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Law clerk job description - job letter #job100700

...Job description duties: research law, investigates facts, and prepares documents to assist lawyer profess. kin. 110.107-010. research and analyzes law sources like statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, treaties, constitutions and legal codes to prepare legal documents, like briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, initial & amended articles of incorporation, stock certificates and other securities, buy-sell agreements, closing papers binders, deeds and trust instruments for review, approval and use by attorney. appraise & inventories real personal property for estate planning. investigate facts and law of case to define causes of action to prepare case accordingly. file pleadings with court clerk. prepare affidavits of documents maintains document file. deliver or directs delivery of subpoenas to witnesses parties to action. may direct coordinate activities of law office employees. may prepare office accounts tax returns. may specialize in litigation, probate, real es...

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Judicial law clerk job description - job letter #on23101200

...Job description duties: attend court sessions to hear oral arguments or record necessary case information. communicate with counsel regarding case management or procedural requirements. confer with judges concerning legal questions, construction of documents, or granting of orders. draft or proofread judicial opinions, decisions, or citations. keep abreast of changes in the law inform judges when cases are affected by such changes. participate in conferences or discussions between trial attorneys judges. prepare briefs, legal memoranda, or statements of issues involved in cases, including appropriate suggestions or recommendations. research laws, court decisions, documents, opinions, briefs, or other information related to cases before the court. review complaints, petitions, motions, or pleadings that have been filed to define issues involved or basis for relief. review dockets of pending litigation to make sure adequate progress. verify that all files, complaints, or other papers are available in the pro...

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Accounting clerks supervisor job description - job letter #job200020

...Job description duties: supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in calculating, posting, verifying, and typing duties to obtain and record financial data for use in maintaining accounting statistical records. compile reports required by management or government agencies. may perform duties of accounting clerk clerical 216.482-010 bookkeeper clerical 210.382-014. perform duties as described under supervisor clerical master title..

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Bundle clerk job description - job letter #job200820

...Job description duties: prepare laundry for processing distributes laundry, performing any combination of following duties. open bundles of soiled laundry. place bundles onto conveyor belt or drops down chute for distribution to marking classification sections. weigh laundry on scales records weight on tickets. remove bundles from conveyor distributes to workers, using handtruck. fasten identification pins or clips onto laundry to facilitate subsequent assembly of customers orders. sort net bags containing clean wash according to customers identification tags. sort empty net bags according to color size. collect identification tags from lots of laundered articles for reuse. moisten clean wash preparatory to ironing. operate power hoist to load and unload washing machines extractors. stack linen supplies on storage room shelves. unload soiled linen from trucks. may be designated according to duties performed as bundle weigher laundry and rel. , chute worker laundry and rel. , clipper laundry an...

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Flight crew time clerk job description - job letter #job200014

...Job description duties: compile flight time record of flight officers for payroll and crew-scheduling departments to make sure accuracy of payroll legality of flights. post data, like time in flight, type of aircraft, mileage flown and weight of aircraft, onto flight time records, using posting machine. review union agreements to ascertain payroll factors, like meal expense allowance, billeting allotment and rates of pay. compute pay [payroll clerk clerical ]. compare figures with flight officers logs to detect reconcile discrepancies. notify crew schedulers air trans. of total accumulated flight time of each officer submits pay records to payroll section..

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