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Paralegal Job Posting Samples

Listed top and most related sample paralegal job posting & template format documents, examples for how to write a job advert including paralegal employment job descriptions roles and responsibilities required. try our simply samples and save it for free.
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Paralegal Job Postings Related Samples

Listed top related sample job postings for "paralegal" or similar careers:

paralegal job posting
1) Paralegal drafts contracts and letters to be sent under paralegal or attorney signature, including leases, licenses, sublease or assignments other related assignments. responds to inquiries from leasing agents and property managers regarding key contractual provisions other related legal documentation. responds to inquiries from business offices regarding accounting other reporting matters...[..]

Sample paralegal job posting & template (#CV157132) last updated on

paralegal job posting
2) Paralegal assists in the defense of premises liability, labor law, and property damage cases by performing substantive legal work under the supervision direction of staff attorneys. heavies client contact to obtain information documentation necessary to respond to discovery demands. drafts, type & assemble discovery responses, discovery demands, defendants bill of particulars, third party complaints, expert disclosures requests to charge...[..]

Sample paralegal job posting & template (#XJD012747) last updated on

paralegal job posting
3) Paralegal assists in the management of all liability claims. reviews and revise draft pleadings & documents submitted by outside counsel for making sure completeness accuracy. gathers documentation information & facts in response to discovery requests and review for accuracy appropriateness for production...[..]

Sample paralegal job posting & template (#CV15316) last updated on

4) Paralegal and legal assistant calls upon witnesses to testify at hearing. directs coordinate law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas. keeps monitor legal volumes to make sure that law library is up-to-date. appraises and inventory real personal property for estate planning. prepares affidavits or other documents, like legal correspondence, and organize maintain documents in paper or electronic filing system...[..]

Sample paralegal and legal assistant job posting & template (#ON23201100) last updated on

5) Paralegal low assists in the defense of premises liability, labor law, and property damage cases by performing substantive legal work under the supervision direction of staff attorneys. heavies client contact to obtain information documentation necessary to respond to discovery demands. drafts, type & assemble discovery responses, discovery demands, defendants bill of particulars, third party complaints, expert disclosures requests to charge...[..]

Sample paralegal low job posting & template (#XJD012747) last updated on

6) Laundry and dry cleaning worker receives mark articles for laundry or dry cleaning with identifying code numbers or names, using hand or machine markers. examines sort into lots articles to be cleaned, according to color, fabric, dirt content, and cleaning technique required. loads articles into washers or dry-cleaning machines, or direct other workers to perform loading...[..]

7) Postal service mail sorter directs items according to established routing schemes, using computer-controlled keyboards or voice-recognition equipment. serves the public at counters or windows, like by selling stamps weighing parcels. supervises other mail sorters. distributes incoming mail into the correct boxes or pigeonholes...[..]

8) Line up worker relays scheduling information to workers on automotive assembly line. reads production schedule and computer printouts relays information orally or by written instructions. verifies conformity of assemblies parts on conveyor lines with scheduling information. notifies workers to switch parts assemblies not in sequence...[..]

9) Pump runner operates power-driven pumps that transfer liquids, semiliquids, gases, or powdered materials, performing any combination of following duties. observes pressure gauges and flowmeters and adjusts valves to regulate speed of pumps & control pressure rate of flow of materials. transfers materials to from storage tanks, processing tanks, trucks, railroad cars, ships, canals and mines...[..]

10) Production lapping machine operator tends one or more lapping machines to lap surfaces of metal objects to specifications, usually on production basis. starts machine places workpieces in machine or engages automatic feeding mechanism. measures lapped workpieces for conformance to specifications, using instruments, like preset comparators surface plate...[..]

11) Lens grinder sets up and operates grinding and polishing machines to make lenses, optical flats, and other precision optical elements for optical instruments ophthalmic goods, like telescopes, aerial cameras, military optical systems, and eyeglasses. operates machine to rough-grind blanks of optical glass to approximate size and shape or manually positions turns blanks against grinding wheel or lap i...[..]

12) Liner inserter pulls plastic liner over carton-shaped or hogshead-shaped form. lowers form, suspended from ceiling into open containers, using rope pulley, working as member of two-person team. overlaps edges of plastic liner over top edge of container removes form. may insert paper liner into containers....[..]

13) Plant pathologist conducts research in nature, cause, and control of plant diseases decay of plant products. studies and compares healthy diseased plants to define symptoms of diseased condition. inoculates healthy plants with culture of suspected agents taken from diseased plants studies effects for defining agents responsible for disease...[..]

14) Printed circuit board quality control group leader assists supervisor, printed circuit board assembly electron. comps. 726.134-010 in coordinating activities of workers engaged in inspecting, testing and repairing printed circuit boards pcbs , applying knowledge of electronic theory, test procedures, repair techniques and quality standards. confers with supervisor, printed circuit board assembly electron...[..]

15) Printed circuit board assembly group leader assists supervisor, printed circuit board assembly electron. comps. 762.134-010, in coordinating activities of workers engaged in assembling printed circuit boards pcbs , applying knowledge of pcb assembly techniques, specifications and production scheduling. confers with supervisor, printed circuit board assembly electron...[..]

16) Loader head operator controls boom conveyors to move materials, like coal, ore, and gravel, to from railroad cars or processing station, and storage piles. starts specified boom conveyor conveyor belts and adjusts height, swing and extension of boom according to size of storage pile or position of car. opens side gates of railroad cars or gates of processing station to dump material onto conveyor that carries it to storage pile...[..]

17) Librarian school assesses and meets needs of students and faculty for information, and develops programs to stimulate students interests in reading use of types of resources. selects and organizes books, films, tapes, records and other materials equipment. suggests appropriate books to students for classroom assignments personal readings...[..]

18) Laboratory test mechanic lays out, fabricates, assembles, and tests mechanical, electromechanical, structural, hydraulic, pneumatic aircraft parts, assemblies, and mechanisms to assist engineers in determining faulty design or fabrication procedures. lays out, fabricates and assembles parts, assemblies and mechanisms to be tested, according to blueprints, specifications, sketches, templates, or verbal instructions...[..]

19) Log loader operates heel-boom log loader equipped with cable, hydraulic, or pneumatically controlled grapples to load logs onto log trucks. selects logs to be loaded according to specie and size required to attain balanced compact load. may be designated according to type of machine operated as shovel-loader operator logging ....[..]

20) Processor grain tends grain separating, washing, and scouring machines that remove foreign matter, like dirt, smut, and rust, from grain preparatory to milling. adjusts slides in bin spouts starts elevators to route grain from storage bins to machines. turns valves to regulate water temperature water level in washer, to adjust air suction to remove dust from separators and to regulate flow of air through drier...[..]

21) Police chemist applies scientific principles to analysis, identification, and classification of mechanical devices, chemical physical substances, materials, liquids, or other physical evidence related to criminology, law enforcement, or investigative work. searches for, collects, photographs and preserves evidence...[..]

22) Packaging engineer plans and directs activities concerned with design development of protective packaging containers. analyzes engineering drawings and specifications of product to define physical characteristics of item, special-handling safety requirements and type of materials required for container. consults with establishments purchasing & production departments for defining costs feasibility of producing proposed packaging...[..]

23) Polishing machine operator sets up and operates belt sanding machine to polish flat metal surfaces, like small arms parts metal strips. pushes button to lower drive wheel installs abrasive belt of specified grit, using wrenches. places metal part on conveyor belt & turns knobs to raise conveyor bring workpiece into contact with polishing belt...[..]

24) Lot caller assists auctioneer retail trade, wholesale tr. at auction by tagging and arranging articles for sale, calling out lot item numbers, and holding or displaying articles being auctioned. receives stores incoming merchandise to be auctioned. writes assigned record numbers on tags wires tags to articles...[..]

25) Practice manager participates in planning and implementation of goals, programs objectives. implements the approved business plan that identifies strategies, objectives, timetables, expected outcome. updates plan to reflect challenges opportunities in the marketplace. manages operational, administrative processes support staff...[..]

26) Press operator automatic tends automatic pressing machine equipped with single or double upright body forms to press front, yoke, and back of shirts, coats, and other garments. fits garment on buck table pulls lever to clamp neckband of garment to buck. lowers pressing head to iron yoke. depresses pedal to clamp tailband in position on buck, and release pressing head to raised position...[..]

27) Product manager leads the ideation technical development launch of innovative products. drives product development with a team of amazing engineers designers. integrates usability studies research market analysis into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction. understands and interpret data to develop hypotheses define experiments to prove or disprove them carry them through to their conclusion...[..]

28) Program coordinator maintains liaison with staff in other departments to coordinate program activities and training to accomplish program objectives and to make sure cooperative efforts are enhanced available resources are utilized. assists in monitoring and evaluating program effectiveness, demonstrates continuous efforts to improve support operations & systems to streamline work processes and to increase the effectiveness efficiency of the program...[..]

29) Lay out maker traces patterns marks specifications for fabricating operations onto sheet metal, metal plates, and structural shapes, using templates, measuring instruments, and handtools. measures stock, using rule to locate center line for positioning template. tapes, clamps, bolts, or holds template on workpiece...[..]

30) Pedal assembler assembles pedal board and keyboard-coupler assemblies, and mounts speakers parts to tone cabinets of electronic organs, following detailed drawings, and using handtools. cements felt strips to wood frames of chassis. lays out drills holes in frame, using ruler, pencil and hand drill. mounts metal guide bars in holes secures them to frame with wood screws...[..]

31) Plumber supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembly, installation, and repair of pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating, water supply, and waste disposal systems for buildings. inspects work in progress completed work for defining conformance to specifications. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry master title...[..]

32) Pickling operator tends equipment that chemically cleans grease, scale, dirt, and other foreign matter from metal objects to prepare them for processes, like electroplating galvanizing. removes shavings, dirt and rust spots from objects, using airhose, file, or sandpaper. loads objects on conveyor which carries them through series of chemical & rinsing baths, or places objects on racks or in containers and immerses objects in chemical rinsing solutions, manually or using hoist...[..]

33) Laboratory technician artificial breeding measures purity and potency of animal semen to develop improved methods of processing preserving for artificial insemination. observes sample of freshly collected semen under microscope to define mobility of sperm cells. measures density, using densiometer. adds measured amounts of extender, sodium citrate, and antibiotics to dilute preserve sample...[..]

34) Locomotive inspector inspects railroad locomotives in roundhouse or shop to define extent of wear and needed repairs, using handtools measuring instruments. examines firebox, journal boxes and bearings to detect wear. taps parts, like rods, wheels and bolts with hammer or rawhide mallet listens to sound to detect ruptures or cracks...[..]

35) Product marketing specialist acts as primary contact internal customer for all product needs. works closely with all aspects of operations sales to develop strategic proposals/commercial offerings. works with operations & engineering to define technical scope develop proposals. ensures that critical information is captured documented...[..]

36) Popcorn candy maker tends equipment to cook mix syrup with popcorn, forming popcorn candy. weighs, measures, adds, stirs and cooks ingredients, like corn syrup, butter and water in open-fire cooker or steam-jacketed kettle according to formula specified procedure. dumps popped corn into bowl of mixing machine or other container...[..]

37) Purifying plant operator controls treatment plant machines and equipment to purify and clarify water for human consumption for industrial use. operates controls electric motors, pumps and valves to regulate flow of raw water into treating plant. dumps specified amounts of chemicals, like chlorine, ammonia and lime into water or adjusts automatic devices that admit specified amounts of chemicals into tanks to disinfect, deodorize and clarify water...[..]

38) Physical therapy aide prepares patients for physical therapy treatments, assists physical therapist medical ser. 076.121-014 or physical therapist assistant medical ser. 076.224-010 during administration of treatments, and provides routine treatments. assists patients to dress, undress and put on and remove supportive devices, like braces, splints and slings, before after treatments...[..]

39) Linen checker stores, inventories, and issues or distributes bed and table linen uniforms in establishments, like hotels, hospitals, and clinics. collects or receives and segregates, counts and records number of items of soiled linen uniforms for repair or laundry and places items in containers. examines laundered items to make sure cleanliness serviceability...[..]

40) Park ranger enforces laws, regulations, and policies in state or national park. registers vehicles and visitors, collects fees and issues parking use permits. provides information pertaining to park use, safety requirements and points of interest. directs traffic, investigates accidents, and patrols area to prevent fires, vandalism, and theft...[..]

41) Planner program services conducts studies, prepares reports, and advises public private sector administrators on feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory conformance of proposals for special projects or ongoing programs in such fields as transportation, conservation, or health care. consults with administrators or planning councils to discuss overall intent of programs or projects and determines broad guidelines for studies, utilizing knowledge of subject area, research techniques and regulatory limitations...[..]

42) Patients librarian plans and directs library program for residents staff of extended care facilities, like mental institutions, correctional institutions, or institutions for physically handicapped or mentally retarded. develops library policies and programs prepares operational budgets. selects, acquires and organizes library materials for convenient access...[..]

43) Plug drill operator drills holes in ore or rock in mine or quarry to facilitate blasting quarrying, using jackhammer. connects steam or compressed-air water lines to hammer. inserts drill in chuck, trips trigger to start hammer and leans on hammer to force drill into solid mass. changes drill or adds lengths as depth of hole increases...[..]

44) Physics teacher maintains student attendance records, grades, and other required records. supervises students laboratory work. prepares course materials like syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. maintains regularly scheduled office hours to advise assist students. supervises undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship, and research work...[..]

45) Purification operator helper tends gas scrubbing related equipment that removes impurities from gases, as directed by purification operator chemical ii. loads brine saturators nitrogen-drying columns with lump calcium chloride. mixes hydrosulfate solutions used in process, according to proportion chart or oral directions. observes gauges to define gas pressures throughout system, computes and records drops in pressure, and ascertains from data obtained optimum time to shut down clean equipment for efficient operation...[..]

46) Patient resources and reimbursement agent investigates financial assets, properties, and resources of hospitalized retarded and brain-damaged clients to protect financial interests provide reimbursement of hospital costs. visits and interviews or contacts by mail or telephone relatives, friends, former employers, pension funds, fraternal & veterans organizations government agencies...[..]

47) Pattern marking supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in marking, reproducing, and assembling paper garment patterns for use by manufacturers. observes operations to verify that pattern parts are marked for fabric weave lines, coded to specifications, reproduced clearly and assembled in specified order...[..]

48) Paint department supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in mixing paint, preparing surface of object to be painted, painting object, and drying or baking paint on object. may compute paint mixture formulas. may plan program sequence of tasks for robots in spray paint booth. may move controls to adjust furnace temperatures, paint supply, hydraulic pressure, or conveyor speeds...[..]

49) Photographer news photographs newsworthy events, locations, people, or other illustrative or educational material for use in publications or telecasts, using still cameras. travels to assigned location takes pictures. develops negatives prints film. submits negatives pictures to editorial personnel. usuallies specializes in one phase of photography, as news, sports, special features, or as freelance photographer....[..]

50) Pbx installer installs telephone switchboards specialized communication equipment, like intercommunications systems, telephoto circuits, mobile radiotelephones, and teletypewriters, on customers premises. connects telephone or telegraph cable terminals to inside wires and switchboard, following diagrams using handtools, soldering iron and wire wrap gun...[..]

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