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Account Director Resumes Related Samples

Sports director directs or arranges for setup of remote broadcast facilities. hires and assigns staff personnel to operate and direct broadcasting activities to announce event. directs preparation and broadcast of sports news commentaries. plans for arranges employment of well-known individuals personalities to serve as guest commentators for special events or programs...[..]

Sports Director Resume

Sample sports director resume & template (#JOB101102) last updated on

Director classification and treatment administers scores intelligence, aptitude and other standard tests to evaluate inmates suitability for rehabilitation. reviews case reports of prisoners to recommend parole, vocational training, transfer, psychiatric treatment, custody status, or other disposition according to findings. directs workers engaged in maintenance of inmate records...[..]

Director Classification And Treatment Resume

Sample director classification and treatment resume & template (#JOB101307) last updated on

School of nursing director defines & interprets aims policies of school. interviews and appoints faculty administrative staff. participates in planning curriculums schedule of instruction. participates in establishing qualifications for faculty, staff, and students in recruiting eligible candidates. arranges with hospital and other institutions agencies for students to use their facilities, under faculty supervision, for clinical experience...[..]

School Of Nursing Director Resume

Sample school of nursing director resume & template (#JOB100456) last updated on

Telephone directory deliverer delivers telephone directories to residences business establishments, on foot. receives supply of directories from telephone-directory-distributor driver business ser. or from other individual at central distribution point or from vehicle parked in distribution area, places books on handtruck or in sacks or other containers and delivers books, following verbal instructions or address list...[..]

Telephone directory Deliverer Resume

Sample telephone directory deliverer resume & template (#JOB200213) last updated on

Director recreation center oversees assigns duties to staff. interprets recreation programs and their philosophy to individuals and groups through personal participation staff assignments. schedules maintenance use of facilities. coordinates recreation program of host agency, like settlement house, institution for children or aged, hospital, armed services, or penal institution, with related activity programs of other services or allied agencies...[..]

Sample director recreation center resume & template (#JOB101414) last updated on

Red cross executive director participates in community activities to develop opportunities to ascertain needs, serve clients and promote agency goals. establishes maintains close working relationships with cooperating agencies to avoid duplication of services. prepares budget in consultation with departmental directors to allocate funds, control costs, and maintain operations at level consistent with agency guidelines...[..]

Sample red cross executive director resume & template (#JOB101213) last updated on

Director of career planning and placement establishes work loads, assigns tasks and reviews results. conducts in-service training program for placement personnel. interviews applicants to define qualifications eligibility for employment. assists individuals to develop employment plans based on appraisals of aptitudes, interests, and personality characteristics, and to plan curriculums accordingly...[..]

Sample director of career planning and placement resume & template (#JOB100929) last updated on

Director data processing confers with department heads involved with proposed projects to make sure cooperation further define nature of project. consults with computer systems hardware analyst profess. kin. 033.167-010 to define equipment needs. reviews project feasibility studies. establishes work standards. assigns and schedules work, or delegates work to subordinate managers supervisors, and reviews work...[..]

Sample director data processing resume & template (#JOB101012) last updated on

Vocational training director reviews & interprets federal state vocational education codes to make sure that program conforms to legislation. prepares budget funding allocations for vocational programs. reviews approves new programs. evaluates apprenticeable nonapprenticeable programs, considering factors, like selection, training, and placement of enrollees...[..]

Sample vocational training director resume & template (#JOB100621) last updated on

Director revenue administers state revenue program for collection of taxes, like income, inheritance, gasoline, and sales. devises and implements policies & procedures for collecting taxes auditing accounts in compliance with state statutory regulations. schedules & holds hearings to resolve delinquency other tax violations...[..]

Sample director revenue resume & template (#JOB101291) last updated on

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