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Advocate Job Descriptions

Listed most related sample advocate job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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Listed top related sample job descriptions and duties for "advocate" or similar careers:

advocate job description duties
1) Advocate gathers evidence in divorce, civil, criminal and other cases to formulate defense or to initiate legal action. conducts research, interviews clients witnesses and handles other details in preparation for trial. prepares legal briefs, develops strategy, arguments, and testimony in preparation for presentation of case...[..]

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legislative advocate job description duties
2) Legislative advocate studies proposed legislation to define possible effect on interest of client, who may be person, specific group, or general public. confers with legislators officials to emphasize supposed weaknesses or merits of specific bills to influence passage, defeat, or amendment of measure, or introduction of legislation more favorable to clients interests...[..]

Sample legislative advocate job description & template (#JOB100920) last updated on

automatic gluing machine operator job description duties
3) Automatic gluing machine operator sets up operates machine that automatically glues together specified number of paper sheets, with each sheet protruding equal distance beyond next one, for use as business forms. moves guides, suction mechanisms, cams, gears and glue pins to regulate machine according to width number of sheets glued and number of places glue is deposited...[..]

4) Accounting clerks supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in calculating, posting, verifying, and typing duties to obtain and record financial data for use in maintaining accounting statistical records. compiles reports required by management or government agencies. may perform duties of accounting clerk clerical 216.482-010 bookkeeper clerical 210.382-014...[..]

5) Elevator starter provides elevator service according to demand by signaling operators or by establishing time schedules for each car. enforces crowding weight restrictions in cars. answers questions regarding location of offices, individuals, or merchandise, and ushers passengers into waiting elevators. gives instructions to new employees in elevator operation...[..]

6) Assembler ping pong table assembles parts, like table-top sections, trim, hinges, and legs, to produce ping-pong tables. positions table-top sections in jig and applies glue along table edge, using glue brush. places wooden trim strips over glue attaches strips to table edge, using staple gun or power screwdriver. fastens parts, like hinges, legs, leg braces, and locks, using power screwdriver....[..]

7) Electronics production supervisor analyzes manufacturing requirements, prepares production schedule and distributes work assignments according to order priorities worker availability. reviews work orders, product specifications and technical instructions for defining facility requirements and requisitions tools, equipment and supplies to meet production goals...[..]

8) Adzing and boring machine operator adjusts stops guides and installs dating punches, boring bits, adzing cutters, incising rollers and knives, according to work order, using rule, wrenches, pry bar and hammer. starts machines & conveyor system observes operation. removes defective material from conveyor prior to processing operation...[..]

9) Escort patients determines patient name, destination, mode of travel, time and other data, following written or oral instructions. directs or escorts incoming patients from admitting office or reception desk to designated area. carries patients luggage. assists patient in walking to prevent accidents by falling, or transports nonambulatory patient, using wheelchair...[..]

10) Automotive design layout drafter studies specifications, sketches, notes and other design data and measures prior layouts, using scales & dividers, to define details and dimensions of components being laid out from superimposed views sections of parts on layouts. lays out on vellum major or minor components, assemblies, or systems in full-scale working layouts...[..]

11) Advertising production manager determines arrangement of art work and photographs & selects style size of type, considering factors like size of advertisement, design, layout, sketches and method or printing specified. submits copy typography instructions to printing firm or department for typesetting. reviews proofs of printed copy for conformance to specifications...[..]

12) Electrician office makes operating adjustments in submarine cable repeater and terminal circuits apparatus, and rearranges connections in cables to maintain continuity of service. communicates with other cable stations, using manual telegraph....[..]

13) Aluminum boat inspector lifts places boat in test tank with aid of other workers. positions bow stern of boat under hydraulic ram. presses lever to activate ram that pushes holds boat down in water of tank. inspects rivets to detect leaks marks leaking areas, using crayon. tightens or replaces leaking rivets, using rivet gun...[..]

14) Associate editor reads copy to detect errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax. verifies facts, dates and statistics, using standard reference sources. rewrites or modifies copy to conform to publications style and editorial policy marks copy for typesetter, using standard symbols to indicate how type should be set...[..]

15) Engineer byproduct reads pressure and vacuum gauges, thermometers and flowmeters and turns hand valves or regulates speed of exhausters & pumps to maintain specified temperatures pressures. inspects repairs equipment, using handtools. pumps surplus gas to outside consumers [gas-pumping-station operator utilities ]...[..]

16) Engineer exhauster reads pressure and vacuum gauges, thermometers and flowmeters and turns hand valves or regulates speed of exhausters & pumps to maintain specified temperatures pressures. inspects repairs equipment, using handtools. pumps surplus gas to outside consumers [gas-pumping-station operator utilities ]...[..]

17) Ad clerk talks to customer to define wording dates of publication of classified advertisement. determines word, line, or day rates, using rate schedule and calculates total charge for customer. assigns box number for anonymous advertisements. collects payments for advertisements. writes order form to customers specification transmits to production personnel for publication...[..]

18) Electric motor winder inspects cores for defects and aligns laminations, using hammer drift. files burrs from core slots, using hand file, portable power file and scraper. lines slots with sheet insulation inserts coils into slots. cuts, strips, and bends wire leads at ends of coils, using pliers wire scrapers. twists leads together to connect coils...[..]

19) Electric motor fitter disassembles motors by removing bolts and nuts from motor case heads, fastening crane hook to case heads armatures and directing hoisting engineer any industry to hoist parts from motor cases. routes armatures to repair shop. cleans case heads in hot ammonia bath. scrapes inside of motor cases to remove grease dirt, and applies insulating paint...[..]

20) All around gear machine operator reads blueprint or job order to define gear dimensions and specifications, fixture cutter to use and machine settings. secures positions cutters in toolhead, on spindle, or on arbor and bolts fixtures on machine. mounts gears, cams, or templates, or moves levers to set feed rates and rotation speeds of cutters workpiece in relation to each other...[..]

21) Assembler portable oil well drilling rig reads blueprints written specifications to plan assembly sequence. operates crane or directs overhead crane operator any industry 921.663-010 to move structural framework machine parts to assembly area. studies blueprints to plan logical assembly sequence. positions specified gears, drive shafts, bearings, clutches, and other component parts in housings on frame of machine, using electric hoist...[..]

22) Executive pilot files flight plan with airport officials. obtains weather data interprets data based on flight plan. operates radio equipment aboard airplane. may maintain and repair aircraft according to limitations set by ae license. may represent company on executive level when dealing with business associates, officials, and customers....[..]

23) Appointment clerk indicates in appointment book when appointments have been filled or cancelled. may telephone or write clients to remind them of appointments. may receive payments for services, and record them in ledger. may receive callers [receptionist clerical ]. may operate switchboard [telephone operator clerical ]....[..]

24) Alignment mechanic drives automotive vehicle onto wheel alignment rack tests vehicle for faulty wheel alignment, bent axle, worn ball joints and bent steering rods, using alignment-testing machine. straightens axle & steering rods adjusts shims, tie rods and joining pins to align wheels, or installs new parts, using handtools...[..]

25) Electric gas appliances demonstrator visits community organizations and schools to demonstrate operating features care of appliances, like air-conditioners, driers, ranges and washers. explains how electricity or gas is produced & transmitted, reasons for electricity and gas rate increases and methods of efficiently using appliances to conserve energy reduce utility bills...[..]

26) Employment agency manager directs hiring, training and evaluation of employees. analyzes placement reports for defining effectiveness of employment interviewers profess. kin. . participates in development utilization of job development methods to promote business for agency. enforces, through subordinate staff, agency policies, procedures, safety rules, and regulations...[..]

27) Executive director nurses association administers program of professional nurses association, as formulated by board of directors association members. participates in establishing objectives and policies of association and interprets program to members & general public at general professional meetings. assists in organizing committees & aids in attaining objectives in such matters as legislation affecting nursing, employment conditions, health programs and research designed to facilitate professional growth efficiency...[..]

28) Engineer automated equipment confers with customers engineering staff to define layout of equipment, to resolve problems of machine design and to avoid construction problems in plant. arranges machine parts according to sequence of assembly effective use of floor space. directs workers in positioning equipment, following floor plans manufacturers instructions...[..]

29) Agent telegrapher assigns shift schedules to workers to make sure adequate service to patrons. keeps daily records of attendance. sells tickets to patrons [ticket agent any industry ]. answers inquiries from patrons concerning schedules and departures arrivals of trains. relays train orders messages [telegrapher r.r...[..]

30) Exterminator helper termite digs around foundations to be chemically treated and digs ditches for forms, using pick shovel. carries lumber, building materials and tools to work site. crawls underneath buildings to remove debris prior to spraying. cleans work site after completion of job. performs other duties as described under helper any industry master title....[..]

31) Engineer steam installs ship machinery, like propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, ventilating equipment, and steering gear, working from blueprints using handtools, calipers, and micrometers. lays out passage holes on bulkheads, decks and other surfaces for connections, like shafting steam lines. installs below-deck auxiliaries, like evaporators, stills, heaters, pumps, condensers and boilers connects them to steampipe systems...[..]

32) Envelope machine operator loads stack of blanks into rack of feed mechanism or positions roll of paper on machine rack, using hoist and threads paper web through machine. starts machine & observes progress of blanks web through cutting, gluing, folding and drying units. pushes button to stop machine in case of malfunction...[..]

33) Airplane inspector tests tightness of airframe connections with handtools and employs flashlight mirror to inspect fit of parts. signals airframe-and-power-plant mechanic air trans., aircraft mfg. to start engine manipulate aircraft controls. collects data, like engine revolutions per minute and fuel and oil pressures, to evaluate engine performance, using tachometer pressure gauges...[..]

34) Auditor county or city directs activities of personnel engaged in recording deeds and similar legal instruments, keeping records of county or municipal accounts, compiling and transmitting fiscal records to appropriate state officials, preparing financial statements of county or municipal finances for publication in local newspaper, and auditing books of city or county offices departments...[..]

35) Area coordinator recruits hires interviewers. trains interviewers in method of approaching public, asking questions and recording answers. supplies interviewers with names or addresses of persons to contact or instructs them in sampling methods used in compiling contact lists. reviews questionnaires for completeness accuracy...[..]

36) Engine repairer production positions motor in fixture and inspects engine for cracks & missing parts, like electrical wires screws. disassembles motor repairs or replaces defective parts, like water pump, carburetor, thermostat, gears, solenoids, magneto, pistons, piston rings and crankshaft, using wrenches, screwdrivers and wheel puller...[..]

37) Electronic scanner operator analyzes original copy to evaluate color density, gradation highlights, middle tones and shadows, using densitometer and knowledge of light color. types on scanner keyboard or touches mouse to symbols on scanner video display unit to input software, or turns knobs or punches buttons to set scanner to specific color density, size, screen ruling and exposure adjustments...[..]

38) Exterminator termite studies report diagram of infested area prepared by sales agent, pest control service business ser. to define sequence of operations. examines building for defining means of reaching infested areas. cuts openings in building to gain access to infested areas, using handtools power tools, like electric drills, pneumatic hammers, saws, and chisels...[..]

39) Aircraft log clerk compiles data from flight schedules and computes & posts amount of time airplanes individual parts are in use daily, using calculating machine. maintains card file for individual parts with notations of time used facts taken from inspection records. notifies inspection department when parts and airplanes approach date for inspection, including accumulated time routing schedule...[..]

40) Electronics worker receives verbal or written instructions from supervisor regarding work assignment. cleans deglosses parts, using cleaning devices, solutions and abrasives. trims flash from molded or cast parts, using cutting tool or file. applies primers, plastics, adhesives, and other coatings to designated surfaces, using applicators, like spray guns, brushes, or rollers...[..]

41) Automotive and watercraft service attendant cleans parking areas, offices, restrooms, or equipment remove trash. checks air pressure in vehicle tires, and levels of fuel, motor oil, transmission, radiator, battery, and other fluids, add air, oil, water, or other fluids, as required. cleans windshields, and/or wash wax vehicles. provides customers with information about local roads or highways...[..]

42) Assistant designer traces outline of specified paperboard pattern onto muslin fabric and cuts muslin pattern, using scissors. positions pins muslin pattern sections onto dressmaker model form for marking of style lines by designer. removes marked sections from model and traces style lines on pattern, using tracing wheel carbon paper...[..]

43) Automobile upholstery trim installer examines standard pattern or removes automobile seat or top measures it to define amount of cover material required. cuts material, using shears and places it on pattern or pins it to seat or top frame. marks material with chalk to indicate where it is to be sewed, reinforced, and decorated. secures completed covers, using tacks, staples, and pliers...[..]

44) Association executive directs research surveys, compilation and analysis of factors, like average income, benefits, standards and common problems of profession, for presentation to association committees for action. confers with officers to make sure that membership roster is current & complete and that members receive equal treatment regarding services information provided by board...[..]

45) Assistant drafter copies plans and drawings prepared by drafter profess. and kin. master title by tracing them with ink pencil on transparent paper or cloth spread over drawings, using triangle, t-square, compass, pens, and other drafting instruments. makes simple sketches or drawings under close supervision....[..]

46) Automobile body repair chief supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing and painting damaged bodies body parts of automotive vehicles. may examine damaged vehicle estimate cost of repairs [shop estimator automotive ser. ]. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

47) Appliance servicer measures, cuts and threads pipe and connects it to feeder line equipment or appliance, using rule, pipe cutter, threader and wrench. tests & examines pipelines and equipment to locate leaks and faulty pipe connections and for defining pressure flow of gas, using manometer, voltmeter, combustible gas indicator and soap lather...[..]

48) Asbestos textile supervisor coordinates activities supervises workers engaged in processing asbestos fibers into textile materials performing duties described under supervisor any industry master title. may be designated according to process supervised as cardroom supervisor nonmet...[..]

49) Anchor tacker aligns parts on bed of machine, or positions them under machine head. depresses pedal that lowers holding device, or holds parts against guide. depresses pedal or lever that drives fasteners into parts. fills hopper of nailing or tacking machine, or replaces wire spool on spindle of slugging or stapling machine...[..]

50) Education teacher plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction. supervises students fieldwork, internship, and research work. keeps abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences...[..]

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