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Handwriting expert examines handwritten material or other questioned documents to identify author, detect forgery, or determine method used to alter documents. confers with laboratory specialists, like chemists photographers, to define which scientific processes are necessary to effect analysis. examines hand or typewritten sample to detect characteristics, like open loop, quaver, or t-cross peculiar to an individual, using microscope...[..]

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Railroad brake signals locomotive engineers to start or stop trains when coupling or uncoupling cars, using hand signals, lanterns, or radio communication. pulls or push track switches to reroute cars. observes signals from other crewmembers so that work activities can be coordinated. inspects couplings, air hoses, journal boxes, and handbrakes to make sure that they are securely fastened functioning properly...[..]

Gardener florist cultivates and cares for ornamental plants installs floral displays in indoor or outdoor settings through performance of any combination of following duties as directed by supervisory personnel. conditions and prepares soils & plants seeds, seedlings, or bulbs in greenhouse or outdoor growing area, using spades, trowels, sprayers, sprinklers, cultivators and other gardening handtools equipment...[..]

Embroiderer hand embroiders ornamental designs by hand over stamped or stenciled designs on fabric material. fastens embroidery hoop over fabric to keep fabric taut. threads needle with kind color of thread specified on work ticket. sews along cut lines of stamped design, utilizing knowledge of various stitches that may be required...[..]

Reactor operator controls nuclear reactor that produces steam for generation of electric power coordinates operation of auxiliary equipment. adjusts controls, under supervision, to start and shut down reactor & to regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature and rate of flow, control rod positions and other control elements that affect power level within reactor, following standard instructions prescribed practices...[..]

Radiation therapy technologist provides radiation therapy to patients as prescribed by radiologist medical ser. 070.101-090, according to established practices standards. reviews prescription, diagnosis, patient chart, identification. acts as liaison with physicist supportive care personnel. prepares equipment, like immobilization, treatment, and protection devices, and positions patient according to prescription...[..]

Exhaust operator sets up and controls exhaust equipment to remove gases and impurities from electron cathode ray tubes, following procedure manuals, work orders, and specifications. reads production schedules and procedure manuals to define tube specifications operational sequence. calculates equipment control settings, applying standard formulas for defining power, temperature and vacuum, according to tube size type...[..]

Research engineer geophysical laboratory plans, directs, and coordinates research activities of geophysical laboratory to develop new or improved instruments methods for measuring physical characteristics of earths crust which provide data for petroleum or mineral exploration. consults with management and field & laboratory technical personnel to define specific phases of geophysical prospecting in which improved processes might be evolved by study experimentation...[..]

Goodwill ambassador promotes goodwill solicits trade for local business firms who are members of parent organization. develops list of prospective clients from such sources as newspaper items, utility companies records and local merchants. visits homes of new residents, prospective parents, recently married couples, engaged persons and other prospects to explain sell services available from local merchants...[..]

Remittance clerk computes collects payments from customers for utility services or appliances. receives cash or check from customer or through mail. totals items on bill, using adding machine. records transaction on cash register and issues receipt any change due customer. balances totals received with totals on billing stubs...[..]

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