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Tax accountant resume - job letter #job100863

...Resume job description: prepare federal, state, or local tax returns of individual, business establishment, or other organization. examine accounts and records computes taxes owed according to prescribed rates, laws and regulations, using computer. advise management regarding effects of business activities on taxes and on strategies for minimizing tax liability. ensure that establishment complies with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and other taxing authority requirements. represent principal before taxing bodies. may devise install tax record systems. may specialize in various aspects of tax accounting, like tax laws applied to particular industry, or in individual, fiduciary, or partnership income tax preparation..

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Tax auditor resume - job letter #job100870

...Resume job description: audit financial records to define tax liability. review information gathered from taxpayer, like material assets, income, surpluses, liabilities and expenditures to verify net worth or reported financial status identify potential tax issues. analyze issues for defining nature, scope and direction of investigation required. develop and evaluates evidence of taxpayer finances to define tax liability, using knowledge of interest and discount, annuities, valuation of stocks bonds, sinking funds, and amortization valuation of depletable assets. prepare written explanation of findings to notify taxpayer of tax liability. advise taxpayer of appeal rights. may conduct on-site audits at taxpayers place of business be designated field auditor government ser. . may audit individuals and small businesses through correspondence or by summoning taxpayer to branch office for interview be designated office auditor government ser. . may perform legal and accounting work in examination of ...

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Appraiser irrigation tax resume - job letter #job101304

...Resume job description: direct activities of workers engaged in assessing and collecting property tax levies for operation maintenance of irrigation system. supervise and participates with workers in determining value of municipal rural properties within irrigation district. direct activities of clerical workers engaged in preparing tax bills, collecting taxes and keeping tax rolls, maps and records of taxes levied paid. authorize addition of penalties on delinquent tax accounts. draw up issues certificate of sale in favor of water district to satisfy unpaid taxes. interview property owners to resolve complaints, and answer questions concerning taxes appraisal values..

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General ledger accountant resume - job letter #cv15302

...Resume job description: process transactional accounting activities including journal entries monthly reports. reconcile all assigned balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis. should have knowledge of working in multiple currencies. responsible for preparing auditing analyzing reporting financial data as required. prepare pbc/sec schedules during quarter end year end. ensuring compliance with all sarbanes oxley requirements leading any approved changes. develop thorough working knowledge of group operations, collect analyze data to reflect the group operations are accurately reported in the company financial statements. assist organization controller with special projects other corporate financial requirements. provide detailed and reliable information to internal external auditors as needed. completing other tasks as may be assigned.

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Accountant cost resume - job letter #job100865

...Resume job description: apply principles of cost accounting to conduct studies which provide detailed cost information not supplied by general accounting systems. plan study collects data to define costs of business activity, like raw material purchases, inventory and labor. analyze data obtained records results, using computer. analyze changes in product design, raw materials, manufacturing methods, or services provided, to define effects on costs. analyze actual manufacturing costs prepares periodic report comparing standard costs to actual production costs. provide management with reports specifying and comparing factors affecting prices profitability of products or services. may develop install manual or computer-based cost accounting system. may specialize in analyzing costs relating to public utility rate schedule and be designated rate engineer profess. kin. . may specialize in appraisal and evaluation of real property or equipment for sale, acquisition, or tax purposes for public utility ...

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