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Cosmetic Dermatology Job Descriptions

Listed most related sample cosmetic dermatology job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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Cosmetic Dermatology Job Descriptions And Duties Related Samples

Listed top related sample job descriptions and duties for "cosmetic dermatology" (cosmetic, dermatology) or similar careers:

cosmetics supervisor job description duties
1) Cosmetics supervisor observes operation of machines to detect malfunctions directs workers to replace defective parts, like micro-sifters, mixer brushes and screens. blends color bases, following formulas. examines liquid filterings for clarity color prior to storage. examines product for conformance to specifications...[..]

Sample cosmetics supervisor job description & template (#JOB401097) last updated on

cosmetics and toiletries salesperson job description duties
2) Cosmetics and toiletries salesperson sells cosmetics toiletries, like skin creams, hair preparations, face powder, lipstick, and perfume, to customers in department store or specialty shop. demonstrates methods of application of various preparations to customer. explains beneficial properties of preparations suggests shades or varieties of makeup to suit customers complexion...[..]

Sample cosmetics and toiletries salesperson job description & template (#JOB200412) last updated on

cosmetics presser job description duties
3) Cosmetics presser 1 spreads or brushes glue onto pans set into indentations of mold board. fills individual molds with powder & pulls handle to force die into molds compress powder. positions mold on die of press starts press that squeezes powder into cakes or sticks. removes molds dumps product onto tray to dry...[..]

Sample cosmetics presser job description & template (#JOB401434) last updated on

4) Cosmetician analyzes hair to ascertain condition of hair. applies bleach, dye, or tint, using applicator or brush, to color customers hair, first applying solution to portion of customers skin for defining if customer is allergic to solution. shampoos hair scalp with water, liquid soap, dry powder, or egg, and rinses hair with vinegar, water, lemon, or prepared rinses...[..]

Sample cosmetician job description & template (#JOB200673) last updated on

5) Salesperson cosmetics and toiletries sells cosmetics toiletries, like skin creams, hair preparations, face powder, lipstick, and perfume, to customers in department store or specialty shop. demonstrates methods of application of various preparations to customer. explains beneficial properties of preparations suggests shades or varieties of makeup to suit customers complexion...[..]

Sample salesperson cosmetics and toiletries job description & template (#JOB200412) last updated on

6) Core composer machine tender presses button to start machine. depresses pedal to convey veneer strips discharged from tenderizer machine onto infeed conveyor of core composer machine. pushes each strip against wedge-edge detector that detects oblique edges, and positions wedge-shaped veneer strips against oblique edges to form square edges prior to gluing...[..]

7) Deck and hull assembler positions deck on hull seals seam with caulking compound, using caulking gun. lays aluminum gunwale strip along deck & hull seam hammers it into place with mallet. places drilling template along gunwale strip drills rivet holes through strip with portable electric drill. rivets or bolts deck hull together, using rivet gun or impact wrench...[..]

8) Detective chief assigns detectives government ser. 375.267-010 to designated posts or criminal cases. reviews submits reports of cases investigated to superiors. ensures that apprehended criminals are fingerprinted. directs photographing of crime scene, evidence, and suspects. submits record of suspicions along with statement of witnesses informants to office of district attorney government ser. 110.117-010 for submission to magistrate government ser. 111.107-014 to obtain search warrant necessary to raid premises suspected of housing illegal activities...[..]

9) Chain pegger assembles pattern chains that control movement of harness frames shuttle boxes during weaving. arranges rolls separator tubes on cross bars of links, according to pattern diagram and connects links, using handtools. may hammer or screw pegs in wooden pattern chain....[..]

10) Continuous dryout operator turns valve to add acid to processing tanks shovels inhibitor into tanks to obtain baths of specified acid concentration. installs & adjusts guides, pinch leveler rolls and side shears on processing line, according to specified dimensions of coils to be cleaned, using handtools. moves controls to regulate speed of coil through line, to shear coil on each side of weld or stitch, and to remove coil from upcoiler machine...[..]

11) Commanding officer motor transport division plans schedules departmental activities to maintain police vehicles in operating condition. reviews complaints about police vehicle malfunctions from field units assigns technical research teams to develop corrective modifications or orders repairs. evaluates work performance of immediate subordinates reviews evaluations of other division personnel...[..]

12) Dry placer machine operator positions conveyor from front-end loader to machine. connects terminals from portable generator to control panel, using wrench. starts machine adjusts speed of feed conveyor to avoid overloading. observes flow of fine sand from conveyor to screens inclined riffle tables. adjusts speed of bellows to force air through sand float it over riffles, allowing gold-bearing particles to collect...[..]

13) Chocolate and cocoa processing supervisor designates quantities types of beans to clean, roast, blend, alkalize and grind to make chocolate liquor. indicates time sequence, quantity, type of chocolate liquor and formulas to use to make cocoa coatings. trains workers in setting up and adjusting machines and equipment to achieve standards correct malfunctions...[..]

14) Designer and patternmaker pencils markings, like cone, back seam, or shank edge onto sized wooden last. positions kraft paper on last trims paper along markings, using knife or scissors. traces outline onto manila paper, cardboard, or pressboard, using cut form or last mold as pattern. draws details, like stitching or ornamentation according to design specifications, using drafting instruments...[..]

15) Drier tends drying chamber that removes moisture from felt strips. opens steam valves to heat chamber to specified temperature and opens closes vents in chamber to control ventilation. attaches leading edge of felt strip to hooks of conveyor starts machine to draw strip through drying chamber. clamps leading edge of strip to winding drum as strip emerges from chamber...[..]

16) Company laundry worker washes and irons wearing apparel, sheets, blankets, and other linens clothes used by employees of logging, construction, mining, or other camp, or washes uniforms, aprons, and towels in establishments supplying employees with these linens. uses equipment usually found in household or in small laundry....[..]

17) Cutter aluminum sheet cuts sheet aluminum to specified shape for use as boat hulls decks, using portable saw. stacks sheets of aluminum on cutting table positions pattern on top sheet. outlines pattern on sheet, using scribe. guides saw around outline to cut out hull or deck parts. drills holes along edges of cutout parts at specified points to mark locations for attachment of parts, using portable electric drill....[..]

18) Dry wall installations mechanic reads blueprints other specifications to define method of installation, work procedures and material, tool and work aid requirements. lays out reference lines & points for use in computing location and position of metal framing and furring channels marks position for erecting metalwork, using chalkline...[..]

19) Commander police reserves writes news releases for press, radio and television and speaks before community business groups to recruit police reserve volunteers. confers with potential reservists to explain policies, duties, responsibilities and working conditions and to provide other pertinent information. reviews applications, results of physical psychological examinations, oral interviews, and background information to define suitability of candidates...[..]

20) Circus laborer cleans sweeps show area after each performance. cleans floor after elephants horses perform. moves wild animal cages, acrobatic equipment, and carries other properties to show area. leads horses, elephants, and other animals into show area. loads and unloads animals and equipment on off train...[..]

21) Director counseling bureau assigns evaluates work of personnel. conducts in-service training program for professional staff. coordinates counseling bureau with school community services. analyzes counseling and guidance procedures techniques to improve quality of service. counsels individuals and groups relative to personal and social problems, and educational vocational objectives...[..]

22) Chief chemist plans, coordinates and directs programs for research, product development, improvement of manufacturing processes, or for analysis and testing of substances to support criminal investigations, to detect toxins, or to verify composition of manufactured agricultural products and natural resources, like air, soil and water...[..]

23) Crocheter selects spools of thread according to specifications, or color of garment and mounts spools on holder of machine. threads needle yarn carrier or looper of machine. depresses pedal to clamp edge of material under presser foot of machine. starts machine guides material under crocheting needle. stops machine, turns handwheel to raise needle from garment, and cuts threads with scissors....[..]

24) Center maker hand kneads soft candy into rolls, cuts rolls into slices, and shapes slices into centers for bonbons or other candies. dusts worktable with powdered sugar to prevent adherence of candy to table. kneads slab of soft candy into roll cuts roll into slices of specified size. shapes slices to form centers for coated candies...[..]

25) Cost accounting clerk compiles production or sales cost reports on unit or total basis for department or working unit. calculates individual items, like labor, material and time costs, relationship of sales or revenues to cost and overhead expenditures, using calculating machine. examines records, like time & production sheets, payrolls, operations charts schedules, to obtain data for calculations...[..]

26) Cook school cafeteria prepares soups, meats, vegetables, salads, dressings, and desserts for consumption in school cafeteria, utilizing cafeteria equipment cooking experience. specializes in providing lightly seasoned, nutritionally adequate and varied diet. inspects equipment for cleanliness functional operation. works is usually performed with other workers...[..]

27) Candy mixer kneads soft candy into rolls, cuts rolls into slices, and shapes slices into centers for bonbons or other candies. dusts worktable with powdered sugar to prevent adherence of candy to table. kneads slab of soft candy into roll cuts roll into slices of specified size. shapes slices to form centers for coated candies...[..]

28) Conductor road freight reads train orders, schedules and other written instructions received from train dispatcher r.r. trans. discusses their contents with locomotive engineer r.r. inspects couplings airhoses to make sure that they are securely fastened. inspects journal boxes to make sure that they are lubricated...[..]

29) Door machine operator drives machine along rails to designated oven. moves levers to hook machine arm onto door remove it from oven and to position frame which guides discharged coke from oven into quenching cars. signals pusher operator steel rel. to discharge coke from oven. cleans fire clay and tars from door jamb, using chisel bar...[..]

30) Centerless grinding machine operator reads blueprint job order for product specifications, like dimensions, tolerances and number of parts to be ground and tooling instructions, like grinding speeds, feed rates, holding fixtures and grinding wheels to be used. mounts grinding wheel regulating wheel on spindles with wrenches. dresses wheels to specifications, using dressing device...[..]

31) Clay structure builder and servicer bolts sections of specified wooden mold together, using wrench and lines assembled mold with paper to prevent adherence of clay to wooden mold. dumps tamps clay in mold, using tamping tool. disassembles mold covers clay structure with damp burlap to prevent rapid drying. cuts, chips, and smooths molded clay to form such structures as floaters, shutoff bars, drawbars, and l-blocks, using square, rule, and handtools...[..]

32) Certified medication technician verifies identity of patient receiving medication records name of drug, dosage and time of administration on specified forms or records. presents medication to patient observes ingestion or other application, or administers medication, using specified procedures. takes vital signs or observes patient to detect response to specified types of medications prepares report or notifies designated personnel of unexpected reactions...[..]

33) Dust collector treater pushes switches to shut off electric current to precipitators and observes amount of dust accumulated on electrode pipes plates. pulls levers to start hammers that knock dust from electrodes into collecting chambers. opens chamber doors blows down dust remaining in chamber, using airhose. replaces broken wires in precipitators, using pliers...[..]

34) Cell inspector inspects viscous plastics material in plate glass molds cells removes defects preparatory to curing. examines material through glass sheet to detect defects, like air bubbles, dirt particles and other foreign matter. stands cell on end to elevate bubbles to surface & inserts spatula between molds to remove bubbles foreign matter from edges...[..]

35) Conservation officer travels through area by car, boat, airplane, horse and on foot to observe persons engaged in taking fish and game, for making sure method equipment used are lawful and to apprehend violators. investigates reports of fish & game law violations issues warnings or citations. serves warrants, makes arrests, and prepares presents evidence in court actions...[..]

36) Crayon grader inspects talc crayons for defects, sorts crayons according to length, and packs crayons for shipment. spreads crayons in hands examines crayons for defects, like broken, split, or incomplete pieces. separates crayons into grades according to length defect. packs graded crayons in cardboard boxes places defective crayons in tray...[..]

37) District adviser confers with individuals, groups and committees to implement and extend organizations program service. interprets organization program, policies and practices to community. advises and works with volunteers to make sure quality of group program effective use of resources. responsible for recruitment, training, guiding, and providing incentive to volunteer leaders groups...[..]

38) Ctc operator reads train orders and schedules to familiarize self with scheduled runs, destination of trains, times of arrivals departures and priority of trains. monitors ctc panelboard that indicates location of trains by lights that illuminate as train passes specified positions on run. operates controls to activate track switches traffic signals...[..]

39) Cell assembly pinner threads positive negative battery plates onto separate connecting bolts, inserts washers between each plate to assemble grouped plates and attaches nuts to ends of bolts of grouped plates to secure plates, using hydraulic hand wrench. joins grouped plates positions joined plates in battery base, or inserts element cell in single-cell container or inserts number of cells in multiple-cell containers, according to specified order of polarity...[..]

40) Chainstitch felled seam operator guides edge of garment through folding attachment or folds edge according to style specifications to form seam. presses knee control to lower machine arm. positions folded garment edge under needle releases knee control to raise machine arm. guides garment edge under needle against gauge. performs duties as described under sewing-machine operator, regular equipment any industry master title....[..]

41) Cab supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation department of taxicab company. hires workers, like taxi drivers motor trans. , taxicab starter motor trans. , and taxicab coordinator motor trans. supervises their activities. drives automobile around city to investigate honesty operating efficiency of taxi drivers motor trans. ...[..]

42) Consultant dietitian evaluates monitors all aspects of food service operation, making recommendations for conformance level that will provide nutritionally adequate, quality food. plans, organizes and conducts orientation in-service educational programs for food service personnel. assesses, develops, implements, and evaluates nutritional-care plans provides for followup, including written reports...[..]

43) Color shader starts agitator in tank filled with basic paint product. pours pigments or base colors from containers dumps specified amounts into tank to color basic product. smears sample of batch on glass or paper, using spatula or brush, and compares sample with standard color, using colorimeter. repeats operation to attain specified shade...[..]

44) Dipper pours premixed solutions into container or thins solution, following work order specifications. applies solution to hat or hat parts by any combination of following tasks. brushes or sponges solution onto articles, dips articles into tub of solution, sprays solution onto article, using spray gun, inserts parts between solution-coated rollers of machine...[..]

45) Commissioner conservation of resources initiates conservation programs according to accepted principles and familiarity with characteristics of natural resources economy of state. establishes standards for resource depletion, like annual oil production quotas or limitations on extraction of iron ore deposits. negotiates with mining interests, petroleum production companies, and other parties to promote conservation principles, encourage technological advancement, and stimulate efficient exploitation of resources...[..]

46) Cutter operator reviews job sample containing dimensions or specifications to define page sequence, kind of fold, size of sheet and amount to trim from spine of book body. measures from edge of page, using scale and types instructions on keyboard of computer, pushes buttons to activate computer program, or manually sets cutting guides, clamps and knives, using wrench, to cut paper or spine to prescribed dimensions...[..]

47) Dispersion mixer turns valves or sets pump meters to admit specified amounts of liquids, like oils, solvents and water into mixer. weighs dumps specified amounts of dry ingredients, like plastic flash, color concentrates and resins into mixer, as indicated on batch ticket, or dumps preweighed ingredients into tank...[..]

48) Deckhand fishing vessel stands lookout, steering and engine-room watches. attaches nets, slings, hooks and other lifting devices to cables, booms and hoists. loads equipment supplies aboard vessel by hand or using hoisting equipment. signals other workers to move, hoist, and position loads. rows boats and dinghies and operates skiffs to transport fishers, divers, and sponge hookers and to tow position nets...[..]

49) Drum reel cutter positions roll of plastic material on machine brackets, threads end of material through tension rollers and clamps or tapes material to rod on reel. turns handwheel or loosens bolts moves rods to increase or decrease diameter of reel according to length specified for material. depresses pedal to start, stop, and control speed of machine...[..]

50) Corporation pilot files flight plan with airport officials. obtains weather data interprets data based on flight plan. operates radio equipment aboard airplane. may maintain and repair aircraft according to limitations set by ae license. may represent company on executive level when dealing with business associates, officials, and customers....[..]

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