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Private Tutor Job Descriptions

Listed most related sample private tutor job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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Private Tutor Job Descriptions And Duties Related Samples

Listed top related sample job descriptions and duties for "private tutor" (private, tutor) or similar careers:

polysomnographic technologist job description duties
151) Polysomnographic technologist applies surface electrodes to patients head, using adhesive paste or tape, to obtain electroencephalogram eeg measurement and applies other combinations of sensors & electrodes to patient to obtain measurements like electromyogram emg , electrooculogram eog , electrocardiogram ekg , air flow respiratory effort and oxygen saturation, as requested by physician following established procedures...[..]

plastics repairer job description duties
152) Plastics repairer repairs plastic products, like dresser sets, luggage, decorative panels, desk tops, and stands. examines product for defects, like blisters, cracks and broken joints. grinds defects, using power grinder, to smooth surface form base for bonding compound. fills cracks cements broken joints with compound...[..]

transformer stock clerk job description duties
153) Transformer stock clerk moves new transformers to storage space, using hoist. drains oil from used transformers. starts motor-driven pump which forces used oil through filtering machine into storage tank. selects type size of transformer to fill requisition. fills oil container of transformers to be issued with new or reclaimed oil...[..]

154) Production machine tender glass cutting or grinding reads work orders to define product specifications. loads product onto machine holding feeding devices and starts machine that cuts, grinds, or polishes glass products. monitors machine operation to detect malfunctions. visuallies inspects parts for defects, like cracks chips. removes finished product from machine after completion of cycle...[..]

155) Education teacher plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction. supervises students fieldwork, internship, and research work. keeps abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences...[..]

156) Panel edge painter applies paint to unfinished edges of plastic panels, using hand roller, prior to assembly of panels into tabletops. wipes excess paint from top of edges, using rag. stacks panels on pallet for transporting to assembly line....[..]

157) Partition assembly machine operator installs and adjusts stripper bars, feed dogs, side & finger guides, back stops and ejector bars on machine table and receiving fingers push bars on rotating partition assembling wheel, using rule, gauges and wrenches. adjusts timing gear settings to synchronize movement of partition sections from machine table into sections in assembling wheel, using wrench...[..]

158) Education supervisor confers with teaching and administrative staff to plan develop curriculum designed to meet needs of students. visits classrooms to observe effectiveness of instructional methods material. evaluates teaching techniques recommends changes for improving them. provides teachers with supplies, equipment, and visual other instructional aids...[..]

159) Recreation and fitness studies teacher compiles, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others. maintains regularly scheduled office hours to advise assist students. plans, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction. initiates, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions...[..]

160) Endband sizer measures cuts end bands ear flaps to size for caps. positions band against size gauge to measure band and cuts band, according to size specified on work ticket, using scissors. bundles cut parts, using ribbon or string....[..]

161) Talent agent represents client in negotiations with officials of unions, motion picture or television studios, theatrical productions, or entertainment house, for favorable contracts financial fees to be received for engagements. advises client concerning contracts, wardrobe and effective presentation of act, according to knowledge of show business...[..]

162) Personnel analyst consults with management to define type, scope and purpose of study. studies current organizational occupational data & compiles distribution reports, organization flow charts and other background information required for study. observes jobs and interviews workers and supervisory personnel to define job worker requirements...[..]

163) Pipelines supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating digging and pipelaying machines and in installation of pipe, pumps, valves, and meters to construct maintain pipelines. performs duties described under supervisor any industry master title. may be designated according to work location as oil-field pipeline supervisor petrol. gas ....[..]

164) Touch up inspector printed circuit boards inserts plug gauges into drilled holes of pcb panels to verify conformance to specified dimensions. measures thickness dimensions of plating on pcb panels to verify that plating meets specifications, using micrometers, dial indicators, calipers, rulers, eye loupes and electronic measuring devices...[..]

165) Police captain precinct conducts roll call of officers at beginning end of tour of duty. explains general orders, special messages and decisions of police chief government ser. 375.117-010 to subordinates. assigns force members to designated posts. informs members of command of changes in regulations policies, implications of new or amended laws, and new techniques of police work...[..]

166) Rib matcher and fitter selects positions ribs to dovetailed posts on top of gun barrel. mounts rib to barrel by dovetailing each rib slot barrel post along barrel. locks barrel in vise measures height of rib at breech end, using pin gauge, to define amount rear end post must be reduced to lower rib to specified height...[..]

167) Taper and fl mixes sealing compound by hand or with portable electric mixer and spreads compound over joints between boards, using trowel, broadknife, or spatula. presses paper tape over joint to embed tape into compound & seal joint, or tapes joint, using mechanical applicator that spreads compound embeds tape in one operation...[..]

168) Electrical assembly supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembly, inspecting, and testing of electrical equipment like motors, generators, voltage regulators, capacitors, and switches, applying knowledge of assembly techniques, machine setup, and testing procedures. interprets blueprints, specifications and job orders assigns work stations to workers...[..]

169) Electrical logging engineer transports electrical equipment and instruments to designated locations and directs & assists in laying out connecting cables, electrodes, instrument panels and other electrical equipment. adjusts electrical instruments to eliminate electrical interferences from earth currents or weather conditions...[..]

170) Traffic supervisor studies receiving or shipping notices, requests for movement of raw materials finished products and reports of warehousing space available to develop schedule for material handling activities. may confer with supervisors of other departments to coordinate flow of materials or products. may verify or prepare records, like routing slips, material requisitions, and job orders...[..]

171) Traffic or system dispatcher receives reports of actual or anticipated disruptions determines action required to rectify condition. issues instructions to workers for maintenance & repair of roadway structures. coordinates movement of workers equipment throughout system, using telephone communications system. listens to radio traffic reports to alert traffic inspector motor trans., r.r...[..]

172) Endband cutter hand measures cuts end bands ear flaps to size for caps. positions band against size gauge to measure band and cuts band, according to size specified on work ticket, using scissors. bundles cut parts, using ribbon or string....[..]

173) Pigment making supervisor inspects mechanical equipment pipelines for defects. adjusts meters, gauges and automatic controls and repairs equipment, using handtools. trains workers in operation of equipment. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title. may be designated according to function as color control supervisor chemical , color-making supervisor chemical , drying-room supervisor chemical , filter-press supervisor chemical , grinding-room supervisor chemical ....[..]

174) Technician terminal and repeater tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [trouble locator, test desk tel. tel. ]...[..]

175) Research dairy farm supervisor demonstrates work methods of animal care, like feeding, barn cleaning, milking and tagging animals for identification to workers. transports hay grain from storage area to barn, using tractor or electric cart. observes animals for signs of illness, injury, nervousness, or unnatural behavior. notifies veterinarian when serious injury or illness occurs...[..]

176) Poultry inseminator pinions bird and collects semen in vial. examines semen, using microscope and records density motility of gametes. measures specified amount of semen into calibrated syringe inserts syringe into inseminating gun. injects semen into oviduct of hen or through hole in egg shell. records dates of insemination of hens....[..]

177) Extractive metallurgist originates, controls, and develops flotation, smelting, electrolytic, and other processes used in winning metals from their ores, for producing iron steel, or for refining gold, silver, zinc, copper, and other metals. studies ore reduction problems to define most efficient methods of producing metals commercially...[..]

178) Pile driving supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in driving pilings into ground to provide foundations for structures, like buildings bridges, and retaining walls for earth embankments, like cofferdams. directs workers engaged in operating machines to drive metal, concrete and wood piling and metal wood sheets sheet piling ...[..]

179) Resource teacher teaches basic subjects, like reading math, applying lesson techniques designed for short attention spans. administers achievement tests & evaluates test results to discover level of language math skills. selects and teaches reading material math problems related to everyday life of individual student...[..]

180) Trailer truck driver drives truck to destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations skill in maneuvering vehicle in difficult situations, like narrow passageways. inspects truck for defects before & after trips submits report indicating truck condition. maintains driver log according to i.c.c. may assist workers in loading unloading truck...[..]

181) President educational institution confers with board of control to plan initiate programs concerning organizational, operational and academic functions of campus and oversees their execution. administers fiscal & physical planning activities, like development of budget building expansion programs and recommends their adoption...[..]

182) Paint supervisor plans production schedules to coordinate departmental activities. verifies batch tickets for compliance with master formula. calculates batch quantities to make sure utilization of production capacity. evaluates laboratory control-test results tests batches of paint, using equipment like grind-gauge, colorimeter, and viscometer, to verify adherence to specifications...[..]

183) Psychologist social evaluates individual and group behavior, developing such techniques as rating scales & sampling methods to collect measure data. conducts surveys & polls to measure and analyze attitudes opinions as basis for predicting economic, political and other behavior, using interviews, questionnaires and other techniques and adhering to principles of statistical sampling in selecting people...[..]

184) Tower crane operator climbs ladder inside vertically mounted tower to gain access to control pad suspended under crane boom. pushes or pulls levers on control console to rotate counter-balanced horizontally mounted boom to extend or retract trolley along boom and to raise lower hook to which loads are attached. controls crane movement in response to hand signals or radio commands by supervisor or signaler...[..]

185) Engine testing supervisor plans directs training of workers in engine testing procedures. assigns workers to test engines of different sizes. specifies type of test to perform, like dynamometer, full power, variable speed, and variable load. reviews test results compares them with specifications. records engine repairs needed on test rejection tag...[..]

186) Top screw supervises coordinates activities of a group of cowpunchers agriculture colloquially called screws or waddies riding after cattle on open range. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

187) Earth driller starts, stop, and control drilling speed of machines insertion of casings into holes. selects the appropriate drill for the job, using knowledge of rock or soil conditions. operates controls to stabilize machines and to position align drills. selects and attach drill bits drill rods, adding more rods as hole depths increase, and changing drill bits as needed...[..]

188) Packaging and filling machine operator removes finished packaged items from machine separate rejected items. regulates machine flow, speed, or temperature. stops or reset machines when malfunctions occur, clear machine jams, and report malfunctions to a supervisor. secures finished packaged items by hand tying, sewing, gluing, stapling, or attaching fastener...[..]

189) Electronics engineering technician reads blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, or engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory components. identifies resolve equipment malfunctions, working with manufacturers or field representatives as necessary to procure replacement parts...[..]

190) Tnt line supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in production of tnt. directs workers in mixing acids toluene in nitrators, recovering nitric acid from spent solutions and packing finished product. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

191) Telecommunicator operates telephone console to receive incoming calls for assistance. questions caller for defining nature of problem & type and number of personnel equipment needed, following established guidelines. scans status charts computer screen to define units available. monitors alarm system signals that indicate location of fire or other emergency...[..]

192) Tissue technologist prepares sections of human or animal tissue for immediate examination, using rapid tissue processing and frozen section technique to freeze, cut, mount stain tissue specimen received from surgery. operates computerized laboratory equipment to fix, dehydrate and infiltrate with wax, tissue specimens to be preserved for study by pathologist medical ser. ...[..]

193) Relay dispatcher relays messages to stations to direct flow of oil gas, using pbx switchboard. transmits, receives and posts information pertaining to pumping schedules, oil & gas pressures, gauging reports, oil stocks and storage capacities and physical characteristics of gas and oil in storage lines, like temperatures, specific gravities, btu and sediment content...[..]

194) Radio mechanic removes and replace defective components parts like conductors, resistors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits, using soldering irons, wire cutters, and hand tools. calibrates align components, using scales, gauges, and other measuring instruments. turns setscrews to adjust receivers for maximum sensitivity transmitters for maximum output...[..]

195) Electronics system mechanic converses with equipment operators to ascertain problems with equipment before breakdown and to define if breakdown is due to human error or mechanical problems. tests faulty equipment & applies knowledge of functional operation of electronic units systems to diagnose cause of malfunction. tests electronic components circuits to locate defects, using oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters, and voltmeters...[..]

196) Planning supervisor draws up master schedule to establish sequence lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders. analyzes production specifications & plant capacity data and performs mathematical calculations for defining manufacturing processes, tools, human resource requirements...[..]

197) Tire repairer and changer remounts wheels onto vehicles. locates punctures in tubeless tires by visual inspection or by immersing inflated tires in water baths observing air bubbles. unbolts wheels from vehicles and remove them, using lug wrenches and other hand power tools. reassembles tires onto wheels. replaces valve stems remove puncturing objects...[..]

198) Tool gear grinder set up operator studies blueprints and machining instructions to define grinding operations to plan sequence of operations. computes machine indexing ratios & cam dimensions for specified spacing contour of gear teeth, using shop mathematics. selects index plate, cams, grinding wheel, feed rates, grinding speed, and depth of cut, according to computations, gear specifications, and knowledge of gear design, metal properties, and abrasives...[..]

199) Receiving and processing supervisor directs unloading of hopper cars, storage of ingredients in bins silos and examination of ingredients prior to mixing. schedules mixing & melting of materials to manufacture particular color composition of glass. ensures mixtures are blended to specifications, using knowledge of raw ingredient mixtures for type of glass produced...[..]

200) Petroleum inspector lowers container into tank withdraws samples from top, middle and bottom of tank. pours samples into bottles routes samples to laboratory for analysis. examines petroleum during transfer into receiving tank for discoloration or water. sounds shore tank with steel tape consults calibration tables to define quantity of consignment...[..]

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