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Zanjero Job Descriptions

Listed most related sample zanjero job descriptions and duties, work roles & responsibilities; free examples & templates format to help writing your cv resume when applying to related jobs.
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zanjero job description duties
1) Zanjero contacts water users to define quantity of water needed and time duration of delivery. computes requisitions quantity of water required. operates gates, checks, turnouts, and wasteways to regulate waterflow into canals laterals individual supply ditches . measures or estimates diversions of water from canals and to water users, and calculates records quantities delivered for use in computing charges to farmers...[..]

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outside installation machini job description duties
2) Outside installation machini installs ship machinery, like propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, ventilating equipment, and steering gear, working from blueprints using handtools, calipers, and micrometers. lays out passage holes on bulkheads, decks and other surfaces for connections, like shafting steam lines. installs below-deck auxiliaries, like evaporators, stills, heaters, pumps, condensers and boilers connects them to steampipe systems...[..]

overseer kosher kitchen job description duties
3) Overseer kosher kitchen examines incoming purchases of meat and fowl for making sure that slaughtering selection of meat cuts have been performed according to dietary law. inspects equipment, utensils and food supplies to ascertain that separation of dairy & meat products is maintained and that kosher foods supplies are kept separate from nonkosher foods...[..]

4) Order caller reads items listed on order sheets to laborer, stores any industry who gathers assembles items or to billing typist clerical who prepares bills for items. indicates on order sheets items located items that are not available. may read items to checker clerical i who examines articles prior to shipping...[..]

5) Operating table assembler mills parts assembles base of table. constructs hydraulic-lifting table-revolving mechanisms, using drilling, reaming and tapping machines and installs them in base. mounts table frame with its various moving or collapsible sections on base, and attaches table plates to frame. inspects completed table for compliance with specifications...[..]

6) Oil tester tests samples of crude and blended oils, gases, asphalts and pressure distillates to define characteristics, like boiling, vapor, freeze, condensation, flash & aniline points, viscosity, specific gravity, penetration, doctor solution, distillation and corrosion, using test laboratory equipment, such as hydrometers, fractionators, distillation apparatus and analytical scales...[..]

7) Open tenter operator trucks folded cloth to feed-end of machine or mounts roll of cloth at scray, using hoist. sews cloth end to leader in machine, using sewing machine. turns wheel to adjust clips or pins to stretch cloth to specified width. moves lever to control speed of cloth through drying cabinet, to swing-folding attachment...[..]

8) Outsole paraffiner applies liquid coating to shoe parts, or cements cushioning material between parts, to prevent squeaking due to friction or wear. brushes coating of liquid chalk, paraffin, or wax on parts, like heel bases, flares and outsoles....[..]

9) Order checker counts, measures, or weighs articles to verify contents of shipments against bills of lading, invoices, or storage receipts. may examine articles for defects sort articles according to extent of defect. may attach identification data onto article. may record factors causing goods to be returned. may unload unpack incoming shipments....[..]

10) Office planning representative inspects buildings office areas to evaluate suitability for occupancy, considering such factors as air circulation, lighting, location and size. measures or directs workers engaged in measurement of facilities for defining total square footage available for occupancy. computes square footage available for each member of staff to define whether minimum space restrictions can be met...[..]

11) Oiler examines machinery for specified pressure flow of lubricants. fills oilcups on machinery with grease lubricating oil, according to machinery lubrication instructions. reads pressure and temperature gauges records data in engineering log. assists engineer water trans. in overhauling adjusting machinery...[..]

12) Overland driver drives completed motor vehicle, as vehicle comes from assembly line, on proving ground under simulated road conditions, and observes performance to detect mechanical structural defects. examines vehicle before road testing for making sure that equipment, like electrical wiring, hydraulic lines and fan belts, are installed as specified and verifies that vehicle has been serviced with oil, gas and water...[..]

13) Overlooker sorts sheets of paper according to specified grade and examines them for defects, like tears, cuts, roll marks slime holes, and discards defective sheets. counts and stacks acceptable sheets inserts identification marker between reams. segregates paper according to customer order & records amount grade of separate orders....[..]

14) Oil pipe inspector inspects steel tubing, casing, drill pipe, and other tubular oil well equipment for defects, using magnetic optical inspection equipment. positions scanner ring-shaped object containing induction coils around pipe connects wire to automatic graph recorder. presses switch to start self-propelled scanner along pipe length observes lines on graph that indicate location, type and extent of metal blemishes, cracks and molecular weakness...[..]

15) Orchid transplanter slides meristem from jars of nutrient solution, or lifts plants from trays or pots. trims cleans plant roots, using knife, tweezers, water and fungicide. spreads pebbles and inert growth-media in planting containers, positions plant on media, adds and presses media around roots, and sprinkles surface with water fertilizer solution...[..]

16) Optometric assistant obtains records patients preliminary case history. maintains records, schedules appointments, performs bookkeeping, correspondence and filing. prepares patient for vision examination, assists in testing for near far acuity, depth perception, macula integrity, color perception, and visual field, utilizing ocular testing apparatus...[..]

17) Outfitter installs ship machinery, like propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, ventilating equipment, and steering gear, working from blueprints using handtools, calipers, and micrometers. lays out passage holes on bulkheads, decks and other surfaces for connections, like shafting steam lines. installs below-deck auxiliaries, like evaporators, stills, heaters, pumps, condensers and boilers connects them to steampipe systems...[..]

18) Office helper furnishes workers with clerical supplies. opens, sorts and distributes incoming mail and collects, seals and stamps outgoing mail. delivers oral or written messages. collects distributes paperwork, like records or timecards, from one department to another. marks, tabulates, and files articles records...[..]

19) Order takers supervisor monitors order clerks clerical to evaluate order-taking performance and to assist in responding to customer inquiries complaints. consults with sales, technical, shipping, or administrative staff telephones or writes letters to answer or advise customer. reviews completed orders for errors or omissions...[..]

20) Oil well service unit operator directs sample-taker operator petrol. and gas to assemble & connect pipe hydraulic lines of flushing equipment to wellhead. starts pumps which circulate water, oil, or other fluid through well, removing sand other materials obstructing free flow of oil. perforates well casing or sidewall of borehole with explosive charge [perforator operator, oil well petrol. gas ]...[..]

21) Office and administrative support worker first line supervisor provides employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaints or disputes. implements corporate or departmental policies, procedures, and service standards in conjunction with management. discusses job performance problems with employees to identify causes and issues to work on resolving problems...[..]

22) Obstetrician examines patient to ascertain condition, utilizing physical findings, laboratory results and patients statements as diagnostic aids. determines need for modified diet physical activities and recommends plan. periodicallies examines patient, prescribing medication or surgery, if indicated. delivers infant, and cares for mother for prescribed period of time following childbirth...[..]

23) Oil field equipment mechanic supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting, dismantling, testing, rebuilding, and storing oil field tools equipment. reviews drilling schedules assigns worker activities. inspects repaired equipment for conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments...[..]

24) Operations agent prepares airway bill of lading on freight from consignors routes freight on first available flight. telephones consignees to report arrival of air freight. obtains flight number, airplane number, and names of crewmembers from teletyped message of dispatcher air trans. , and records data on airplanes flight papers...[..]

25) Oiler and greaser fills container, like oilcan, grease gun, or tank of lubrication truck with specified lubricant. squirts or pours oil on moving parts friction surfaces, or into holes, oil cups, or reservoirs. turns oil cup valves to regulate flow of oil to moving parts. forces grease into bearings with grease-gun, smears grease on friction surfaces, or packs grease cups by hand...[..]

26) Office clerk routine writes, types, or enters information into computer, using keyboard, to prepare correspondence, bills, statements, receipts, checks, or other documents, copying information from one record to another. proofreads records or forms. counts, weighs, or measures material. receives money from customers deposits money in bank...[..]

27) Open hearth furnace operator examines raw materials for conformance to specifications. signals charging-machine operator steel rel. to place materials in furnace. turns fuel, air, and steam controls to adjust fuel mixtures draft. moves levers to circulate gas throughout furnace to distribute heat prevent burning out of furnace walls...[..]

28) Operations supervisor nuclear power plant devises and writes operating procedures for reactor, turbine generator and auxiliary equipment, based on review interpretation of government regulations, technical manuals and conferences with manufacturers representatives. oversees activities of workers, reviews status reports of station operations and monitors & analyzes readings of instrumentation systems to make sure that reactor and auxiliary equipment are operated safely in accordance with nuclear regulatory commission regulations...[..]

29) Orchardist determines varieties quantities of trees to be grown, acreage to be tilled and employees to be hired. selects & purchases tree stock farm machines, implements and supplies. decides when and how to plant, bud, graft, cultivate, irrigate, and prune trees harvest crop, based on knowledge of tree-crop culture...[..]

30) Online merchant uploads digital media, like photos, video, or scanned images to online storefront, auction sites, or other shopping web sites. orders or purchase merchandise to maintain optimal inventory levels. maintains inventory of shipping supplies, like boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap, loose packing materials, or tape guns...[..]

31) Outer diamet studies blueprint or layout on workpiece to visualize grinding to be done plans sequence of operations. selects grinding wheel, according to knowledge of metal properties abrasives and mounts wheel on spindle. dresses wheel manually or with preset dressing device. moves controls reads dials to set angle of workpiece to grinding wheel...[..]

32) Operative supervisor assigns workers to test repair defective equipment. reads production schedule to ascertain recording machines to be used informs workers. places sound film sections under microscope of densitometer records densitometer readings on test forms to define density of film. examines film under microscope to define width of noise reduction line on film, and records readings...[..]

33) Olive brine tester knocks bung from barrel, using mallet. siphons sample of solution from cask reads indicator level, using hydrometer, to measure solution salinity. replaces solution or adds water or salt to maintain brine salinity at specified level. feels, smells, and visually examines olives to detect spoilage, wrinkling, and discoloration...[..]

34) Osteopathic physician diagnoses and treats diseases and injuries of human body, relying upon accepted medical surgical modalities. examines patient to define symptoms attributable to impairments in musculoskeletal system. corrects disorders & afflictions of bones, muscles, nerves and other body systems by medicinal surgical procedures and, when deemed beneficial, manipulative therapy...[..]

35) Offset assistant press operator inserts packing sheets on plate cylinder to build up plate to printing height, fastens reinforcing bars to offset blankets and installs plates and blankets on press cylinders, using handtools power tools, to achieve pressure required for printing. adjusts press machine parts, like feeder & delivery mechanisms, suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging device, tapes and cams, as directed by offset-press operator print. pub. i, using handtools...[..]

36) Opener verifier packer customs customs service regulations. determines containers to open, according to nature of merchandise, country of origin and shipper. unpacks containers and visually verifies identity quantity of merchandise against declaration or invoice. weighs measures commodities. may write descriptive verification as compared with declaration or invoice...[..]

37) Occupational health nursing supervisor nurse interprets plant and departmental health policies & regulations to nursing staff employees. coordinates activities of personnel rendering assistance to physician nursing care to employees. trains nursing staff in techniques of industrial nursing. participates in planning and executing health information programs designed to improve efficiency and reduce absentee accident rates...[..]

38) Off receives telephone calls from users having problems using computer software hardware or inquiring how to use specific software, like statistical, graphics, data base, printing, word processing, programming languages, electronic mail and operating systems. talks to user to learn procedures followed source of error...[..]

39) Oil well service operator helper drives truck equipped with acid pumps, mixers related equipment to well site. unloads & assembles pipes pumping equipment, using handtools. dumps acids, cement, or other treating materials in mixer to blend solution. opens valve as directed to admit specified amounts of solution into well. dismantles loads equipment on truck after treatment...[..]

40) Oil pump station operator chief directs station engineer, main line pipe lines to start or stop pumping equipment increase or decrease pumping rates, line pressures and rate of oil flow. directs gaugers petrol. gas, petrol. refins., pipe lines in sampling, gauging, and testing oil, and in controlling flow of oil. reports on oil movements and pipeline operations to dispatcher, oil petrol. gas, petrol...[..]

41) Operations and intelligence assistant collects, consolidates, and evaluates air defense intelligence information received from ground observers, radar sections, other supportive units, and prepares and revises operations situation maps. communicates with intelligence personnel from radar, ground observation and other supportive units to collect air defense information, using field telephone radiotelephone equipment and plots early warning information on situation board...[..]

42) Zinc plating machine operator mixes zinc solution according to specified formula turns valves to fill tank with solution. threads wire through machine sets rheostat to regulate flow of current through solution. starts machine to pull wire through solution. examines surface of wire for defects, like bubbles or bare spots, and measures thickness of coating, using micrometer...[..]

43) Occupational physician diagnoses and treats work-related illnesses injuries of employees, and conducts fitness-for-duty physical examinations. attends patients in plant or hospital and reexamines disability cases periodically to verify progress. oversees maintenance of case histories, health examination reports and other medical records...[..]

44) Oral pathologist studies nature, cause, and development of diseases associated with mouth. examines patients mouth, jaw, face and associated areas obtains specimen, using medical instruments. examines specimen from patients mouth or associated area for defining pathological conditions, like tumors & lesions, using microscope and other laboratory equipment and applying knowledge of medical pathology dentistry...[..]

45) Zoo veterinarian establishes and conducts effective quarantine testing procedures for all incoming animals for making sure health of collection, prevent spread of disease and comply with government regulations. conducts regularly scheduled immunization & preventive care programs to maintain health of animals guard against communicable diseases...[..]

46) Zoo caretaker prepares food for charges by chopping or grinding meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables, mixing prepared, dry, or liquid commercial feeds, or unbaling forage grasses. adds vitamins or medication to food as prescribed by veterinarian medical ser. 073.101-010. fills water containers places food in cages as specified...[..]

47) Zipper joiner aligns links of stringer with links of other stringer inserts ends of stringers in slider jig. pulls ends of stringers through jig to interlock links. examines fastener for defects, like crooked, broken, flattened, or misaligned links. cuts out defective section, using scissors, and splices sections, using adhesive tape or hand stapler...[..]

48) Ornamental iron worker measures marks layout for installation, according to blueprints, using rule, template, square and compass. welds brackets to lintels, sills, columns and other structural framework. drills holes in metal, concrete, and masonry structure, using portable power drills, airhammer, and handtools. cuts, miters, and bevels metal trim cover plates to size, using handsaws or portable power saws...[..]

49) Orchard manager evaluates oral & written reports and observes operations to monitor progress of work and to detect resolve problems. determines authorizes alternative procedures to accommodate variables, like weather conditions, water supply, stage of crop or tree development, and new legislation. coordinates orchard department activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, packing house, and other related departments...[..]

50) Offset press operator helper inserts packing sheets on plate cylinder to build up plate to printing height, fastens reinforcing bars to offset blankets and installs plates and blankets on press cylinders, using handtools power tools, to achieve pressure required for printing. adjusts press machine parts, like feeder & delivery mechanisms, suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging device, tapes and cams, as directed by offset-press operator print. pub. i, using handtools...[..]

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