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Bookkeeper Job Posting Samples

Listed top and most related sample bookkeeper job posting & template format documents, examples for how to write a job advert including bookkeeper employment job descriptions roles and responsibilities required. try our simply samples and save it for free.
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Bookkeeper Job Postings Related Samples

Listed top related sample job postings for "bookkeeper" or similar careers:

bookkeeper job posting
1) Bookkeeper receives, approves, and, when necessary, investigates clients accounts payable invoices. codes payables for accounts payable clerks to input. communicates both in verbal written form with clients, client suppliers, vendors and related contacts. prepares appropriate schedules and reports as requested by clients partners...[..]

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bookkeeper job posting
2) Bookkeeper responsible for maintaining general ledgers and preparing balance sheets, profit loss statements. responsible for tracking and balancing financial activities including stocks, money market mutual funds, providing analysis of gain/loss. responsible for payroll, quarterly year end reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliation inventory records...[..]

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bookkeeper job posting
3) Bookkeeper processes all accounts payable, accounts receivables, checking accounts, employee payroll, and inmate payroll. maintains distributes employee payroll ensuring that employee time is accounted for per related policy. makes deposits, writes checks and maintains regular balance controls on all checking accounts...[..]

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4) Brush filler hand fills prebored brush heads with hog bristles, horsehair, nylon, vegetable fiber, or other brush-filling materials. secures brush base in bench fixture. threads wire through hole in brush head. loops end of wire around filling material, pulls material through hole in brush head, and ties wire to secure material...[..]

5) Blow pit helper assists blow-pit operator paper pulp in washing pulp to remove cooking acid. pulls lever to close blow pit drain covers. dumps pulp from digester into blow pit. turns handwheel to open drain valves that permit gravity drainage of cooking liquor into recovery vat or sewers. flushes residual pulp from blow pit, using high-pressure water hose...[..]

6) Blocker tends machine that polishes blocks surface of flat glass for products, like mirrors display cases. positions glass on padded table under felt-covered polishing heads. pours polishing compound, like cerium or rouge, on glass surface. moves lever to lower polishing heads onto glass surface. pushes and pulls table along guide rails tracks to bring entire surface of glass into contact with polishing heads or moves polishing heads over glass on stationary table...[..]

7) Bee farmer raises bees to produce honey pollinate crops. assembles beehives, using handtools. arranges with sellers for purchases of honeybee colonies. inserts honeycomb of bees into beehive or inducts wild swarming bees into hive of prepared honeycomb frames. places screen plug in hive entrance to confine bees and sets hive in orchard, clover field, or near other source of nectar pollen...[..]

8) Bleacher tends equipment that flushes rayon yarn with boiling bleach solution to remove spinning-bath residue bleach product prior to finishing. removes full cones, bobbins, cakes, or skeins of yarn from spinning forming machines places product on wash rack. turns valves to start flow of bleach water to flush yarn...[..]

9) Repairer heavy repairs defective automotive units, like engines, transmissions, or differentials, in assembled vehicles, using handtools and power tools applying knowledge of mechanical systems. reads inspection cards to define defects in vehicle components. disassembles & repairs defective units on assembled vehicles or replaces them with different units, using mechanics handtools portable power tools...[..]

10) Route supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of drivers, sales route retail trade, wholesale tr. engaged in selling distributing products or services. plans routes and schedules drivers, vehicles and deliveries pickups based on driver, company and customer information. records drivers attendance time for payroll records...[..]

11) Braid pattern setter sets up braiding machines to produce braid of specified size, style, or design, according to analysis of samples or pattern-card guides. studies guide or sample to define machine settings size, color and arrangement of yarn on carrier spindles. changes gears to set up machine for flat or tubular braid, using handtools...[..]

12) Brand manager understands the brand assist the marketing director in developing the programs to maximize the revenues. articulates own able positioning and execute line plans created that seizes upon them. interprets internal sales data to understand the effectiveness of each product, line promotion. informs decisions on promotions, pricing product line-ups...[..]

13) Business consultant demonstrates expertise in assigned functional area understanding of cross functional areas. identifies opportunities for increasing efficiency through improved automated processes, tools solutions. provides timely, effective written verbal communication on the status of assigned activities. manages expectations regarding status, risks assumptions...[..]

14) Bridge worker performs any combination of following duties to raise, place, and unite girders, columns, and other structural-steel members to form completed structures or structure frameworks, working as member of crew. sets up hoisting equipment for raising placing structural-steel members. fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable, or rope...[..]

15) Real estate agent initiates sales and marketing activities, including phone calls, e-mails, online postings and face-to-face meetings, designed to identify engage prospective new customers. assists clients in assessing options for making sure that they receive the best rates terms. meets with clients to assess their property needs...[..]

16) Risk assessment manager leads corporate-wide efforts impacting multiple divisions / business units in the identification and assessment of risks controls associated with large change events. conducts assessments and synthesize findings into themes key risk indicators. delivers difficult messages to program-level teams senior executives in order to drive company-wide cultural change...[..]

17) Bed worker cultivates harvests shellfish by performing any combination of following duties. loads marking stakes on barge and moves barge to shellfish bed. drives stakes into mud in pattern specified by shellfish grower fishing hunt. , using sledgehammer. sows spat by scattering it within staked enclosure...[..]

18) Research assistant performs duties according to type of research in which supervising scientist is engaged, like collecting rock samples for study by geologist profess. and kin. or plant specimens for study by botanist profess. kin. . prepares samples for analysis or examination performs routine laboratory tests...[..]

19) Restaurant general manager responsible to interview, select, train, supervise, counsel discipline staff. institutes on going training programs for making sure that the highest quality service standards are being obtained. responsible to organize & conduct pre-shift and departmental meetings communicating pertinent information to the staff, like house count menu changes...[..]

20) Brush material preparer prepares hog bristles other brush-filling materials, like horsehair, nylon, and vegetable fibers for use in brushes. aligns bristles, for making sure that flagged ends are together and discards defective bristles. ties bundle of bristles to prevent bending places it in rack. uses hoist to lower rack of bundles into vat of boiling water to remove natural curl of bristle...[..]

21) Brim rounder cuts hat brims or cones to trim excess material from irregular edges, according to one of following methods. 1 places hat on worktable cuts excess material from raw or sewn welt edge, using adjustable razor cutting tool. 2 pulls hat cone over block, places cutting edge against material and turns mounted hat cone under cutting blade to remove excess material...[..]

22) Back tacker inserts cement covered counter between lining shoe upper to prepare upper for further lasting operations. places counter on wire screen, dips screen in liquid cement and drains excess cement from counter. positions last on pin jack. inserts counter between lining upper. pulls shoe upper onto last aligns back seam of upper with guide marks on last...[..]

23) Registrar registers visitors to public facilities, like national or state parks, military bases, and monuments. stops vehicles and pedestrians at gate & records name, nationality, home address, license plate number of vehicle and time of entrance departure. cautions visitors about fires, wild animals, travel hazards and domestic pets & informs them of laws regulations pertaining to area...[..]

24) Repeater attendant tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [trouble locator, test desk tel. tel. ]...[..]

25) Burial needs salesperson sells burial needs, like cemetery plots crypts, grave coverings, markers, and mausoleums. contacts prospects at their homes in response to telephone inquiries, referrals from funeral homes and leads from obituary notices. may sell monuments similar memorials, either in employ of cemetery or monument firm...[..]

26) Roustabouts cleans up spilled oil by bailing it into barrels. bolts together pump engine parts. moves pipes to and from trucks, using truck winches motorized lifts, or by hand. dismantles and repair oil field machinery, boilers, and steam engine parts, using hand tools power tools. digs drainage ditches around wells storage tanks...[..]

27) Beekeeper raises bees to produce honey pollinate crops. assembles beehives, using handtools. arranges with sellers for purchases of honeybee colonies. inserts honeycomb of bees into beehive or inducts wild swarming bees into hive of prepared honeycomb frames. places screen plug in hive entrance to confine bees and sets hive in orchard, clover field, or near other source of nectar pollen...[..]

28) Business and financial counsel advises corporation concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges. studies constitution, statutes, decisions and ordinances of quasi-judicial bodies. examines legal data for defining advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuit. may act as agent of corporation in various transactions....[..]

29) Rewriter writes news stories for publication or broadcast from written or recorded notes supplied by reporting staff, using computer or typewriter. reviews and evaluates written or recorded notes obtained from reporting staff to isolate pertinent facts details. verifies accuracy of questionable facts & obtains supplemental material additional details from files, reference libraries and interviews with knowledgeable sources...[..]

30) Bulk plant manager manages plant in which gasoline, lubricants, and petroleum fuels are stored distributed in bulk lots, formulating policies in regard to storage, distribution, and other operating problems. determines type quantities of products according to consumer demand. contacts refineries petroleum canning plants to schedule shipment of products...[..]

31) Receptionist ensures the efficient operation of the telephone switchboard, answering diverting calls in a professional manner. greetings of visitors and control of all sign in/out badges inform visitors of the safety precautions. loggings/handling & distribution of all incoming mail franking/arrangement of all outgoing mail...[..]

32) Bindery chief supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembling, forming, finishing, covering, and ruling products like books, pamphlets, periodicals, notebooks, looseleaf binders, tablets, and other printed and published products manually by machine. oversees binding or rebinding operations to verify conformance with plant standards...[..]

33) Residence supervisor coordinates variety of activities for residents of boarding school, college fraternity or sorority house, care treatment institution, childrens home, or similar establishment. orders supplies determines need for maintenance, repairs and furnishings. assigns rooms, assists in planning recreational activities and supervises work study programs...[..]

34) Burler examines fabric for weaving defects, using power-driven examining machine, and repairs defects, using burling iron tweezers , needle thread, tufting device, and scissors. pulls fabric over rollers, down over inspection board and wraps cloth end around powered takeup beam or tube. depresses pedal to start machine that moves fabric over inspection board and scans feels fabric for defects, like burls, slubs, loose threads, mispicks, defective pile or soils...[..]

35) Ride operator operates or informs patrons how to operate mechanical riding devices furnished by amusement parks, carnivals, or similar places of entertainment. informs patron to fasten belt, bar, or other safety device. moves controls to start stop equipment, like roller coaster, merry-go-round and ferris wheel...[..]

36) Blind aide performs any combination of following duties to assist blind persons. drives motor vehicle to transport blind persons to specified locations according to their personal business activities. carries brief or sample cases. assists client with dressing, moving from one location to another, obtaining information, or other personal service...[..]

37) Receptionist receives callers at establishment, determines nature of business, and directs callers to destination. obtains callers name arranges for appointment with person called upon. directs caller to destination records name, time of call, nature of business and person called upon. may operate pbx telephone console to receive incoming messages...[..]

38) Brewing director develops new or modifies existing brewing formulas and processing techniques coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, brewing, fermenting, lagering, and malting departments of a brewery. devises brewing formulas and processes or works in conjunction with research personnel to develop or modify formulas processes...[..]

39) Receptionist greets guest in a professional manner. operates multi-line phone system. ensures phone calls are transferred or message is taken. manages phone system, updating messages accordingly. responsible for filing, faxing,copying, and data entry as assigned. responsible for typing memos, correspondence, reports other documents as assigned...[..]

40) Relationship manager holds overall accountability for plan sponsor relationships within assigned book of business, including client retention, client overall satisfaction as measured by external and internal feedback sources and client growth profitability. delivers proactive account management, including, understand client goals and objectives, implement a strategic relationship management process, develop & maintain client specific business plans, broaden the client relationships, assist with plan sponsor in managing fiduciary responsibilities, ensure client is aware of service capabilities identify opportunities to increase assets under management...[..]

41) Band maker tends machine that splices pieces of metal banding used to band compressed cotton bales. overlaps ends of two pieces of banding positions banding on bed of splicing machine. starts machine that automatically folds crimps metal fasteners around overlapped ends of banding. may bend end of each completed band attach fastening buckle onto bent end....[..]

42) Block chopper hand cuts bark spots, knots, and diseased decayed portions from logs or wood blocks, using spudder, ax, hatchet, or portable power saw, to prepare wood for further processing. turns logs blocks with peavey to expose underside. may straighten logs on conveyor, using pike pole. may load cleaned blocks on conveyors....[..]

43) Blender tends mixing machines that blend solid liquid ingredients to make products, like paints, lacquers, putty, paint pigments, and binders, following formula. turns valves or sets pump meters to admit specified amounts of liquids, like oils, solvents and water into mixer. weighs dumps specified amounts of dry ingredients, like plastic flash, color concentrates and resins into mixer, as indicated on batch ticket, or dumps preweighed ingredients into tank...[..]

44) Business manager analyses and review goal attainment develop plans to improve performance. provides the necessary coaching, support and guidance to assist staff in achieving improving their sales performance. constantlies look for areas in which to develop the account. ensures staff are trained in service other skills as established by the company...[..]

45) Bagger bags groceries at grocery store. packs grocery items in sacks or cartons, arranging heavy bulky items at bottom of sack or carton. verifies price of grocery item in question against price of items on stock shelf, upon request. carries packed sacks, or places sacks in grocery cart, and pushes cart to customers vehicle, upon request...[..]

46) Boner meat cuts bones from standard cuts of meat, like chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks to prepare meat for packing and marketing, using knife meat hook. inserts knife in meat around bones to separate meat, fat, or tissue. pulls twists bones loose from meat. cuts and trims such meat cuts as butts, hams, flanks, and shoulders to shape meat and remove fat defects...[..]

47) Rug dry room attendant tends rug conveyor or electric powered hoist that lifts carries rugs to drying room, using either of following methods. 1 pulls rug ejected from washing wringing machines into drying room. feeds end of rug to be sized through sizing rolls to distribute sizing compound evenly over back of rug. fastens end of rug to pins attached to poles and pushes button to hoist suspend rugs in drying room...[..]

48) Route driver helper aids driver, sales route retail trade, wholesale tr. in providing sales, services, or deliveries of goods to customers over an established route, performing any combination of the following duties. loads and unloads truck at beginning end of trip. carries merchandise from truck to customers home or store...[..]

49) Blender tends machine that separates matted fur fibers blends fibers for use in felt hats. selects fibers according to quality, type and weight specifications. dumps fibers into hopper of machine. starts machine that forces fibers against teeth of cylinders picker rollers , that separate matted fibers, and into air-blending chamber that mixes fibers...[..]

50) Racker silk screen printing inspects racks printed paper or cardboard. examines printed pieces for smears or uneven color. places acceptable pieces in rack to dry. maintains supply of cardboard or paper for printing. refills printing tray with paint performs other routine tasks....[..]

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