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sample console operator job description template

Console operator job description - job letter #979282010

...Job description duties: operate prepress system to electronically assemble images into pages and to retouch make color corrections to page elements to be used in production of lithographic printing plates or gravure cylinders. enter digitized data, like artists layout, color separations, text, page dimensions and layout instructions, into electronic prepress system computer memory, using components of system like scanner, camera, keyboard, or mouse, or loads floppy disks or tapes containing information into system. study layout or other instructions for defining work to be done sequence of operations. view monitors for visual representation of work in progress and for instructions feedback throughout process. activate options, like masking or text processing, enters data, like background color, shapes, and coordinates of images, retrieves data from system memory to assemble elements on pages. retrieve images from system memory, activates options, like masking, pixel picture element editing, airbrush...

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sample conveyor console operator job description template

Conveyor console operator job description - job letter #921662018

...Job description duties: operate console to control automated conveyor system that receives, sorts, distributes, and conveys bulk or packaged materials or products to and from loading dock storage area, and between departments or processes. read production and delivery schedules & confers with supervisor to define sorting routing procedures. press buttons & turns dials to start conveyor system regulate speed of conveyors. observe materials or products moving on conveyors, or observes lights on control panel to monitor flow operation of system. move switches or pushes buttons to route order to designated areas to raise, lower, and align conveyor with specific adjoining conveyors. contact work stations by telephone or intercom to request movement of order or to notify work stations of shipment enroute approximate delivery time. stop equipment clears jams, using handtools. observe operation to detect equipment malfunction informs supervisor when malfunction occurs. may operate elevator system in c...

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sample chief console operator job description template

Chief console operator job description - job letter #job101629

...Job description duties: supervise and coordinates activities of workers operating computers peripheral equipment. assign staff schedules work to facilitate production. direct training or trains workers to operate computer peripheral equipment. confer with programmers and operates computer to test new modified programs. direct operation of computer to execute program, and observes operation to detect error or failure in progress of program. read monitor and enters commands to help computer operators identify correct errors. revise input data program to continue operation of program, using computer terminal. notify programming and maintenance personnel if unable to locate correct cause of processing error or failure. revise operation schedule to adjust for delays, or notifies scheduling workers of need to adjust schedule. prepare or reviews production, operating, and down time records reports. recommend changes in programs, routines, and quality control standards to improve computer operating ef...

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sample bevel gear generator operator job description template

Bevel gear generator operator job description - job letter #job402593

...Job description duties: sets up and operates one or more straight-tooth bevel-gear generating machines to cut and shape straight teeth on metal bevel-gear blanks, according to machining instructions knowledge of gear generating procedures. read blueprint or machining instructions to define machine settings, fixtures cutters to use and gear type, dimensions, tolerances and number of teeth to be generated. mount workpiece on arbor positions it to cutting angle. position clamps two cutters in toolheads, and positions cutter cradle to specified angle, using wrenches. mount gears and cams in machine to control rotation speed indexing of workpiece, cutting speed, and rolling motion of cutter cradle. start machine, turns valve handle, and directs flow of coolant against reciprocating cutters workpiece. verify conformance of machined gear to specifications, using micrometers, master gears, and special gear inspection equipment. may compute such data as gear dimensions machine settings, applying knowledge...

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sample continuous dryout operator job description template

Continuous dryout operator job description - job letter #job300016

...Job description duties: sets up and controls continuous pickling or electrolytic-cleaning line to remove dirt, oil, and scale from coils of brass, copper, or steel strip wire. turn valve to add acid to processing tanks shovels inhibitor into tanks to obtain baths of specified acid concentration. install & adjusts guides, pinch leveler rolls and side shears on processing line, according to specified dimensions of coils to be cleaned, using handtools. move controls to regulate speed of coil through line, to shear coil on each side of weld or stitch, and to remove coil from upcoiler machine. verify dimensions of pickled coils, using micrometer measuring tapes. examine surface of coils to verify removal of dirt, oil, and scale. test solution concentration in baths, using titration test equipment, and adjusts processing line controls to make sure conformance to specifications. may be designated according to type of line controlled as electrolytic de-scaler any industry ..

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