/out badges inform visitors of the safety precautions. loggings/handling & distribution of all incoming mail franking/arrangement of all outgoing mail...[..]

Sample receptionist application letter & template (#CV14078) last updated on

5) Receptionist airline lounge admits members and guests to airline lounge, serves beverages snacks, and provides other personal services as requested. opens door to lounge in response to sound of buzzer, verifies membership cards and admits and seats members guests. serves refreshments like cocktails, coffee snacks. answers questions regarding scheduled flights terminal facilities...[..]

Sample receptionist airline lounge application letter & template (#JOB200758) last updated on

6) Airline lounge receptionist admits members and guests to airline lounge, serves beverages snacks, and provides other personal services as requested. opens door to lounge in response to sound of buzzer, verifies membership cards and admits and seats members guests. serves refreshments like cocktails, coffee snacks. answers questions regarding scheduled flights terminal facilities...[..]

Sample airline lounge receptionist application letter & template (#JOB200758) last updated on

7) Receptionist and information clerk operates telephone switchboard to answer, screen, or forward calls, providing information, taking messages, or scheduling appointments. receives payment record receipts for services. performs administrative support tasks, like proofreading, transcribing handwritten information, or operating calculators or computers to work with pay records, invoices, balance sheets, or other documents...[..]

Sample receptionist and information clerk application letter & template (#ON43417100) last updated on

8) Hotel receptionist greets guests. responds to the needs of hotel guests. learns the names & personally recognize regular guests members. directs guests to the appropriate locations. responds to all guest requests and follow through to assure satisfactory outcome compliance. assists guests by making knowledgeable recommendations and, as requested, follow-up with reservations, confirmation of a variety of services, including but not limited to, shuttle transportation to airports, sightseeing tour information, dining, automobile rental, airline reservations, golf tee-times, and spa reservations...[..]

Sample hotel receptionist application letter & template (#CV15472) last updated on

9) Medical receptionist triages direct phone calls to appropriate individual or area. enters patient information into system. schedules appointments. processes patients at check in check out. prepares charts for office hours. assures appropriate referrals are in place for each date of service. verifies insurance information...[..]

Sample medical receptionist application letter & template (#CV14038) last updated on

10) Cashier receptionist receives screen and return phone calls, take messages transfer calls answer routing questions provide information when possible. greets visitors. determine the nature of the visit. contact appropriate personnel announce guest. performs various operations/back office duties to make sure compliance...[..]

Sample cashier receptionist application letter & template (#CV15339) last updated on

11) Trip follower posts positions of various aircraft flying within boundaries of dispatch area, on flight-following board. reads messages received over telegraphic typewriter posts data pertaining to position of airplanes on flight-following board. notifies dispatcher air trans. or flight-information expediter air trans. of messages received regarding departure times, delays, mechanical difficulties, or unusual weather conditions....[..]

12) Railroad brake signals locomotive engineers to start or stop trains when coupling or uncoupling cars, using hand signals, lanterns, or radio communication. pulls or push track switches to reroute cars. observes signals from other crewmembers so that work activities can be coordinated. inspects couplings, air hoses, journal boxes, and handbrakes to make sure that they are securely fastened functioning properly...[..]

13) Reactor operator controls nuclear reactor that produces steam for generation of electric power coordinates operation of auxiliary equipment. adjusts controls, under supervision, to start and shut down reactor & to regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature and rate of flow, control rod positions and other control elements that affect power level within reactor, following standard instructions prescribed practices...[..]

14) Radiation therapy technologist provides radiation therapy to patients as prescribed by radiologist medical ser. 070.101-090, according to established practices standards. reviews prescription, diagnosis, patient chart, identification. acts as liaison with physicist supportive care personnel. prepares equipment, like immobilization, treatment, and protection devices, and positions patient according to prescription...[..]

15) Research engineer geophysical laboratory plans, directs, and coordinates research activities of geophysical laboratory to develop new or improved instruments methods for measuring physical characteristics of earths crust which provide data for petroleum or mineral exploration. consults with management and field & laboratory technical personnel to define specific phases of geophysical prospecting in which improved processes might be evolved by study experimentation...[..]

16) Remittance clerk computes collects payments from customers for utility services or appliances. receives cash or check from customer or through mail. totals items on bill, using adding machine. records transaction on cash register and issues receipt any change due customer. balances totals received with totals on billing stubs...[..]

17) Team driver drives one or more draft animals to pull materials, vehicles, or implements, like logs, wagons, grading scrapers, fertilizer spreaders, plows, or scoops. jiggles, pulls and slackens reins and gives oral commands to control movement of team. may harness hitch team to material, vehicle, or implement...[..]

18) Retail salesperson greets customers ascertain what each customer wants or needs. computes sales prices, total purchases and receive process cash or credit payment. maintains records related to sales. watches for and recognize security risks thefts, and know how to prevent or handle these situations. recommends, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs desires...[..]

19) Traffic control signaler controls movement of vehicular traffic through construction projects. discusses traffic routing plans and type location of control points with superior. distributes traffic control signs markers along site in designated pattern. directs movement of traffic through site, using sign, hand, and flag signals...[..]

20) Riverboat master commands riverboat to transport passengers, freight, or other cargo along rivers. determines course speed of riverboat on basis of knowledge of winds, weather, tides and current. steers riverboat or orders crew worker at helm to steer riverboat & navigates boat to avoid reefs, outlying shoals and other hazards to shipping, utilizing aids to navigation, like lighthouses buoys...[..]

21) Touch up painter brushes or sprays paint to cover scratches, chips, or repairs in painted finish of items, like refrigerator cabinets, washing machines, or automobile bodies. cleans prepares surface for painting, using water, solvent and scraper. applies thin, even coat of finish material, like paint or lacquer, to sanded area, using spray gun...[..]

22) Rug cleaner hand cleans rugs with chemical solutions in plant or on customers premises, using handbrushes or portable scrubbing machine, determining washing method according to condition of rug. vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. guides scrubbing machine over rug surface or sprays rug with cleaning solution under pressure to agitate nap loosen embedded dirt...[..]

23) Roll up operator tends winding machine that rolls lengths of floor covering between various stages of processing, working as member of crew. removes spindle from dolly positions spindle in winding machine, using power hoist. pulls end of floor covering sheet through winder secures sheet to empty spindle, using tape...[..]

24) Rewriter writes news stories for publication or broadcast from written or recorded notes supplied by reporting staff, using computer or typewriter. reviews and evaluates written or recorded notes obtained from reporting staff to isolate pertinent facts details. verifies accuracy of questionable facts & obtains supplemental material additional details from files, reference libraries and interviews with knowledgeable sources...[..]

25) Tower excavator operator operates power machinery to activate dragline bucket slung between portable towers or to excavate load sand, gravel, earth, or similar material into trucks or onto conveyors. moves hand and foot levers to raise & lower bucket, load dump bucket and move bucket along slack line slung between towers to unloading point...[..]

26) Tank and batch operator controls automatic equipment to weigh, mix, and melt ingredients to make glass. adjusts panel controls to transfer specified amounts of ingredients, like silica sand, soda ash, limestone flurospar, feldspar, borax, clay and cullet waste glass from storage bins to automatic weigh hopper batch mixer [mixer glass mfg. ]...[..]

27) Robotic machine operator sets up and operates industrial robot to drill, countersink, and counterbore metallic and nonmetallic workpieces used to manufacture aircraft parts or tooling, according to specifications preprogrammed machine control instructions. reads work order and specifications to define prescribed setup operation...[..]

28) Tankroom tender tends tanks in which viscose slurry is aged and blended for use in rayon cellophane production. pumps slurry from mixing machines to blending aging tanks and from tanks to processing area after specified time. records aging time for each batch in plant log. may tend tanks in which cellulose viscose raw material is aged, by moving controls to maintain tank temperature or room temperature at prescribed level, and be designated ripening-room operator plastic-synth. ....[..]

29) Tank car loader pumps liquid chemicals, liquid petroleum products, and other liquids into or from tank cars, trucks, or barges. verifies tank car numbers with loading instructions for making sure accurate placement of cars by crew. connects ground cable to carry off static electricity. removes and replaces or gives directions to another worker to remove replace dome caps, using wrenches...[..]

30) Tractor trailer truck driver drives gasoline or diesel-powered tractor-trailer combination, usually long distances, to transport deliver products, livestock, or materials in liquid, loose, or packaged form. drives truck to destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations skill in maneuvering vehicle in difficult situations, like narrow passageways...[..]

31) Traffic officer patrols assigned beat on foot, on motorcycle, in patrol car, or on horseback to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbance of peace, and arrest violators. familiarizes self with beat with persons living in area. notes suspicious persons & establishments reports to superior officer. disperses unruly crowds at public gatherings...[..]

32) Rasper machine operator tends machine that smooths or roughens shoe parts by either of following methods. 1 holds and presses part against abrasive cylinder that polishes & sands part or against wire roughing wheel to clean prepare part for cementing. 2 feeds sole between rubber presser roller abrasive-covered roller that roughens part for cementing...[..]

33) Road oiling truck driver drives operates truck equipped with tank to spray oil or bituminous emulsions on road surfaces. connects hose from storage tank to truck tank moves lever to fill pressure tank with bituminous liquid. regulates burner to heat liquid. drives truck at constant speed to obtain uniform distribution of oil...[..]

34) Trimmer machine tends machine that trims ragged leather edges from shuttlecock bases. positions base in trimming machine. depresses pedal to actuate cutting tool that trims smooths edge of leather-covered cork base....[..]

35) Research manufa sets up and operates small-scale chemical production equipment under laboratory conditions to test methods and chemical processes for product development, following specifications guidance from research chemists or engineers. sets up production equipment, like reactors, stills, stripping towers, separators and blending tanks, using mechanics handtools portable power tools...[..]

36) Tooling inspector inspects, tests, and adjusts new and reworked tools, dies, gauges, jigs, and fixtures, for conformance to specifications, like dimensions, tolerances, and hardness, applying knowledge of tool and die design, shop mathematics, and machining testing procedures, using precision measuring instruments, testing equipment, and handtools...[..]

37) Tanker tends open tank to impregnate wood products with preservatives. signals overhead crane operator any industry 921.663-010 to lift load of material over tank guides load into tank by hand or with rod, working from elevated platform. chains tank loads of poles to high rack to prevent toppling. observes gauges and turns valves to regulate heat flow of preserving solution in tank...[..]

38) Trapper animal traps animals for pelts, live sale, bounty, or to relocate them in other areas. sets traps with bait, scent, or camouflage and in patterns according to size, species, habits and environs of animal sought or according to reason for trapping. patrols trapline to remove catch reset or relocate traps...[..]

39) Radio station operator operates radio and associated test equipment at aircraft factory radio station to transmit and receive information during flight testing delivery of aircraft. communicates with test pilot aircraft mfg. 196.263-042, engineering personnel and others during flight testing to relay information. observes aircraft prior to landing or takeoff advises plane crew of observations...[..]

40) Thread dresser operates machine to wind yarn from packages onto reel from reel onto loom beams to prepare multiple colored warps for weaving. moves portable reel into position in front of creel draws yarn from packages on creel, according to specified pattern. ties yarn ends into loop places loop over hook on reel to secure ends for winding...[..]

41) Tail end rider throws switches couples, or attaches to cable, cars being hauled by locomotive or hoisted by cable or chain in mines, quarries, or industrial plants. uncouples loaded cars at their destination or uncouples distributes empty cars to sidings or to loading areas. moves switches to route cars signals dinkey operator any industry to start or stop cars...[..]

42) Roll up helper records pattern and color defects and quality of hard-surface floor covering as directed by inspector fabrication, nec ii labels finished goods. records yardage defects on inspection record sheet. cuts out defective sections of floor covering, using knife. records shade yardage on ticket for each piece of material cut from roll...[..]

43) Roll inspector examines finished rolls of cellophane for defects verifies accuracy of roll labels. observes feels rolls passing on conveyor to detect flaws, like wrinkles, streaks, or tears on edges. measures width diameter of rolls, using tape rule. compares identification labels with specifications to prevent errors...[..]

44) Recycling coordinator supervises recycling technicians, community service workers, or other recycling operations employees or volunteers. assigns truck drivers or recycling technicians to routes. coordinates recycling collection schedules to optimize service efficiency. coordinates shipments of recycling materials with shipping brokers or processing companies...[..]

45) Truck driver sales route drives truck or automobile over established route to deliver sell products or render services, collects money from customers, and makes change. drives truck to deliver such items as beer, soft drinks, bakery products, dry cleaning, laundry, specialty foods and medical supplies to customers home or place of business...[..]

46) Relay dispatcher compiles and transmits dispatching information and instructions between central office, pipeline terminals, tank farms, and pumping compressor stations. relays messages to stations to direct flow of oil gas, using pbx switchboard. transmits, receives and posts information pertaining to pumping schedules, oil & gas pressures, gauging reports, oil stocks and storage capacities and physical characteristics of gas and oil in storage lines, like temperatures, specific gravities, btu and sediment content...[..]

47) Refinery operator assistant controls semiautomatic refinery equipment to convert starch into liquid sugars concentrate sugars to specific density. controls pumps flow of materials through converters, neutralizers and evaporators, as instructed. operates equipment manually during breakdowns [converter operator grain-feed mills , neutralizer grain-feed mills ]...[..]

48) Transit operations supervisor supervises coordinates activities of operators of buses, transit coaches, and trolleys in city or urban transportation system to convey passengers according to schedule. records movement and location of vehicles & road crews to inform other departments or public regarding current schedules routes...[..]

49) Target aircraft technician services, repairs, and overhauls drone target aircraft aircraft engines. repairs, replaces and assembles parts, like wings, cowlings, stabilizers and propeller assembly, using power tools handtools to rebuild or replace airframe or airframe components. replaces worn or damaged parts, like spark plugs, parachute and battery, using handtools...[..]

50) Timber cruiser cruises forest land to estimate volume of marketable timber collect data concerning forest conditions for appraisal, sales, administration, logging, land use, and forest management planning. traverses forest area on foot in established pattern applies sampling technique. sights over scale stick to estimate height diameter of each tree in sample...[..]

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