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Listed most related sample doorman job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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deck and hull assembler job description duties
1) Deck and hull assembler positions deck on hull seals seam with caulking compound, using caulking gun. lays aluminum gunwale strip along deck & hull seam hammers it into place with mallet. places drilling template along gunwale strip drills rivet holes through strip with portable electric drill. rivets or bolts deck hull together, using rivet gun or impact wrench...[..]

detective chief job description duties
2) Detective chief assigns detectives government ser. 375.267-010 to designated posts or criminal cases. reviews submits reports of cases investigated to superiors. ensures that apprehended criminals are fingerprinted. directs photographing of crime scene, evidence, and suspects. submits record of suspicions along with statement of witnesses informants to office of district attorney government ser. 110.117-010 for submission to magistrate government ser. 111.107-014 to obtain search warrant necessary to raid premises suspected of housing illegal activities...[..]

dry placer machine operator job description duties
3) Dry placer machine operator positions conveyor from front-end loader to machine. connects terminals from portable generator to control panel, using wrench. starts machine adjusts speed of feed conveyor to avoid overloading. observes flow of fine sand from conveyor to screens inclined riffle tables. adjusts speed of bellows to force air through sand float it over riffles, allowing gold-bearing particles to collect...[..]

4) Designer and patternmaker pencils markings, like cone, back seam, or shank edge onto sized wooden last. positions kraft paper on last trims paper along markings, using knife or scissors. traces outline onto manila paper, cardboard, or pressboard, using cut form or last mold as pattern. draws details, like stitching or ornamentation according to design specifications, using drafting instruments...[..]

5) Drier tends drying chamber that removes moisture from felt strips. opens steam valves to heat chamber to specified temperature and opens closes vents in chamber to control ventilation. attaches leading edge of felt strip to hooks of conveyor starts machine to draw strip through drying chamber. clamps leading edge of strip to winding drum as strip emerges from chamber...[..]

6) Dry wall installations mechanic reads blueprints other specifications to define method of installation, work procedures and material, tool and work aid requirements. lays out reference lines & points for use in computing location and position of metal framing and furring channels marks position for erecting metalwork, using chalkline...[..]

7) Director counseling bureau assigns evaluates work of personnel. conducts in-service training program for professional staff. coordinates counseling bureau with school community services. analyzes counseling and guidance procedures techniques to improve quality of service. counsels individuals and groups relative to personal and social problems, and educational vocational objectives...[..]

8) Door machine operator drives machine along rails to designated oven. moves levers to hook machine arm onto door remove it from oven and to position frame which guides discharged coke from oven into quenching cars. signals pusher operator steel rel. to discharge coke from oven. cleans fire clay and tars from door jamb, using chisel bar...[..]

9) Numerical control jig boring machine operator studies blueprints and setup instructions to define machining required, dimensional specifications and work procedures methods. installs work-holding devices, like blocks clamps on indexing table of machine, using handtools. lifts workpiece manually or with hoist and positions secures it on machine table or in holding device...[..]

10) Dust collector treater pushes switches to shut off electric current to precipitators and observes amount of dust accumulated on electrode pipes plates. pulls levers to start hammers that knock dust from electrodes into collecting chambers. opens chamber doors blows down dust remaining in chamber, using airhose. replaces broken wires in precipitators, using pliers...[..]

11) District adviser confers with individuals, groups and committees to implement and extend organizations program service. interprets organization program, policies and practices to community. advises and works with volunteers to make sure quality of group program effective use of resources. responsible for recruitment, training, guiding, and providing incentive to volunteer leaders groups...[..]

12) Dipper pours premixed solutions into container or thins solution, following work order specifications. applies solution to hat or hat parts by any combination of following tasks. brushes or sponges solution onto articles, dips articles into tub of solution, sprays solution onto article, using spray gun, inserts parts between solution-coated rollers of machine...[..]

13) Dispersion mixer turns valves or sets pump meters to admit specified amounts of liquids, like oils, solvents and water into mixer. weighs dumps specified amounts of dry ingredients, like plastic flash, color concentrates and resins into mixer, as indicated on batch ticket, or dumps preweighed ingredients into tank...[..]

14) Deckhand fishing vessel stands lookout, steering and engine-room watches. attaches nets, slings, hooks and other lifting devices to cables, booms and hoists. loads equipment supplies aboard vessel by hand or using hoisting equipment. signals other workers to move, hoist, and position loads. rows boats and dinghies and operates skiffs to transport fishers, divers, and sponge hookers and to tow position nets...[..]

15) Drum reel cutter positions roll of plastic material on machine brackets, threads end of material through tension rollers and clamps or tapes material to rod on reel. turns handwheel or loosens bolts moves rods to increase or decrease diameter of reel according to length specified for material. depresses pedal to start, stop, and control speed of machine...[..]

16) Dog groomer reads written or receives oral instructions to define clipping pattern desired. places dog on grooming table fits grooming collar on dog to hold animal to table. studies proportions of dog to define most appropriate cutting pattern to achieve desired style. clips dogs hair according to determined pattern, using electric clippers, comb, and barbers shears...[..]

17) Dumper bulk system picks up materials or products from pallet, handtruck, or dolly and places materials or products onto conveyor, or opens bins or chutes to dump bulk materials onto conveyor, or hangs products on chain or overhead conveyor, or transfers materials or products from one conveyor to another conveyor and aligns materials or products on conveyor to prevent jams...[..]

18) Drywall and ceiling tile installer hangs dry lines to wall moldings to guide positioning of main runners. measures cut openings in panels or tiles for electrical outlets, windows, vents, plumbing, or other fixtures, using keyhole saws or other cutting tools. hangs drywall panels on metal frameworks of walls ceilings in offices, schools, or other large buildings, using lifts or hoists to adjust panel heights when necessary...[..]

19) Dormitory supervisor suggests remedial or corrective actions and assists students in making better adjustments in planning intelligent life goals. plans & directs program to orient new students assists in their integration into campus life. initiates and conducts group conferences to plan and discuss programs and policies related to assignment of quarters, social recreational activities, and dormitory living...[..]

20) Drafter castings drafts detailed drawings for castings which require special knowledge and attention to shrinkage allowances and such factors as minimum radii of fillets rounds. performs other duties as described under drafter profess. kin. master title....[..]

21) Dry end operator threads film emerging from washing and coating tanks through heated rollers starts sheet onto winding core. turns switch to regulate winding speed film tension according to specifications. observes temperature gauge turns steam valve to maintain specified heat of rollers. cuts cellophane with knife to stop feed on completed roll removes roll from winding assembly, using hoist...[..]

22) Director housekeeping establishes standards procedures for work of housekeeping staff and plans work schedules for making sure adequate service. inspects evaluates physical condition of establishment and submits to management recommendations for painting, repairs, furnishings, relocation of equipment and reallocation of space...[..]

23) Director educational program cooperates with business, civic and other organizations to develop curriculums to meet needs and interests of students community. interviews & selects staff members provides in-service training for teachers. prepares budget and determines allocation of funds for staff, supplies equipment, and facilities...[..]

24) Dry mill operator signals overhead crane operator any industry 921.663-010 to load clay into hoppers of dry-pans. turns valves to feed water into pans. starts equipment that grinds sifts clay. starts and regulates speed of conveyors elevators to transport clay to storage tanks. removes rocks or other obstructions from dry-pans and screens, using pry bars wire brushes...[..]

25) Driller multiple spindle reads work ticket to define size, quantity and placement of holes to be drilled. selects specified diamond-tipped hollow drill bits & installs bits in upper lower spindles, using wrench. turns knob to adjust depth of bore and rate of ascent descent at which drill bits enter glass. measures and clamps guide rail stops on drill table according to specifications...[..]

26) Decorator store originates display ideas or follows suggestions or schedule of manager, display retail trade constructs or assembles prefabricated display properties from wood, fabric, glass, paper and plastic, using handtools. arranges properties, mannequins, furniture, merchandise and backdrop according to prearranged plan or own ideas...[..]

27) Dietary assistant plans or participates in planning menus, preparing and apportioning foods and utilizing food surpluses leftovers. specifies number of servings to be made from any vegetable, meat, beverage and dessert to control portion costs. supervises noncooking personnel, like kitchen helper hotel and rest. 318.687-010, to make sure cleanliness of kitchen equipment...[..]

28) District extension service agent determines methods and procedures or services assigns tasks to workers according to extension program policies. examines county methods & procedures to evaluate content effectiveness of services within district. delivers lectures to groups, like commercial and community organizations, and directs county extension workers to deliver lectures to publicize promote extension services activities...[..]

29) Director of pupil personnel program develops and maintains compliance program to meet legal requirements concerning students rights to privacy & due process of law in accordance to applicable laws regulations. directs & coordinates activities of clerical staff engaged in compiling, maintaining and releasing pupil records information...[..]

30) Director field services plans comprehensive program of marketing services in recruitment of students and outreach activities with business, industry, community organizations and public agencies to establish educational programs to identify educational needs of community. develops & distributes recruiting literature in locations, like high schools shopping centers...[..]

31) Document preparer microfilming cuts documents into individual pages of standard microfilming size format when allowed by margin space, using paper cutter or razor knife. reproduces document pages as necessary to improve clarity or to reduce one or more pages into single page of standard microfilming size, using photocopying machine...[..]

32) Display card writer 1 clamps cardboard on base of machine that prints letters one at a time. pushes lever to position type case over cardboard. pulls lever to depress plunger that prints letter on cardboard. 2 chooses type style, positions letters in composing stick, and clamps it on bed of manual platen press that prints sign in one operation...[..]

33) Decorating instructor demonstrates decorating techniques, like brush stroking, color mixing blending and design highlighting to trainees. explains procedures for adding water or glycerine to obtain prescribed consistency of paint. evaluates prepares reports of trainees progress during various stages of training program...[..]

34) Deck engineer operates machinery to define causes of malfunctioning. dismantles, repairs, or replaces defective parts and reassembles machinery, using machinists handtools, chain hoists and steel rollers. may maintain ships plumbing system. may change fuses and lights overhaul electric motors. ratings must be endorsed by u.s...[..]

35) Director of guidance in public schools formulates guidance policies procedures. plans & conducts in-service training program for guidance workers selected teachers. plans and supervises testing program in school system and devises directs use of records, reports, and other material essential to program. supervises school placement service...[..]

36) Drafter automotive design analyzes specifications, sketches, engineering drawings, ideas and related design data to define critical factors affecting design of components based on knowledge of previous designs & manufacturing processes limitations. draws rough sketches & performs mathematical computations to develop design work out detailed specifications of components...[..]

37) Denture finisher removes mold from frame, using ejector press and chips molding material from denture, using hammer chisel. smooths & polishes denture denture frames to remove excess material, using polishing machine. removes excess plastic from teeth, using sharp pointed tool. fills chipped or low spots in surfaces of plastic areas with acrylic resins, using brush...[..]

38) Deli cutter slicer places meat or cheese on cutting board cuts slices to designated thickness, using knives or other hand cutters. positions clamps meat or cheese on carriage of slicing machine. adjusts knob to set machine for desired thickness. presses button to start motor that moves carriage past rotary blade that slices meats cheeses...[..]

39) Director of home economics studies and interprets data concerning consumer habits preferences obtained from surveys, letters and other customer contacts to aid company in product development. plans organizes program to educate consumers in use of equipment, product, or service. develops and plans methods of instruction and techniques of demonstrating principles of home economics, like food preparation and equipment use, to community school groups...[..]

40) Dictating machine transcriber inserts cassette tape into cassette player or positions tape on machine spindle threads tape through machine. positions earphones on ears presses buttons on transcribing machine to listen to recorded data. turns dials to control volume, tone, and speed of voice reproduction. depresses pedal to pause tape...[..]

41) Die cast die maker studies blueprints of product and die or mold and computes specifications, applying knowledge of shop mathematics & metal diecasting or plastic or glass molding processes machinery. plans sequence of operations, visualizing shape of die or mold in reverse of product. measures, marks, and scribes metal stock to lay out for machining [lay-out worker machine shop ]...[..]

42) Die drawing checker examines die design drawings prepared by die designer machine shop for accuracy of design detail to assure production feasibility of die sets. computes dimensions of drawings to check accuracy of figures proper placement of layout. ascertains that production parts can be fabricated with dies as designed by applying thorough knowledge of machine capacities...[..]

43) Director museum or zoo confers with institutions board of directors to formulate policies plan overall operations. directs acquisition, education, research, public service and development activities of institution, consulting with curatorial, administrative and maintenance staff members to implement policies initiate programs...[..]

44) Developer prover electrical reads blueprints, wiring diagrams, process sheets and assembly schematic drawings and receives verbal instructions regarding work assignment. aligns assembles parts, like leads, coils, wires, tabs and terminals into housing, using handtools, power tools, soldering iron, brazing fixture and welding head...[..]

45) Developer automatic pulls film through trapdoor into darkroom. strips paper backing from film attaches identifying label. feels edges of film to detect tears repairs film, using stapler. reads work order or feels film for size or notches to define type of process developing time required. positions racks of film on machine chain links according to developing time required or threads leader of continuous roll through machine preparatory to processing...[..]

46) Die cutter diamond positions die in holding device of machine. inserts steel needle in machine spindle, positions needle inside bore of die starts machine which rotates needle in bore. dabs progressively finer diamond-dust paste or solution on needle during lapping operation. pulls specified gauge wire through bore measures wire with micrometer to verify bore dimension...[..]

47) Design printer balloon tends cylinder press that prints designs lettering on balloons. rolls preinflated balloon against printing plate on revolving cylinder press that prints design. pours ink & solvent in trough of cylinder press adjusts ink flow. cleans machine rollers, plates, and troughs with solvent rag when color changes are specified...[..]

48) Diesel engine engineer operates gasoline, natural gas, or diesel engines to supply power for rotary oil well drilling machinery. starts engines observes drilling operations to provide power under operating conditions. assembles & dismantles pumps other drilling equipment, using handtools. loosens and tightens threaded sections of drill pipe well casing...[..]

49) Nutrition educator interviews client to obtain information on weight development history, eating habits, medical restrictions and nutritional objectives. weighs measures client, using measuring instruments and enters data on client record. discusses eating habits with client to identify dispensable food items and to encourage increased consumption of high nutrition, low calorie food items, or selects established diet program which matches client goals restrictions...[..]

50) Die designer drafts drawings of dies necessary to form complete forging, stamping, or other part. determines sequence & number of die stages in which single or progressive cutting, punching, forming will be accomplished and type of die sets required to produce complete part, based on knowledge of dies, forming processes and machines...[..]

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