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Listed most related sample receptionist resumes and template format documents, free examples help to create and write a resume including cv professional working experience and job duties
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receptionist resume
1) Receptionist processes screen all persons requesting access. prepares issue visitor passes. announces all visitors, unless directed otherwise by the host. reads daily memos for special events/visitors. abilities to multitask switch gears according to priority of requests. remains flexible to ever changing environment, adapts well to different situations...[..]

Sample receptionist resume & template (#CV13981) last updated on

receptionist resume
2) Receptionist directs caller to destination records name, time of call, nature of business and person called upon. may operate pbx telephone console to receive incoming messages. may type memos, correspondence, reports, and other documents. may work in office of medical practitioner or in other health care facility be designated outpatient receptionist medical ser. or receptionist, doctors office medical ser. ...[..]

Sample receptionist resume & template (#JOB200239) last updated on

receptionist resume
3) Receptionist loggings/handling & distribution of all incoming mail franking/arrangement of all outgoing mail. processes staff holiday requests ensure records are maintained in line with hr processes. arranges meetings, catering, taxis booking meeting rooms when requested by personnel. takes on a pivotal role in the event of fire evacuation through telephone/visitor log...[..]

Sample receptionist resume & template (#CV14078) last updated on

4) Receptionist ensures phone calls are transferred or message is taken. manages phone system, updating messages accordingly. responsible for filing, faxing,copying, and data entry as assigned. responsible for typing memos, correspondence, reports other documents as assigned. assists with maintaining conference reception area organized at all times...[..]

Sample receptionist resume & template (#CV157102) last updated on

5) Airline lounge receptionist serves refreshments like cocktails, coffee snacks. answers questions regarding scheduled flights terminal facilities. verifies passengers reservations. directs or accompanies passengers to departure gates, rest rooms other terminal facilities. relays requests for paging service, using telephone...[..]

Sample airline lounge receptionist resume & template (#JOB200758) last updated on

6) Hotel receptionist learns the names & personally recognize regular guests members. directs guests to the appropriate locations. responds to all guest requests and follow through to assure satisfactory outcome compliance. assists guests by making knowledgeable recommendations and, as requested, follow-up with reservations, confirmation of a variety of services, including but not limited to, shuttle transportation to airports, sightseeing tour information, dining, automobile rental, airline reservations, golf tee-times, and spa reservations...[..]

Sample hotel receptionist resume & template (#CV15472) last updated on

7) Cashier receptionist performs various operations/back office duties to make sure compliance. records checks received from clients into the back office system, prepare checks for deposit. receives in all stock certificates. prepare a receipt if required. issues checks from client accounts. receives in mail sort process distribute...[..]

Sample cashier receptionist resume & template (#CV15339) last updated on

8) Medical receptionist schedules appointments. processes patients at check in check out. prepares charts for office hours. assures appropriate referrals are in place for each date of service. verifies insurance information. follows-up with referring physician or patient if referral is required. reconciles cash journals daily prepare cash bag for transfer...[..]

Sample medical receptionist resume & template (#CV14038) last updated on

9) Receptionist and information clerk performs administrative support tasks, like proofreading, transcribing handwritten information, or operating calculators or computers to work with pay records, invoices, balance sheets, or other documents. greets persons entering establishment, determine nature purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations...[..]

Sample receptionist and information clerk resume & template (#ON43417100) last updated on

10) Receptionist airline lounge serves refreshments like cocktails, coffee snacks. answers questions regarding scheduled flights terminal facilities. verifies passengers reservations. directs or accompanies passengers to departure gates, rest rooms other terminal facilities. relays requests for paging service, using telephone...[..]

Sample receptionist airline lounge resume & template (#JOB200758) last updated on

11) Radiation monitor collects air samples for defining airborne concentration of radioactivity and collects & analyzes monitoring equipment worn by personnel, like film badges pocket detection chambers, to measure individual exposure to radiation. takes smear test of suspected contaminated area by wiping floor with filter paper placing paper in scaler to obtain contamination count...[..]

12) Roof bolters mining removes drill bits from chucks after drilling holes insert bolts into chucks. tests bolts for specified tension, using torque wrenches. positions safety jacks to support underground mine roofs until bolts can be installed. positions bolting machines, and insert drill bits into chucks. rotates chucks to turn bolts open expansion heads against rock formations...[..]

13) Target aircraft technician replaces worn or damaged parts, like spark plugs, parachute and battery, using handtools. tests aircraft engine operation. places aircraft on launching device, including catapult launcher. installs jato jet assist take-off or other launching propellant. starts aircraft, using portable starting equipment...[..]

14) Tax auditor analyzes issues for defining nature, scope and direction of investigation required. develops and evaluates evidence of taxpayer finances to define tax liability, using knowledge of interest and discount, annuities, valuation of stocks bonds, sinking funds, and amortization valuation of depletable assets...[..]

15) Thrower presses thumbs down into center of revolving clay to form hollow. presses on inside and outside of emerging clay cylinder with hands and fingers, gradually raising and shaping clay to desired form size. constantlies adjusts speed of wheel to conform with changing tenacity firmness of clay as piece enlarges walls become thinner, judging degrees of change by feel...[..]

16) Roaster grain moves controls to transfer grain to drum or pan start agitator that prevents sticking of grain to sides of vessel. shovels grain from outer edge of pan to center to make sure uniform agitation of batch. pushes grain from pan, using scoop, or pulls lever to dump grain onto conveyor after specified time, or determines removal time by matching color of roasted grain with color of standard sample...[..]

17) Ribber pulls twists bones loose from meat. cuts and trims such meat cuts as butts, hams, flanks, and shoulders to shape meat and remove fat defects. trims meat from bones ribs. may pull bones and skin from cooked pigs feet, and cut out toe bones nails. may be designated according to cut of meat boned as blade boner meat products , chuck boner meat products , ham boner meat products , or type of animal boned as beef boner meat products , hog ribber meat products , sheep boner meat products ...[..]

18) Transmission and protection engineer plans lays out telephone transmitting facilities from engineering sketches. advises assists operation forces on application of transmission methods, devices and standards affecting telephone equipment. provides engineering services for protection of telephone service facilities from noise, cross-talk, electrolysis, lightning and other adverse electrical effects...[..]

19) Recruit instructor trains recruits in close order drill. instructs recruits in nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, and functioning of small arms weapons, assists in weapons marksmanship instruction. instructs recruits in general orders standing requirements for sentinels, interior guard duty, personal hygiene, first aid, military posture, and care of clothing equipment...[..]

20) Rooter operator pulls single strand of hair from cone, threads needle and positions doll head on machine post. depresses pedal to activate needle maneuvers head under needle in prescribed manner until machine stops at end of rooting cycle. releases pedal to activate device that cuts hair from cone at specified length...[..]

21) Rubber insulator may prepare vessel for application of lining by sandblasting, scraping, or painting interior surfaces. may test lining for holes faulty seams, using device that creates spark on contact with metal vessel through apertures in rubber. may visit equipment sites to install linings. may be designated according to article lined as tank insulator, rubber machinery mfg. , valve liner, rubber machinery mfg. ....[..]

22) Tugboat mate directs activities of crew engaged in rigging towlines to barges or ship to be towed. supervises crew engaged in cleaning painting of boat. stands watch during specified periods, and determines geographical position of boat upon request of tugboat captain water trans. , using loran azimuths of celestial bodies...[..]

23) Raw stock machine feeder records amount of materials processed, during work shift. places fibers on conveyor belt or into machine hopper for processing by machine. opens and closes gates of belt pneumatic conveyors on machines fed directly from preceding machines. loosens material before dumping material into hoppers by pulling fibers apart...[..]

24) Transformer assembler cleans coils to remove materials accumulated during production processing. removes accessories from coils, using screwdriver, and wraps coils with paper tape, leaving ends of wire leads exposed. inserts ends of wire leads of cores coils into wire stripping machine to remove coating from wires. inspects twists stripped wires together by hand to join designated colored wires...[..]

25) Rewinder operator helper assembles cores, collars and shafts on roll positions roll in machine brackets, using hoist. places takeup tubes i of specified widths on rewind shaft. threads material over tension bar, between feed rollers, and under rotary blades laps end of material around takeup tube. pushes finished roll to bench removes shaft...[..]

26) Tool and die supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in production and repair of metalworking dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and cutting tools, applying knowledge of machining and tool die construction. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry master title....[..]

27) Real estate lawyer specializes in sale transfer of real property. institutes title search to establish ownership. draws up documents, like deeds, mortgages and leases. may act as trustee of property hold funds for investment or issuance. may act as agent in real estate transactions....[..]

28) Truck supervisor trains workers in rigging hoists and dismantling loading equipment. may plan transportation route by consulting road and city maps to make sure clearance and load limits of roads, bridges and overhead obstructions, like power lines & underpasses, utilizing knowledge of state regulations regarding size weight of loads, traffic speeds, and use of clearance lights...[..]

29) Tank builder verifies grade, using spirit level. bolts tank sections together and inserts felt or asbestos sealing strips between joints to assemble erect tank bottoms, sides, and covers, using wrenches. bolts attachments, like ladders, pipe flanges, gauges, and valves, to tank, using wrenches. directs helpers in erection of scaffolds assembly of tank sections...[..]

30) Ranger aide assigns campground or recreational vehicle sites and collects fees at park offering camping facilities. monitors campgrounds, cautions visitors against infractions of rules, and notifies park ranger government ser. of problems. replenishes firewood, and assists in maintaining camping and recreational areas in clean orderly condition...[..]

31) Translation director assigns projects to personnel reviews work for quality. attends meetings of groups organizations engaged in international relations to promote translation service. prepares budget for department determines allocation of funds. interviews selects personnel for staff positions....[..]

32) Rotary head milling machine set up operator sets up and operates vertical milling machine with spindle mounted within larger rotary head so that rotating cutter can move anywhere within given circle to mill complex shapes, like arcs tangents, without changing position of workpiece or machine table. computes dimensions of shapes to be milled successive positions of cutter in relation to rotary head, using knowledge of shop mathematics...[..]

33) Radio and television time sales representative discusses current popularity of various types of programs, like news, drama and variety. drives auto vehicle to prospective customers location. may arrange for accompany prospect to commercial taping sessions. may prepare promotional plans, sales literature, and sales contracts, using computer....[..]

34) Railroad equipment and supplies sales representative sells railroad equipment supplies, like rolling stock, signaling or braking devices, or switches. performs duties as described under sales representative retail trade, wholesale tr. master title. may arrange for installation of equipment....[..]

35) Rubber mill tender lays rubber slabs between rolls of mill. cuts stock with knife, rolls it into bundle, and feeds stock back into mill until rubber reaches specified consistency. sets adjustable knives against mill roll to cut continuous strip as rubber emerges from mill feeds strip onto conveyor that carries strip to calenders or extruders, adjusts clearance between mill rolls, using wrench...[..]

36) Repairer handtools disassembles tool, using screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, punches and files. operates power tools, like drill press, power press, and handmilling machine, to remove screws, pins, rivets, bushings, collars, and jackets. replaces defective part or repairs part, using files, reaming tools, and vise. verifies dimensions, straightness, and concentricity of parts, using gauges...[..]

37) Tool profiling machine set up operator lifts positions workpiece on machine bed manually or using hoist. secures workpiece and template or model on angle plates or machine table, using clamps, wrenches, and such devices as height planer gauges, parallel blocks, shims, and screwjacks. selects cutting speeds, depth of cut, cutting tool, and corresponding tracing stylus...[..]

38) Tower supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation of stills and related units, like absorbers, debutanizers, catalyst hoppers, reboilers, heat and vapor exchangers, desalters, clay towers, stabilizers, furnaces, strippers, and desulfurizers, in which crude oil & resultant distillates are processed to separate recover various petroleum products...[..]

39) Truck driver sales route collects money from customers, makes change and records transactions on customer receipt. writes customer order instructions. records sales or deliveries information on daily sales or delivery record. calls on prospective customers to solicit new business. prepares order forms sales contracts. informs regular customers of new products or services...[..]

40) Tempering kiln tender hangs parts on racks, hooks, or fixture, or places them on handtrucks or conveyors and charges them into furnace manually or using hoist. adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature in furnace. immerses objects in chemical bath or places objects in containers packs carbonaceous material around them...[..]

41) Radiation protection engineer investigates problems, like radioactive leaks in reactors & auxiliary systems, or excessive radiation or corrosion of equipment, applying knowledge of radiation protection techniques and principles of chemistry engineering to correct conditions. confers with departmental supervisors, manufacturing representatives, and regulatory agency staff to discuss problems, to develop tests to detect radioactive leaks, and to design plans to monitor equipment safety programs...[..]

42) Table inspector cuts defects from cloth with scissors or routes cloth to mending, dyeing, or refinishing department for reprocessing. classifies cloth that cannot be restored to first quality according to standards for various grades. records disposition of cloth rehandled. may inform weaving room of repeated imperfections requiring loom adjustments....[..]

43) Testing and regulating technician tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [trouble locator, test desk tel. tel. ]...[..]

44) Roof cement and paint maker observes indicator or measuring stick stops asphalt flow when specified amount has entered mixing machine. dumps specified ingredients through well into mixing tank or starts conveyor dumps ingredients onto conveyor leading to mixing machine. reads ammeter to define consistency of mixture and adds materials as needed, or visually determines when mixture has attained consistency stops mixing machine...[..]

45) Tank house operator helper places sheets in machine to clean coat them with oil solution. cinches or rivets loop strips to sheets, using looping machine. straightens starter sheet blanks, using paddle or sledgehammer. lifts hangs starter sheets on electrical suspension bars in tanks. guides monorail crane operator any industry in positioning or removing anodes coated starting plates...[..]

46) Reports analyst confers with persons originating, handling, processing, or receiving reports to identify problems to gather suggestions for improvements. evaluates findings, using knowledge of workflow, operating practices, records retention schedules, and office equipment layout. recommends establishment of new or modified reporting methods and procedures to improve report content completeness of information...[..]

47) Radioactivity technician repairs services electrical radioactivity-detecting instruments used to locate radioactive formations in oil- or gas-well boreholes, using special testing apparatus. tests electronic, electrostatic and electromagnetic elements and circuits of instruments with special laboratory testing apparatus to locate defective parts to verify precise adjustments...[..]

48) Tree fruit and nut crops farmer selects & purchases tree stock farm machines, implements and supplies. decides when and how to plant, bud, graft, cultivate, irrigate, and prune trees harvest crop, based on knowledge of tree-crop culture. attaches farm implements, like plow, disc, and harrow, to tractor drives tractor in fields to till soil...[..]

49) Tile sorter sorts glazed tile according to color shades defects. picks up tile from tray, compares it against color shades on color sample board and sorts it according to shade variations. examines tile for defects, like cracks, spots, warping and dents and grades it according to quality. keeps records of tile rejected...[..]

50) Railroad dining car steward stewardess examines supplies for quality completeness of orders. supervises workers engaged in storing food in car. receives bills money from waiter/waitress, dining car r.r. maintains record of all cash received during each day. informs cook, railroad r.r. trans. of approximate number of persons expected to board train...[..]

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