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Economist job description - job letter #cv13994

...Job description duties: identify problems to be studied, design and execute economic analyses, identify important analytic data or methodology policy issues. prepare economic analysis documents, reports and papers for use in regulatory determinations, litigation, briefing administrative officials and other decision-makers, congressional testimony, or office of management budget omb review. develop, write & revise reports guidance on issues pertaining to the waste management program. conduct economic analysis and regulatory impact analysis ria in support of regulation, programs and policies, using appropriate models data sources. serve on an intra-agency and internal office working group and task force, dealing with regulatory policy, economic impact, benefit-cost analysis and research & development, on economic data & economic analysis methods tools.

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Home economist job description - job letter #job100613

...Job description duties: organize conducts consumer education service or research program for equipment, food, textile, or utility company, utilizing principles of home economics. advise homemakers in selection utilization of household equipment, food and clothing and interprets homemakers needs to manufacturers of household products. write advertising copy & articles of interest to homemakers, tests recipes, equipment and new household products, conducts radio and television homemakers programs and performs other public relations and promotion work for business firms, newspapers, magazines and radio television stations. advise individuals families on home management practices, like budget planning, meal preparation, and energy conservation. teach improved homemaking practices to homemakers youths through educational programs, demonstrations, discussions, and home visits. may engage in research in government, private industry, and colleges universities to explore family relations or child...

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Environmental economist job description - job letter #on19301101

...Job description duties: monitor or analyze market environmental trends. interpret indicators to ascertain the overall health of an environment. identify recommend environmentally-friendly business practices. demonstrate or promote the economic benefits of sound environmental regulations. write technical documents or academic articles to communicate study results or economic forecasts. write social, legal, or economic impact statements to inform decision-makers for natural resource policies, standards, or programs. write research proposals and grant applications to obtain private or public funding for environmental economic studies. examine the exhaustibility of natural resources or the long-term costs of environmental rehabilitation. develop systems for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental economic data. develop environmental research project plans, including information on budgets, goals, deliverables, timelines, and resource requirements. develop economic models, forecasts, or scenari...

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Tester regulator job description - job letter #job404896

...Job description duties: test inspects compressed air or oxygen regulators to detect air leaks. clamp regulator unit into vise on stage above water tank attaches compressed airhose to intake ports of regulator. vary pressure of air flowing into regulator, using manual control and turns regulator handles for defining that valves pistons are functioning properly. lower regulator into tank of water, using power-driven foot pedal. alter flow of air passing through unit and reads pressure gauges to define points of high low air release speeds. inspect unit for air leaks, using brush to remove normal submersion bubbles. release foot pedal to raise regulator from water tank. unclamp unit places unit in tray. mark malfunctioning areas of defective units, utilizing knowledge of components..

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Travel counselor automobile club job description - job letter #job200248

...Job description duties: plan trips for members of automobile club. confer with member in person or by telephone to answer questions explain services. mark suitable roads & possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to destination return. indicate points of interest, restaurants, hotels or other housing accommodations, and emergency repair services available along route. reserve hotel, motel, or resort accommodations by telephone, telegraph, or letter. calculate mileage of marked route estimates travel expenses. inform patron of bus, ship, train, and plane connections. consult hotel directories, road maps, circulars, timetables, and other sources to obtain current information. provide members with guides, directories, brochures maps. may plan trips for members in response to mail requests. may plan foreign trips perform duties, like arranging for automobile rental, purchase, and shipment, and be designated world-travel counselor nonprofit org. . may review itineraries prepared by ...

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