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Spare parts clerk receives, stores, and issues spare replacement parts, equipment, and expendable items used in repair or maintenance shop. takes inventory of parts and equipment maintains inventory records. may drive truck to pick up incoming stock or to pick up deliver parts to units in other buildings or locations...[..]

Sample spare parts clerk resume & template (#JOB200146) last updated on

General ledger accountant shoulds have knowledge of working in multiple currencies. responsible for preparing auditing analyzing reporting financial data as required. prepares pbc/sec schedules during quarter end year end. ensurings compliance with all sarbanes oxley requirements leading any approved changes. develops thorough working knowledge of group operations, collect analyze data to reflect the group operations are accurately reported in the company financial statements...[..]

Sample general ledger accountant resume & template (#CV15302) last updated on

Plant clerk calculates factors, like types & quantities of items produced, materials used, amount of scrap, frequency of defects and worker department production rates, using adding machine or calculator. writes production reports based on data compiled, tabulated, and computed, following prescribed formats...[..]

Sample plant clerk resume & template (#JOB200098) last updated on

Stock record clerk compiles maintains inventory of material received, stocked and issued [inventory clerk clerical 222.387-026]. prepares requests for procurement of material. may inspect, accept, or reject material received. may mark identifying information on material. may be designated according to location of goods as warehouse-record clerk clerical ....[..]

Sample stock record clerk resume & template (#JOB200160) last updated on

Clinic data entry clerk enters/approves billings, outcomes & cos data in appropriate systems in a timely accurate manner. prints data entry report daily to double check data entry accuracy, submit data entry report to supervisor for review. reconciles billing entries with all data systems progress notes in the chart. completes error reports prepare document for error correction before deadlines...[..]

Sample clinic data entry clerk resume & template (#CV14025) last updated on

Purchasing clerk searches inventory records or warehouse for defining if material on hand is in sufficient quantity. consults catalogs and interviews suppliers to obtain prices specifications. types or writes invitation-of-bid forms mails forms to supplier firms or for public posting. writes or types purchase order and sends copy to supplier department originating request...[..]

Sample purchasing clerk resume & template (#JOB200338) last updated on

Clerk guide carries brief or sample cases. assists client with dressing, moving from one location to another, obtaining information, or other personal service. prepares maintains records of assistance rendered. may type correspondence reports [clerk-typist clerical ]. may assist teacher of blind in routine classroom activities like toiletry or group school activities....[..]

Sample clerk guide resume & template (#JOB200797) last updated on

Airplane dispatch clerk submits data to dispatcher air trans. for approval flight authorization. receives messages on progress of flights. posts flight schedules weather information on bulletin board. compiles such information as flight plans, ramp delays, and weather reports, using teletype, computer-printout terminal, and two-way radio, to anticipate off-schedule arrivals or departures notifies flight operations of schedule changes...[..]

Sample airplane dispatch clerk resume & template (#JOB200309) last updated on

Advertising dispatch clerk searches advertising files selects mat that corresponds to advertising layout. dispatches mat, advertising layout copy, and advertising schedule to composing department. obtains advertising proofs from composing department dispatches them to advertising department for proofreading. maintains files of all advertising material...[..]

Sample advertising dispatch clerk resume & template (#JOB200300) last updated on

Accountant cost analyzes data obtained records results, using computer. analyzes changes in product design, raw materials, manufacturing methods, or services provided, to define effects on costs. analyzes actual manufacturing costs prepares periodic report comparing standard costs to actual production costs. provides management with reports specifying and comparing factors affecting prices profitability of products or services...[..]

Sample accountant cost resume & template (#JOB100865) last updated on

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