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Janitor Job Descriptions

Listed most related sample janitor job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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Listed top related sample job descriptions and duties for "janitor" or similar careers:

janitor job description duties
1) Janitor services, clean and supply restrooms. cleans and maintain cleanliness in tasting room break room throughout the day. cleans and polish furniture fixtures. cleans windows, glass partitions, and mirrors. dusts furniture, walls, machines, and equipment. mixes water detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications...[..]

Sample janitor job description & template (#CV13974) last updated on

janitor job description duties
2) Janitor transports raw materials semifinished products or supplies between departments or buildings to supply machine tenders or operators with materials for processing, using handtruck. arranges boxes, material and handtrucks or other industrial equipment in neat orderly manner. cleans lint, dust, oil, and grease from machines, overhead pipes, and conveyors, using brushes, airhoses, or steam cleaner...[..]

Sample janitor job description & template (#JOB201060) last updated on

dry janitor job description duties
3) Dry janitor sweeps floor and scrubs shower stalls, using broom, brushes and soap water. opens windows to control ventilation or adjusts controls of automatic heating, cooling, or dehumidifying unit to maintain healthful comfortable conditions. may fire boiler to heat water for bathing or heating facility. may place contaminated work clothes in vacuum chamber for removal of toxic chemical dust...[..]

Sample dry janitor job description & template (#JOB200791) last updated on

4) Janitor head assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor. trains new workers, records hours worked, recommends discharge of incompetent workers, and performs other personnel duties as required...[..]

Sample janitor head job description & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

5) Janitorial services supervisor assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor. trains new workers, records hours worked, recommends discharge of incompetent workers, and performs other personnel duties as required...[..]

Sample janitorial services supervisor job description & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

6) Lead janitor assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor. trains new workers, records hours worked, recommends discharge of incompetent workers, and performs other personnel duties as required...[..]

Sample lead janitor job description & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

7) Housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor plans prepare employee work schedules. performs or assist with cleaning duties as necessary. investigates complaints about service equipment, and take corrective action. coordinates activities with other departments to make sure that services are provided in an efficient timely manner. inspects evaluate the physical condition of facilities to define the type of work required...[..]

Sample housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor job description & template (#ON37101100) last updated on

8) Janitorial works within a team or individually to accomplish goals, accountable for the overall cleaning, general maintenance and communication of facility needs. responsible to sweep, vacuum, mop, scrub, wax & polish floors using industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubbing and buffing machines, and may use ladders, dusts and washes walls, cleans ceilings and dusts polishes light fixtures...[..]

Sample janitorial job description & template (#CV15680) last updated on

9) Janitor and cleaner cleans building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming. follows procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment to prevent damage to floors fixtures. mixes water detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications. strips, seal, finish, and polish floors...[..]

Sample janitor and cleaner job description & template (#ON37201100) last updated on

10) Supervisor janitorial services assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor. trains new workers, records hours worked, recommends discharge of incompetent workers, and performs other personnel duties as required...[..]

Sample supervisor janitorial services job description & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

11) Rate inserter calculates amount of premium to be charged for various types of insurance, using rate book, calculator, and adding machine. selects premium rate based on information in case record folder relating to type and amount of policy based on standard risk factors, like use & age of automobile, location value of property, or age of applicant...[..]

12) Rubbish collection supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in collecting garbage and other refuse transporting refuse to disposal plants or areas. assigns routes trucks to workers. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

13) Justice court judge adjudicates civil cases in which damages do not exceed prescribed maximum established by state law, and minor misdemeanor cases not involving penitentiary sentences or fines in excess of maximum amount allowed to be levied under state law. conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases to define whether there is reasonable probable cause to hold defendant for further proceedings or trial by superior court...[..]

14) Research worker kitchen tastes food samples to define palatability customer appeal. estimates number of servings obtainable from standard & original recipes unit cost of preparation. converts recipes for use in quantity preparation. studies reservation lists and previous records and forecasts customer traffic number of servings required for specified period of time...[..]

15) Rug renovator vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. guides scrubbing machine over rug surface or sprays rug with cleaning solution under pressure to agitate nap loosen embedded dirt. removes excess suds water from rug during scrubbing operation, using vacuum nozzle or squeegee. identifies persistent stains selects spotting agent to remove stain according to type of fiber, dye, and stain...[..]

16) Roll machine operator presses buttons and turns dials or handcranks to start machines & to adjust capacity of dividing compartments speed of feeding conveyor on dividing machine. weighs units of dough, using balance scale and adjusts machine when units vary from standard. scoops flour or starch into sifters which automatically dust units of dough to prevent sticking...[..]

17) Rigging supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in erecting and operating machines to hoist and convey machinery & equipment, like structural beams, metal tanks, and wall floor slabs, at construction site. specifies locations for movement and erection of derricks, hoists and cranes, using knowledge of various methods of sliding lifting equipment...[..]

18) Roving changer replaces sliver cans or bobbins to change type of sliver, roving, or yarn to be run on slubber, speeder, spinning, or twisting frames. threads end of sliver, roving, or yarn through rollers guides of machine. may change gears or travelers on spinning frames....[..]

19) Radio officer turns on power to activate generator and throws switches to cut in transmitters antennas. turns dials to obtain sending frequency volume. receives transmits messages following procedure prescribed by federal regulations. maintains log of messages transmitted received. monitors emergency frequency for ship distress calls...[..]

20) Railroad maintenance clerk compiles and records information pertaining to track and right-of-way repair and maintenance by railroad section crews, like materials used, types locations of repairs made, and hours expended. types or writes requisitions for materials needed. may keep daily time records [timekeeper clerical ] & compile maintenance reports for specific section crew be designated road clerk r.r...[..]

21) Recovery operator helper moves controls to adjust feeds to rotary kiln and ball mill to regulate operation of dust-collection equipment. reads & records tank levels and slurry soda ash temperatures. collects weighs batches of slurry to define density. measures oxygen content of flue gases, using gas analyzer. turns valves to supply water to kiln trunnions water-cooled bearings...[..]

22) Rotary screen printing machine operator mounts screen-printing rollers in specified sequence on machine. turns knob to set machine speed & adjust pressure of rollers, according to type of design cloth being printed. turns valves that automatically admit printing paste into rollers. starts machine conveyor belt that carries textile articles under printing rollers...[..]

23) Reducing salon attendant measures, weighs and records patrons body statistics, refers information to supervisor for evaluation and planning of exercise program, and demonstrates exercises use of equipment. monitors members exercise activities to assure progress toward desired goals. records patrons measurements periodically for re-evaluation....[..]

24) Rotary driller observes pressure gauge and moves throttles levers to control speed of rotary table which rotates string of tools in borehole and to regulate pressure of tools at bottom of borehole. connects sections of drill pipe, using handtools & powered wrenches tongs. selects changes drill bits according to nature of strata, using handtools...[..]

25) Jacquard twine polisher operator hangs skeins on pole stretches skein to specified length. removes laces that bind skeins dips skeins into starch barrel. attaches ends of starched skeins to hook that is rotated by handcrank turns crank to wring excess starch from skeins. spreads skeins on rollers of polishing machine starts machine...[..]

26) Rigger chief supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in wiring and repairing antenna systems for radio communications and radio television broadcasting. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry master title. may supervise workers engaged in operation repair of radio transmitters....[..]

27) Rotary head milling machine set up operator sets up and operates vertical milling machine with spindle mounted within larger rotary head so that rotating cutter can move anywhere within given circle to mill complex shapes, like arcs tangents, without changing position of workpiece or machine table. computes dimensions of shapes to be milled successive positions of cutter in relation to rotary head, using knowledge of shop mathematics...[..]

28) Riverboat captain determines course speed of riverboat on basis of knowledge of winds, weather, tides and current. steers riverboat or orders crew worker at helm to steer riverboat & navigates boat to avoid reefs, outlying shoals and other hazards to shipping, utilizing aids to navigation, like lighthouses buoys...[..]

29) Repair armature winder cuts insulating material to fit slots on armature core. places insulating material in bottom of core slots. cuts wire to length and winds in place, or counts turns of wire in coil being replaced winds on corresponding number. occasionallies inserts hammers readymade coils in place. may test armatures, solder ends of coils to commutator segments, wind field coils, test motors for defects, and perform other duties pertaining to motor repairing...[..]

30) Radiology administrator conducts studies implements changes to improve internal operations of department. advises staff supervisors on administrative changes. assists hospital officials in preparation of department budget. conducts specified classes provides training material to assist in student training program. directs coordinates personnel activities of department...[..]

31) Jackhammer operator connects steam or compressed-air water lines to hammer. inserts drill in chuck, trips trigger to start hammer and leans on hammer to force drill into solid mass. changes drill or adds lengths as depth of hole increases. replaces or sharpens bits. may lay steam, compressed-air, or water pipelines. may be designated according to type of drill operated as tripod-drill operator mine quarry ....[..]

32) Reprint sorter reads instructions written on orders and examines contents of orders to ascertain size, type and number of pieces. sorts orders according to size type processing required. pastes identifying label on customer order envelopes transfer bags to make sure matching of orders subsequent to processing. removes finished work from transfer bags subsequent to processing computes customer charges according to pricelist...[..]

33) Recreation and fitness studies teacher compiles, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others. maintains regularly scheduled office hours to advise assist students. plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction. initiates, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions...[..]

34) Rib matcher and fitter selects positions ribs to dovetailed posts on top of gun barrel. mounts rib to barrel by dovetailing each rib slot barrel post along barrel. locks barrel in vise measures height of rib at breech end, using pin gauge, to define amount rear end post must be reduced to lower rib to specified height...[..]

35) Research dairy farm supervisor demonstrates work methods of animal care, like feeding, barn cleaning, milking and tagging animals for identification to workers. transports hay grain from storage area to barn, using tractor or electric cart. observes animals for signs of illness, injury, nervousness, or unnatural behavior. notifies veterinarian when serious injury or illness occurs...[..]

36) Jigger operator adjusts sets controls of pug mill that mixes, extrudes, cuts and deposits clay charges in or over molds as specified. installs shaping tool in head of jiggering unit, using handtools. sets controls to regulate temperature of drying chamber. installs trimming tools abrasives on arms of ware-finishing unit, using handtools...[..]

37) Resource teacher teaches basic subjects, like reading math, applying lesson techniques designed for short attention spans. administers achievement tests & evaluates test results to discover level of language math skills. selects and teaches reading material math problems related to everyday life of individual student...[..]

38) Relay dispatcher relays messages to stations to direct flow of oil gas, using pbx switchboard. transmits, receives and posts information pertaining to pumping schedules, oil & gas pressures, gauging reports, oil stocks and storage capacities and physical characteristics of gas and oil in storage lines, like temperatures, specific gravities, btu and sediment content...[..]

39) Radio mechanic removes and replace defective components parts like conductors, resistors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits, using soldering irons, wire cutters, and hand tools. calibrates align components, using scales, gauges, and other measuring instruments. turns setscrews to adjust receivers for maximum sensitivity transmitters for maximum output...[..]

40) Receiving and processing supervisor directs unloading of hopper cars, storage of ingredients in bins silos and examination of ingredients prior to mixing. schedules mixing & melting of materials to manufacture particular color composition of glass. ensures mixtures are blended to specifications, using knowledge of raw ingredient mixtures for type of glass produced...[..]

41) Ruffer 1 holds and presses part against abrasive cylinder that polishes & sands part or against wire roughing wheel to clean prepare part for cementing. 2 feeds sole between rubber presser roller abrasive-covered roller that roughens part for cementing. may feed part into trimming cutter to trim part...[..]

42) Jacquard lace weaver throws power rod to start loom pushes wheel to activate pattern chain. observes lace being woven to detect weaving defects. examines loom to define cause of loom stoppage, like yarn breaks or mechanical defects. pulls out broken filling pushes shuttle through shed to insert new pick. records number of racks woven cuts completed lace from loom....[..]

43) Roll picker cleans lint dust from drawing rollers of spinning or roving frames while machines are in operation, using pneumatic roll picker or handbrush. removes roving wound on rollers , using fingers or hook. feels rubber covered rollers for surface defects, replaces defective rollers and routes defective rollers for resurfacing...[..]

44) Jackhammer splitter operator tends pneumatic chipping machine to split rough slabs of stone. marks dimensions on stone, according to specifications, using rule chalk. lifts guide track onto stone aligns track with marks on stone. positions wagon over track, inserts chisel in chuck of airhammer, mounts airhammer on wagon, and lowers chisel into opening in guide track...[..]

45) Room service waiter waitress serves meals to guests in their rooms. carries silverware, linen and food on tray or uses cart. sets up table serves food from cart. removes equipment from rooms....[..]

46) Refrigeration mechanic and installer dismantles malfunctioning systems test components, using electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic testing equipment. adjusts or replace worn or defective mechanisms parts, and reassemble repaired systems. reads blueprints to define location, size, capacity, and type of components needed to build refrigeration system...[..]

47) Rouge sifter and miller tends machines that sift mill powdered rouge for use in polishing lenses. loads hopper of sifter with rouge powder starts machine to separate coarse from fine particles. fabricates paste for polishing lenses [rouge mixer optical goods ], using mill to reduce particle size. may fill containers with rouge paste or powder for shipment [packager, hand any industry ]....[..]

48) Rental and leasing machinery or equipment manager directs and coordinates activities of establishment engaged in renting or leasing machinery, tools equipment to companies involved in business operations like manufacturing, petroleum production, construction or materials handling, or to individuals for personal use. confers with customer to ascertain article required, duration of rental time and responsibility for maintenance and repair, in order to define rental or leasing charges based on such factors as type cost of article, type of usage, duration of rental or lease and overhead costs...[..]

49) Robotics engineer integrates robotics with peripherals, like welders, controllers, or other equipment. provides technical support for robotic systems. reviews or approve designs, calculations, or cost estimates. makes system device lists or event timing charts. documents robotic application development, maintenance, or changes...[..]

50) Rubber stamps and dies supervisor interprets customers order and supervises workers engaged in typesetting, heating & pressing plastic used to form matrix, pressing and vulcanizing rubber in matrix to form dies and trimming cementing dies for hand stamps to wooden mount. inspects finished dies for conformity with orders. adjusts temperature pressure of vulcanizing press which produces box dies of specified height...[..]

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