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zanjero resume
1) Zanjero computes requisitions quantity of water required. operates gates, checks, turnouts, and wasteways to regulate waterflow into canals laterals individual supply ditches . measures or estimates diversions of water from canals and to water users, and calculates records quantities delivered for use in computing charges to farmers...[..]

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order desk caller resume
2) Order desk caller reads items listed on order sheets to laborer, stores any industry who gathers assembles items or to billing typist clerical who prepares bills for items. indicates on order sheets items located items that are not available. may read items to checker clerical i who examines articles prior to shipping...[..]

oven roaster resume
3) Oven roaster fills trays with nuts by hand places trays in oven, or dumps nuts into feeder bin of screen conveyorized cooker or rotary drum in oven. removes sample of nuts from oven, using spoon, compares nuts with color standard, and adjusts time temperature controls of oven to make sure specified roasting. removes specified number of trays of roasted nuts from oven for further processing, or pulls lever to empty roasted nuts from rotary oven into bin...[..]

4) Observer seismic prospecting plans directs activities of workers engaged in laying out seismographic measuring apparatus over test area. surveys area to verify that equipment is in position specified tests electrical circuits for continuity. directs shooter, seismograph petrol. gas to detonate charges placed in shot holes, using short wave radio...[..]

5) Oral surgeon removes tumors other abnormal growths. performs preprosthetic surgery to prepare mouth for insertion of dental prosthesis. corrects abnormal jaw relations by mandibular or maxillary revision. treats fractures of jaws. administers general local anesthetics. may treat patients in hospital....[..]

6) Outsole skiver turns crank to regulate speed of rollers along curved edges. may depress pedal to separate rollers to accommodate thickness of outsole. 2 positions specified die rollers on machine shaft. positions outsoles against guides on machine bed. depresses pedal that starts rollers that force shank, heel seat, forepart, or edges of outsole against machine blade...[..]

7) Ore sampler dumps material into sample divider to reduce volume of sample. weighs material, using balance scale, and dumps sample into grinding machine to grind blend sample or into screen testing machine to separate particles by size. weighs segregated particles collected on each screen computes percentage of each in total sample...[..]

8) Oiler inspects fluid level of steering gear, power steering reservoir, transmission, differential, rear axle housings and shackles. checks air pressure of tires. lubricates moving parts with specified lubricants. drains oil from crankcase refills crankcase with required amount of oil. sprays leaf springs with lubricant, using spray gun...[..]

9) Open hearth furnace operator signals charging-machine operator steel rel. to place materials in furnace. turns fuel, air, and steam controls to adjust fuel mixtures draft. moves levers to circulate gas throughout furnace to distribute heat prevent burning out of furnace walls. signals overhead crane operator any industry 921.663-010 to pour molten metal in furnace...[..]

10) Odd job worker beats & vacuums rugs scrubs them with cleaning solutions. washes windows and waxes polishes floors. removes hangs draperies. shovels coal into furnace removes ashes. replaces light switches repairs broken screens, latches, or doors. paints exterior structures, like fences, garages, and sheds...[..]

11) Outside machinist helper assists machinist, outside ship-boat mfg. in installing ship machinery, like motors, pumps, ventilating equipment steering gear. drills holes in foundations in specified places for anchoring machinery, using portable, powered drills. assists in moving leveling machinery, using portable jacks, as directed...[..]

12) Order caller reads items listed on order sheets to laborer, stores any industry who gathers assembles items or to billing typist clerical who prepares bills for items. indicates on order sheets items located items that are not available. may read items to checker clerical i who examines articles prior to shipping...[..]

13) Outside deliverer delivers messages, telegrams, documents, packages, and other items to business establishments private homes, traveling on foot or by bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or public conveyance. may keep log of items received delivered. may obtain receipts or payment for articles delivered. may service vehicle driven, like checking fluid levels replenishing fuel...[..]

14) Office supervisor animal hospital supervises coordinates activities of clerical staff in nonprofit animal hospital. performs duties as described under supervisor clerical master title. may interview pet owners to compile information on financial status make determinations regarding eligibility for free services, reduced fees, or deferred payments...[..]

15) Ocularist glass blows into tube to form globe. superimposes glass of required color on top surface of bulb to form iris. fuses black glass in center of iris to simulate pupil fuses clear glass over iris to form cornea. positions fuses red glass threads on globe to produce veins of eyeball. fits artificial glass eyes to patients makes adjustments for cosmetic correction....[..]

16) Order filler bakery products loads racks with bakery products to prepare orders for shipping, according to products available following order slips. adjusts amount of products going to routes according to supply route-return records of driver, sales route retail trade, wholesale tr. 292.353-010. loads products onto tiered racks pushes racks to loading area...[..]

17) Orthopedic shoes salesperson evaluates customers foot conditions and fits sells corrective shoes, using knowledge of orthopedics or following prescription. examines malformed or injured joints bone structure of customers feet, or reads physicians prescription to define type of corrective shoe required. selects shoes from stock or draws outline takes measurements of customers feet to order custom-made shoes...[..]

18) Oral pathologist studies nature, cause, and development of diseases associated with mouth. examines patients mouth, jaw, face and associated areas obtains specimen, using medical instruments. examines specimen from patients mouth or associated area for defining pathological conditions, like tumors & lesions, using microscope and other laboratory equipment and applying knowledge of medical pathology dentistry...[..]

19) Oliving machine operator grinds olive-shaped contour to bearing surface of olive-jewel hole. fits wire strung with jewels and on which wire diamond dust is spread, in holding bow. holds bow so that jewel is rotated between shaped rotating wheels of machine while rocking bow back forth so that action of wire on rotating jewel will wear away sides of hole to olive shape...[..]

20) Outside plant cable engineer determines where & how cables should be laid decides such matters as where to place buoys, where to cut cable, what grapnel to use, what length of rope to use for a given depth, what type of cable to use and what route to follow. keeps charts and records to show depth location of all cables laid...[..]

21) Ophthalmic technician examines eye, using slit lamp, for abnormalities of cornea and anterior posterior chambers. applies drops to anesthetize, dilate, or medicate eyes. measures intraocular pressure of eyes glaucoma test . tests patients field of vision, including central peripheral vision, for defects, and charts test results on graph paper...[..]

22) Office machine inspector disassembles machine & examines parts, like gears, guides, rollers and pinions for wear defects, using micrometers. repairs, adjusts, or replaces parts, using handtools, power tools, and soldering welding equipment. cleans oils moving parts. may give instructions in operation care of machines to machine operators...[..]

23) Outside rigger splices ties rope to form nets, ladders and other rigging. installs hooks, swivels, and turnbuckles in rigging. reeves lines through blocks pulleys. sews canvas or leather covers on rigging at friction points, using sail twine and sailmakers palm needle. selects and attaches gear, braces, and cushions, according to weight and distribution of load, availability of hoisting machinery, and presence of obstacles, like ships structural members jutting buildings, which might interfere with maneuverability of incorrectly rigged hoisting gear...[..]

24) Occupational health nursing supervisor nurse coordinates activities of personnel rendering assistance to physician nursing care to employees. trains nursing staff in techniques of industrial nursing. participates in planning and executing health information programs designed to improve efficiency and reduce absentee accident rates. assists workers in securing medical or other aid...[..]

25) Oiler fills oilcups on machinery with grease lubricating oil, according to machinery lubrication instructions. reads pressure and temperature gauges records data in engineering log. assists engineer water trans. in overhauling adjusting machinery. may lubricate deck machinery when vessel is unloading cargo....[..]

26) Oil recovery unit operator turns handwheels to control skimming devices that collect sprung oil from reservoirs of separation units. opens valves on steam heat-exchanger to raise temperature of skimmed oil to treating temperature. mixes and blends caustic cleansing and demulsifying chemicals into oil to remove impurities water...[..]

27) Zoo veterinarian conducts regularly scheduled immunization & preventive care programs to maintain health of animals guard against communicable diseases. provides immediate medical attention to diseased or traumatized animals. participates with other personnel in planning and executing nutrition reproduction programs for animals in zoo...[..]

28) Office electrician makes operating adjustments in submarine cable repeater and terminal circuits apparatus, and rearranges connections in cables to maintain continuity of service. communicates with other cable stations, using manual telegraph....[..]

29) Oil tester analyzes content of products for defining presence of gases, like propane, iso-butane, butane, iso-pentane and ethene. determines hydrocarbon composition of gasolines, blending stocks gases, using fractional distillation equipment, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometer. operates fractionation column to separate crude oil into oils with different boiling points to define their properties...[..]

30) Order takers supervisor consults with sales, technical, shipping, or administrative staff telephones or writes letters to answer or advise customer. reviews completed orders for errors or omissions. trains order clerks clerical in order-taking procedures customer-relations techniques, and advises workers of new or revised information on products or merchandise, like product capability, pricing, credit, warranties, and shipping...[..]

31) Oiler and greaser squirts or pours oil on moving parts friction surfaces, or into holes, oil cups, or reservoirs. turns oil cup valves to regulate flow of oil to moving parts. forces grease into bearings with grease-gun, smears grease on friction surfaces, or packs grease cups by hand. fills wells sumps of lubricating systems with oil...[..]

32) Oil well services superintendent directs activities concerned with providing technical services, like electrical well logging, gun perforating, directional or caliper surveying, and cementing, acidizing, and formation fracturing, to assist in solving special oil well drilling production problems. advises superintendent, drilling and production petrol. and gas on specific servicing problems recommends use of specialized tools, techniques and services...[..]

33) Olive brine tester siphons sample of solution from cask reads indicator level, using hydrometer, to measure solution salinity. replaces solution or adds water or salt to maintain brine salinity at specified level. feels, smells, and visually examines olives to detect spoilage, wrinkling, and discoloration. reseals barrel with bung, using mallet...[..]

34) Oil pipe inspector inspects steel tubing, casing, drill pipe, and other tubular oil well equipment for defects, using magnetic optical inspection equipment. positions scanner ring-shaped object containing induction coils around pipe connects wire to automatic graph recorder. presses switch to start self-propelled scanner along pipe length observes lines on graph that indicate location, type and extent of metal blemishes, cracks and molecular weakness...[..]

35) Open pit quarry supervisor trains workers in drilling blast holes & in loading shooting explosive charges. directs power-shovel operators any industry and truck drivers any industry in stripping new diggings and in loading removing ores from mine. directs crusher tender any industry in breaking ore into pieces preparatory to extraction of valuable minerals...[..]

36) Orchid transplanter trims cleans plant roots, using knife, tweezers, water and fungicide. spreads pebbles and inert growth-media in planting containers, positions plant on media, adds and presses media around roots, and sprinkles surface with water fertilizer solution. records species code planting date on plastic marker, and inserts marker in container...[..]

37) Oil well directional surveyor turns dials on control panel to adjust instrument for specified recording starts recording device when instruments reach bottom of borehole. prints copies of recorded graphs in truck darkroom [developer photofinishing ]. interprets graphs for customer to indicate identity, porosity, oil- or gas-bearing content, and productivity of geological formations...[..]

38) Oil well service operator gives directions to oil-well-service-operator helper petrol. & gas to unload pipes, fittings and chemicals and to correct pipes between pumps well, using handtools. mixes acids, chemicals or dry cement according to service specified by customer. observes meters and pressure gauges to regulate quantity and consistency of materials to control pump pressure...[..]

39) Observer helper unloads & carries explosives seismometers to designated locations on terrain. unreels and connects electrical cables between seismometers recording equipment in truck. guides drill pipe casing into shotholes. loads shotholes with explosives. runs water or pours sand into shotholes to tamp charge...[..]

40) Offset press operator helper adjusts press machine parts, like feeder & delivery mechanisms, suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging device, tapes and cams, as directed by offset-press operator print. pub. i, using handtools. positions skid of unprinted sheets on feed device of sheet-fed press, using handtruck or electric lift-truck, or lifts positions roll of paper in feed mechanism of web press, using chain hoist...[..]

41) Octave board racker assembles octave rack for electronic organ, according to blueprint or diagram. places octave boards in designated rack sections staples edges to rack, using stapling gun. solders wires between boards to connect octave board circuits, using electric soldering iron. positions wire cable on rack octave boards, according to blueprint or diagram, and solders cable ends to solder buttons on boards...[..]

42) Ornamental iron worker welds brackets to lintels, sills, columns and other structural framework. drills holes in metal, concrete, and masonry structure, using portable power drills, airhammer, and handtools. cuts, miters, and bevels metal trim cover plates to size, using handsaws or portable power saws. bolts, clips, welds, or solders ironwork together to brackets or anchors...[..]

43) Oil sprayer drives operates truck equipped with tank to spray oil or bituminous emulsions on road surfaces. connects hose from storage tank to truck tank moves lever to fill pressure tank with bituminous liquid. regulates burner to heat liquid. drives truck at constant speed to obtain uniform distribution of oil...[..]

44) Operating room technician assists team members to place position patient on table. scrubs arms and hands and dons gown gloves. aids team to don gowns gloves. maintains supply of fluids, like plasma, saline, blood, and glucose for use during operation. hands instruments supplies to surgeon, holds retractors, cuts sutures, and performs other tasks as directed by surgeon during operation...[..]

45) Office nurse administers injections & medications, dresses wounds and incisions, interprets physicians instructions to patients, assists with emergency minor surgery and performs related tasks as directed. maintains records of vital statistics other pertinent data of patient. cleans and sterilizes instruments equipment, and maintains stock of supplies...[..]

46) Otorhinolaryngologist diagnoses treats diseases of ear, nose, and throat. examines affected organs, using equipment like audiometers, prisms, nasoscopes, microscopes, x-ray machines and fluoroscopes. determines nature & extent of disorder and prescribes administers medications, or performs surgery. performs tests to define extent of loss of hearing due to aural or other injury, and speech loss as result of diseases or injuries to larynx...[..]

47) Otolaryngologist diagnoses treats diseases of ear, nose, and throat. examines affected organs, using equipment like audiometers, prisms, nasoscopes, microscopes, x-ray machines and fluoroscopes. determines nature & extent of disorder and prescribes administers medications, or performs surgery. performs tests to define extent of loss of hearing due to aural or other injury, and speech loss as result of diseases or injuries to larynx...[..]

48) Open hearth furnace laborer removes molten metal in low spots or pockets of furnace floor, using air lance. shovels refractory materials onto furnace bottom. transports additives from bins to furnace. shovels additives into furnace ladle. cleans and reams furnace taphole and pries solidified metal from pouring spout, using reaming rod bar...[..]

49) Occupational safety and health inspector interviews supervisors employees to obtain facts about work practice or accident. rates unsafe condition according to factors, like severity of potential injury, likelihood of recurrence, employers accident record, and evidence of voluntary compliance. observes employees at work to define compliance with safety precautions safety equipment used...[..]

50) Otter trawler boatswain directs crew in attachment of floats, weights, otter boards net guides and other gear to trawl net preparatory to net deployment. directs lowering of net over side of vessel, and moves winch controls to release otter boards tow cables into sea. observes action of otter boards to make sure that net is tangle free and in desired position, and moves winch controls to maintain even alignment designated depth of net behind vessel, according to markings on tow cables...[..]

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