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Listed most related sample economist resumes and template format documents, free examples help to create and write a resume including cv professional working experience and job duties
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Listed top related sample resumes for "economist" or similar careers:

economist resume
1) Economist identifies problems to be studied, design and execute economic analyses, identify important analytic data or methodology policy issues. prepares economic analysis documents, reports and papers for use in regulatory determinations, litigation, briefing administrative officials and other decision-makers, congressional testimony, or office of management budget omb review...[..]

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home economist resume
2) Home economist writes advertising copy & articles of interest to homemakers, tests recipes, equipment and new household products, conducts radio and television homemakers programs and performs other public relations and promotion work for business firms, newspapers, magazines and radio television stations...[..]

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environmental economist resume
3) Environmental economist identifies recommend environmentally-friendly business practices. demonstrates or promote the economic benefits of sound environmental regulations. writes technical documents or academic articles to communicate study results or economic forecasts. writes social, legal, or economic impact statements to inform decision-makers for natural resource policies, standards, or programs...[..]

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4) Target aircraft technician replaces worn or damaged parts, like spark plugs, parachute and battery, using handtools. tests aircraft engine operation. places aircraft on launching device, including catapult launcher. installs jato jet assist take-off or other launching propellant. starts aircraft, using portable starting equipment...[..]

5) Tax auditor analyzes issues for defining nature, scope and direction of investigation required. develops and evaluates evidence of taxpayer finances to define tax liability, using knowledge of interest and discount, annuities, valuation of stocks bonds, sinking funds, and amortization valuation of depletable assets...[..]

6) Editor dictionary organizes research material writes dictionary definition. may study or conduct surveys to define factors, like frequency of use for a specific word, or word use by particular segment of population in order to select words for inclusion in dictionary. may perform related editorial duties. may select drawings or other graphic material to illustrate word meaning...[..]

7) Thrower presses thumbs down into center of revolving clay to form hollow. presses on inside and outside of emerging clay cylinder with hands and fingers, gradually raising and shaping clay to desired form size. constantlies adjusts speed of wheel to conform with changing tenacity firmness of clay as piece enlarges walls become thinner, judging degrees of change by feel...[..]

8) Electrical tester battery places positive & negative wired plugs on posts and intercell-connector terminals of corresponding polarity observes indicator on instrument that measures resistance capacity in terms of pass or reject. tests rejected batteries to define specific defects, using voltmeter. computes comparative figures and test data to define deficiencies attaches slip to battery indicating type of defect...[..]

9) Employment interviewer records additional knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, test results and other data pertinent to selection referral of applicants. reviews job orders matches applicants with job requirements, utilizing manual or computerized file search. informs applicants of job duties and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, work schedules and working conditions, company union policies, promotional opportunities, and other related information...[..]

10) Transmission and protection engineer plans lays out telephone transmitting facilities from engineering sketches. advises assists operation forces on application of transmission methods, devices and standards affecting telephone equipment. provides engineering services for protection of telephone service facilities from noise, cross-talk, electrolysis, lightning and other adverse electrical effects...[..]

11) Exhaust operator calculates equipment control settings, applying standard formulas for defining power, temperature and vacuum, according to tube size type. sets controls on power supplies, ovens, and pumps according to calculations. observes meters, gauges, and recording instruments during operation, and adjusts controls to make sure tubes are exhausted as specified...[..]

12) Tugboat mate directs activities of crew engaged in rigging towlines to barges or ship to be towed. supervises crew engaged in cleaning painting of boat. stands watch during specified periods, and determines geographical position of boat upon request of tugboat captain water trans. , using loran azimuths of celestial bodies...[..]

13) Engine lathe set up operator positions secures tools in holders, using wrenches. lifts workpiece manually or with hoist, and positions and secures workpiece in holding device, machine table, chuck, centers, or fixture, using clamps wrenches. sets specified rotation speed, feed rate, and depth of cut, and positions tool in relation to workpiece...[..]

14) Engraving press operator cuts out fastens paper template to bed of press to maintain flatness of finished cards or sheets. inserts adjusts roll of wiping paper that automatically cleans die between impressions. thins ink to desired consistency fills ink fountain. starts press to obtain proof copy. examines proof and adjusts press and ink fountain to obtain uniform indentation color registration...[..]

15) Transformer assembler cleans coils to remove materials accumulated during production processing. removes accessories from coils, using screwdriver, and wraps coils with paper tape, leaving ends of wire leads exposed. inserts ends of wire leads of cores coils into wire stripping machine to remove coating from wires. inspects twists stripped wires together by hand to join designated colored wires...[..]

16) Tool and die supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in production and repair of metalworking dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and cutting tools, applying knowledge of machining and tool die construction. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

17) Truck supervisor trains workers in rigging hoists and dismantling loading equipment. may plan transportation route by consulting road and city maps to make sure clearance and load limits of roads, bridges and overhead obstructions, like power lines & underpasses, utilizing knowledge of state regulations regarding size weight of loads, traffic speeds, and use of clearance lights...[..]

18) Tank builder verifies grade, using spirit level. bolts tank sections together and inserts felt or asbestos sealing strips between joints to assemble erect tank bottoms, sides, and covers, using wrenches. bolts attachments, like ladders, pipe flanges, gauges, and valves, to tank, using wrenches. directs helpers in erection of scaffolds assembly of tank sections...[..]

19) Translation director assigns projects to personnel reviews work for quality. attends meetings of groups organizations engaged in international relations to promote translation service. prepares budget for department determines allocation of funds. interviews selects personnel for staff positions....[..]

20) Electronics assembler and tester assembles electronic components, like frames, chassis boards, resistors, capacitors, circuit breakers, switches, transformers and condensers into dynamometer or other force measuring instrument, using handtools, soldering iron, bench lathe and drill press. measures voltages, using voltmeter, and adjusts voltages to specified value...[..]

21) Electronic gluer adjusts clamps according to size of assemblies to be glued, using wrenches hammer. assembles and positions preglued parts in clamp bed of machine, and turns air-pressure valve and presses button to actuate clamp release flow of electrons through glue joints. removes assembly from machine, and examines assembly for defective gluing...[..]

22) Epoxy fabrication supervisor inspects products in all stages of production to detect cracks, pipe distortion, or assemblies which do not meet prescribed standards. confers with supervisor to resolve personnel or production problems. trains workers in production tasks evaluates performance. moves equipment, supplies, or products, using forklift truck...[..]

23) Tool profiling machine set up operator lifts positions workpiece on machine bed manually or using hoist. secures workpiece and template or model on angle plates or machine table, using clamps, wrenches, and such devices as height planer gauges, parallel blocks, shims, and screwjacks. selects cutting speeds, depth of cut, cutting tool, and corresponding tracing stylus...[..]

24) Tower supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation of stills and related units, like absorbers, debutanizers, catalyst hoppers, reboilers, heat and vapor exchangers, desalters, clay towers, stabilizers, furnaces, strippers, and desulfurizers, in which crude oil & resultant distillates are processed to separate recover various petroleum products...[..]

25) Truck driver sales route collects money from customers, makes change and records transactions on customer receipt. writes customer order instructions. records sales or deliveries information on daily sales or delivery record. calls on prospective customers to solicit new business. prepares order forms sales contracts. informs regular customers of new products or services...[..]

26) Tempering kiln tender hangs parts on racks, hooks, or fixture, or places them on handtrucks or conveyors and charges them into furnace manually or using hoist. adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature in furnace. immerses objects in chemical bath or places objects in containers packs carbonaceous material around them...[..]

27) Table inspector cuts defects from cloth with scissors or routes cloth to mending, dyeing, or refinishing department for reprocessing. classifies cloth that cannot be restored to first quality according to standards for various grades. records disposition of cloth rehandled. may inform weaving room of repeated imperfections requiring loom adjustments....[..]

28) Testing and regulating technician tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [trouble locator, test desk tel. tel. ]...[..]

29) Edge plugger adjusts automatic feeding discharge elements of machine according to panel thickness, using wrench. starts machine that feeds panels between injection heads, that apply putty to edges of panels to seal crevices, and mechanism that stacks processed panels at discharge end of machine. monitors operation of machine and adjusts control mechanism, using wrench, to make sure specified application of putty stacking of panels...[..]

30) Tank house operator helper places sheets in machine to clean coat them with oil solution. cinches or rivets loop strips to sheets, using looping machine. straightens starter sheet blanks, using paddle or sledgehammer. lifts hangs starter sheets on electrical suspension bars in tanks. guides monorail crane operator any industry in positioning or removing anodes coated starting plates...[..]

31) Electrical assembly supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembly, inspecting, and testing of electrical equipment like motors, generators, voltage regulators, capacitors, and switches, applying knowledge of assembly techniques, machine setup, and testing procedures. interprets blueprints, specifications and job orders assigns work stations to workers...[..]

32) Electr tests faulty equipment & applies knowledge of functional operation of electronic units systems to diagnose cause of malfunction. tests electronic components circuits to locate defects, using oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters, and voltmeters. replaces defective components and wiring and adjusts mechanical parts, using handtools soldering iron...[..]

33) Engineer in charge studio operations directs activities concerned with layout & design of electrical circuitry for acquired equipment to make sure conformance with codes safety regulations. establishes procedures for operation maintenance of studio, remote control, and microwave transmission equipment. inspects, and directs testing and maintenance of studio, remote, and airborne broadcasting equipment to make sure operational performance meets company standards and rules regulations of federal communications commission...[..]

34) Tree fruit and nut crops farmer selects & purchases tree stock farm machines, implements and supplies. decides when and how to plant, bud, graft, cultivate, irrigate, and prune trees harvest crop, based on knowledge of tree-crop culture. attaches farm implements, like plow, disc, and harrow, to tractor drives tractor in fields to till soil...[..]

35) Tile sorter sorts glazed tile according to color shades defects. picks up tile from tray, compares it against color shades on color sample board and sorts it according to shade variations. examines tile for defects, like cracks, spots, warping and dents and grades it according to quality. keeps records of tile rejected...[..]

36) Tight barrel inspector examines heads and staves of tight barrels or kegs, containing water compressed air, to define if they are liquid tight. rolls tumbles barrel to spread water over interior of barrel. examines barrel for faulty stave joints, leaks, loose or defective hoops and material defects, like streaks, cross grains, wormholes and knotholes, in stave heading material...[..]

37) Tube assembler electron winds wire around grid core or mandrel to form filaments, grids and heaters, using manual or automatic winding machines. stretches presses wound grid cores to designated shape, and cuts cores to specified size, using manual or power tools. forms parts, like grids, stems, and leads, using special purpose automatic machines...[..]

38) Tool dismantles devices to gain access to remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, handtools and power tools. examines form texture of parts to detect imperfections. inspects used parts to define changes in dimensional requirements, using rules, calipers, micrometers, and other measuring instruments...[..]

39) Tonsorial artist applies lather & shaves beard or shapes hair contour outline on temple neck, using razor. performs other tonsorial services, like applying hairdressings or lotions, dyeing, shampooing, singeing, or styling hair, and massaging face, neck, or scalp. records service charge on ticket or receives payment...[..]

40) Tower dragline operator operates power machinery to activate dragline bucket slung between portable towers or to excavate load sand, gravel, earth, or similar material into trucks or onto conveyors. moves hand and foot levers to raise & lower bucket, load dump bucket and move bucket along slack line slung between towers to unloading point...[..]

41) Tipple supervisor transmits loading orders to equipment operators loading crew. observes activities of workers to make sure that impurities materials of unspecified size are extracted. directs operation of crushers, pumps, and furnaces, and assists workers with faulty equipment. inspects processing and loading equipment schedules necessary maintenance...[..]

42) Entrance guard cautions visitors about fires, wild animals, travel hazards and domestic pets & informs them of laws regulations pertaining to area. may issue information leaflets. may collect fees and issue entry fire permits. may give talks describing historical, natural, or scenic points of area....[..]

43) Technician automatic analyzes problems and repairs manual and automatic telegraphic transmitting receiving apparatus, like teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment. tests and adjusts equipment, using testing devices, like signal generators & ohmmeters, following blueprints and wiring diagrams using handtools...[..]

44) Traffic or system dispatcher issues instructions to workers for maintenance & repair of roadway structures. coordinates movement of workers equipment throughout system, using telephone communications system. listens to radio traffic reports to alert traffic inspector motor trans., r.r. trans. of conditions affecting schedules...[..]

45) Traffic clerk records incoming outgoing freight data, like destination, weight, route-initiating department, and charges. ensures accuracy of rate charges by comparing classification of materials with rate chart. may keep file of claims for overcharges for damages to goods in transit....[..]

46) Tone cabinet assembler lays out drills holes in frame, using ruler, pencil and hand drill. mounts metal guide bars in holes secures them to frame with wood screws. scribes line for mounting felt to note-mounting channel, using straightedge. cements felt strips on channel. fastens pedals to mounting channel, inserts crimps pedal tension springs on pedal frames, and adjusts tension of springs...[..]

47) Egg processor removes virus-bearing fluid from fertile chicken eggs for use in manufacturing vaccines, like influenza vaccine. saws end off egg, using electric saw and removes fetal membrane, using tweezers to break sac containing viral fluid. siphons fluid into sterilized labeled bottles for further processing...[..]

48) Transformer stock clerk drains oil from used transformers. starts motor-driven pump which forces used oil through filtering machine into storage tank. selects type size of transformer to fill requisition. fills oil container of transformers to be issued with new or reclaimed oil. hoists transformers onto truck for delivery...[..]

49) Edger automatic operates multiple-blade sawing machine and conveyor system from panelboard to straighten edges of rough lumber saw lumber into boards of prescribed widths. starts conveyor to move lumber and scans board as it passes to define cut that will produce highest quality grade. presses panel buttons to space saw blades trips pedal to start feed rollers leading to saws....[..]

50) Engineer software directs database development approve project scope limitations. reviews project requests describing database user needs to estimate time cost required to accomplish project. plans, coordinate, and implement security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized damage, modification or disclosure...[..]

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