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Listed related sample janitor work experience certificates / letters & template format documents, free examples help to write job certificates including work experience and job duties
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Listed top related sample work experience letters for "janitor" or similar careers:

janitor work experience certificate
1) Janitor keeps working areas in production departments of industrial establishment in clean orderly condition, performing any combination of following duties. transports raw materials semifinished products or supplies between departments or buildings to supply machine tenders or operators with materials for processing, using handtruck...[..]

Sample janitor experience certificate & template (#JOB201060) last updated on

janitor work experience certificate
2) Janitor cleans brewery floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them. services, clean and supply restrooms. cleans and maintain cleanliness in tasting room break room throughout the day. cleans and polish furniture fixtures. cleans windows, glass partitions, and mirrors. dusts furniture, walls, machines, and equipment...[..]

Sample janitor experience certificate & template (#CV13974) last updated on

janitor head work experience certificate
3) Janitor head supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample janitor head experience certificate & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

4) Lead janitor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample lead janitor experience certificate & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

5) Janitorial services supervisor supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample janitorial services supervisor experience certificate & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

6) Housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor directs activities for stopping the spread of infections in facilities like hospitals. plans prepare employee work schedules. performs or assist with cleaning duties as necessary. investigates complaints about service equipment, and take corrective action. coordinates activities with other departments to make sure that services are provided in an efficient timely manner...[..]

Sample housekeeping and janitorial worker first line supervisor experience certificate & template (#ON37101100) last updated on

7) Janitor and cleaner services, clean, or supply restrooms. cleans building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming. follows procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment to prevent damage to floors fixtures. mixes water detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications...[..]

Sample janitor and cleaner experience certificate & template (#ON37201100) last updated on

8) Dry janitor maintains building, like locker room of golf club, change house of mining camp, or shower facilities of industrial plant, in which patrons or workers shower change clothes. sweeps floor and scrubs shower stalls, using broom, brushes and soap water. opens windows to control ventilation or adjusts controls of automatic heating, cooling, or dehumidifying unit to maintain healthful comfortable conditions...[..]

Sample dry janitor experience certificate & template (#JOB200791) last updated on

9) Supervisor janitorial services supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, like schools, stores, or auditorium. assigns tasks to workers and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. issues supplies equipment. resolves workers problems or refers matters to supervisor...[..]

Sample supervisor janitorial services experience certificate & template (#JOB201056) last updated on

10) Janitorial performs custodial work in offices, warehouses, industrial areas, and other building interiors. works within a team or individually to accomplish goals, accountable for the overall cleaning, general maintenance and communication of facility needs. responsible to sweep, vacuum, mop, scrub, wax & polish floors using industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubbing and buffing machines, and may use ladders, dusts and washes walls, cleans ceilings and dusts polishes light fixtures...[..]

Sample janitorial experience certificate & template (#CV15680) last updated on

11) Reconsignment clerk reroutes freight shipments to new destinations following request from shipper. receives request from shipper for reconsignment or change in destination of freight shipment. searches for original bill of lading, waybill and freight bills to ascertain original route or destination. telephones station at next scheduled stop on original route issues instructions to reroute freight shipment...[..]

12) Jewel bearing facer operates lathe to grind jewel bearings to specified thickness. mounts fixture in chuck of lathe inserts jewel bearing into recess of fixture, using tweezers. mounts grinding disk impregnated with diamond dust on opposite faceplate of lathe. manipulates controls to bring bearing into contact with grinding disk to govern grinding process, working to tolerances of 0.0005 inch...[..]

13) Rotary furnace tender tends rotary furnace that roasts sulfur or other materials to liberate gases for use in processing chemical products. weighs materials to be roasted scoops or dumps specified quantity into furnace hopper. starts revolution of furnace, consisting of hollow cylinder mounted between power-driven rollers...[..]

14) Records section supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining central records files. directs assists workers in storing, retrieving, checking, correcting and copying paper documents, microfilm, or other company records. directs workers in searching files to retrieve lost or missing records, utilizing knowledge of frequent filing errors...[..]

15) Resistance welding machine operator sets up operates resistance welding machine to join metal parts, according to blueprints, work orders, or oral instructions. turns machine dials to set air hydraulic pressure, amperage and joining time, according to specified type of metal, weld and assembly. may select, install and adjust electrodes...[..]

16) Rotor and armature bander tests armatures field assemblies for motors to locate short, open, or grounded circuits, using electrical test apparatus that shows defects on panel meters or oscillograph patterns. places armature in fixture equipped with brush contactors or touches test prods to commutator bars to make bar-to-bar similar tests...[..]

17) Job putter up and ticket preparer gathers and prepares hides schedules leather cutting operations for shoe production, according to standard procedures. gathers bundled hides from storage bins according to work ticket. records quantity length of hides from tag on bundle. scrapes paper labels from hides with knife to prepare hides for cutting...[..]

18) Recovery unit operator operates cracking recovery unit of lead pots and condensers to vaporize and condense scrap plastics materials recover monomer. unbolts removes side covers from lead pot, using handtools and charges it with lead pigs. adjusts controls of oil burner to melt lead at specified temperature. sets pressure regulators to supply specified quantity of carbon dioxide to lead pot to eliminate formation of explosive mixture observes process to detect leaks...[..]

19) Rental and leasing machinery or equipment manager directs and coordinates activities of establishment engaged in renting or leasing machinery, tools equipment to companies involved in business operations like manufacturing, petroleum production, construction or materials handling, or to individuals for personal use. confers with customer to ascertain article required, duration of rental time and responsibility for maintenance and repair, in order to define rental or leasing charges based on such factors as type cost of article, type of usage, duration of rental or lease and overhead costs...[..]

20) Rodding anode worker renews carbon anode assemblies used in electrolytic processing of aluminum by performing any combination of following duties. removes carbon blocks from conveyor, using hoist. feeds steel stubs on conveyor through bath solution to coat them with graphite. positions pouring ring steel stub on carbon block...[..]

21) Research manufa sets up and operates small-scale chemical production equipment under laboratory conditions to test methods and chemical processes for product development, following specifications guidance from research chemists or engineers. sets up production equipment, like reactors, stills, stripping towers, separators and blending tanks, using mechanics handtools portable power tools...[..]

22) Room boss supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in underground, surface, or pit mining in specified section of mine. coordinates activities, like timbering, roof bolting, track-laying, undercutting, drilling, blasting, loading and conveying of coal, ore, or rock. examines malfunctioning equipment orders transfer of faulty unit to surface shop or orders repair at work site...[..]

23) Rosin barrel filler fills barrels with rosin. places pipe through opening in barrel head to direct flow of rosin. hammers hoops down on barrel to tighten staves. seals leaks in barrels, using clay....[..]

24) Rig operator controls power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and pumping rods from oil and gas wells for repair to lower repaired equipment, testing devices, and servicing tools into well. attaches cable clamp to top of pump rod or casing starts winch or hydraulic jack that raises rod or casing. disconnects sections of rod or casing, using hand & power wrenches tongs...[..]

25) Recovery operator helper assists recovery operator smelt. and refin. in operating kiln, ball mill, and conveyor system to recover soluble soda alumina from waste materials. moves controls to adjust feeds to rotary kiln and ball mill to regulate operation of dust-collection equipment. reads & records tank levels and slurry soda ash temperatures...[..]

26) Ride attendant directs patrons of amusement park in getting on off riding device. erects barrier in front of ride, admitting only as many persons to loading platform as can be seated on ride. keeps order among patrons waiting to ride device. fastens patrons safety belts or bars to prevent injuries during ride. assists children elderly patrons from ride...[..]

27) Restorer ceramic cleans, preserves, restores, and repairs objects made of glass, porcelain, china, fired clay, and other ceramic materials. coats excavated objects with surface-active agents to loosen adhering mud or clay washes objects with clear water. places cleaned objects in dilute hydrochloric acid or other solution to remove remaining deposits of lime or chalk, basing choice of solution on knowledge of physical & chemical structure of objects destructive qualities of solvents...[..]

28) Roll operator drives heavy rolling machine road roller to compact earth fills, subgrades, flexible base, and bituminous surface to grade specifications preparatory to construction of highways, streets, and runways. moves levers, depresses pedals, turns handwheels and pushes throttle to control guide machine. drives machine in successive overlapping passes over surface to be compacted...[..]

29) Jet channeler cuts holes or channels in rock masses to separate block from quarry mass, using jet-piercing torch. ignites oxygen-kerosene burner connects water hoses. positions boom lowers jet burner to burn or cut hole or channel in rock formation. adjusts valves controls to regulate descent or progress of burner as specified...[..]

30) Rug renovator cleans rugs with chemical solutions in plant or on customers premises, using handbrushes or portable scrubbing machine, determining washing method according to condition of rug. vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. guides scrubbing machine over rug surface or sprays rug with cleaning solution under pressure to agitate nap loosen embedded dirt...[..]

31) Rectification printer operates rectification printer to remove aerial photograph distortions caused by variations in axis tilt of airplane in relation to earths surface. positions roll of negative film in holder so that first negative is over lens in printer. places print paper on easel of printer. turns screws to regulate vertical and horizontal axis of printer distance of printer from easel, following chart of axis, tilt, and scale settings received with film...[..]

32) Road oil distributo drives operates truck equipped with tank to spray oil or bituminous emulsions on road surfaces. connects hose from storage tank to truck tank moves lever to fill pressure tank with bituminous liquid. regulates burner to heat liquid. drives truck at constant speed to obtain uniform distribution of oil...[..]

33) Road supervisor supervises bus drivers motor trans. coordinates bus schedules to maintain service. gives instructions to bus drivers motor trans. in operation of various types of buses. observes records number of passengers on buses. studies reports devises new schedules according to passenger traffic patterns...[..]

34) Road tester drives completed motor vehicle, as vehicle comes from assembly line, on proving ground under simulated road conditions, and observes performance to detect mechanical structural defects. examines vehicle before road testing for making sure that equipment, like electrical wiring, hydraulic lines and fan belts, are installed as specified and verifies that vehicle has been serviced with oil, gas and water...[..]

35) Jockey rides racehorse at racetrack. confers with training personnel to plan strategy for race, based on ability and peculiarities of own other horses in competition. mounts horse in paddock after weighing-in and rides horse to specified numbered stall of starting gate. races from starting gate to finish line...[..]

36) Rapper assists dust-collector operator smelt. refin. in collecting metallic dust particles from fumes of smelting copper ore. pushes switches to shut off electric current to precipitators and observes amount of dust accumulated on electrode pipes plates. pulls levers to start hammers that knock dust from electrodes into collecting chambers...[..]

37) Railroad wheels and axle inspector inspects railway car axle and wheel assemblies to define conformance to federal american railroad association specifications, using measuring instruments. verifies diameter of wheel and journal seats on axle, using calipers micrometers. measures space between wheels from center of axle to each wheel, using needle-pointed space gauge, to verify conformance to specifications...[..]

38) Road grader operates self-propelled grader to spread and level dirt, gravel, and stone, to grade specifications in construction maintenance of earthwork structures, like highways, streets, airports, dikes, and temporary roads. drives grader and moves levers to regulate height angle of grader blade, lower scarifier that loosens packed soil to permit grading and to tilt front wheels of grader when making sharp turns...[..]

39) Repairer probe test card semiconductor wafers replaces and realigns broken, worn, or misaligned probes on probe test cards, using handtools equipment, to maintain probe cards for wafer probe electrical test equipment. reads specification sheets, manuals and diagrams to define probe card wiring probe positions. inspects probe cards, using microscope, to detect defects, like loose wiring loose, split, or worn probes...[..]

40) Radiation protection engineer supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in monitoring radiation levels condition of equipment used to generate nuclear energy to make sure safe operation of plant facilities. evaluates water chemical analysis data in primary and supportive plant systems to define compliance with radiation content corrosion control regulations...[..]

41) Rice farmworker drives and operates rice-farm machinery to prepare land, till soil, build ditches levees, and harvest rice crop. hitches farm implements to tractor and drives tractor along existing swaths and contours of rice field to plow & level fields and build or shore up ditches levees of flood-irrigation system...[..]

42) Range master manages activities of gun club. confers with governing body and other gun clubs, organizations associations to arrange competitive shooting meets. publicizes events & club facilities to acquaint public with sport to solicit members. informs club members of coming events through bulletin notices or club paper...[..]

43) Receiving and processing supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in unloading, storing, mixing, and melting raw materials, like sand, soda ash, and cullet, to make molten glass for use in making flat glass, glass containers, optical glass, or glass fibers. directs unloading of hopper cars, storage of ingredients in bins silos and examination of ingredients prior to mixing...[..]

44) Job order clerk compiles purchase orders product specifications to prepare worksheets used in assembly or manufacture of products. compares customer purchase order with specifications to define method of assembly or manufacture materials needed. records data, like quantity, quality, type and size of material and expected completion date, on worksheet...[..]

45) Rip machine operator operates machine to slit continuous lengths of material, like cardboard, felt, metallic foil, paper, plastic, rubberized sheeting, or textile fabrics, into strips of specified width. spaces rotary blades on machine shaft, according to width specified for strips and turns setscrew to secure blades in position, using allen wrench...[..]

46) Robotics technician trains customers or other personnel to install, use, or maintain robots. programs complex robotic systems, like vision systems. maintains inventories of production supplies like sensors cables. maintains service records of robotic equipment or automated production systems. fabricates housings, jigs, fittings, or fixtures, using metalworking machines...[..]

47) Rolling mill operator sets up operates hot or cold rolling mill to reduce or form nonferrous metal into plate, sheet, foil, flatwire, and rod of specified dimensions. adjusts rollers, buffs and guides according to size dimensions of workpiece, using screwdowns, micrometer, steel tape and handtools. turns valves & observes gauges to regulate flow, temperature and solution of roll lubricants metal coolants...[..]

48) Jewelry repairer fabricates repairs jewelry articles, like rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and lockets. forms model of article from wax or metal, using carving tools. places wax model in casting ring and pours plaster into ring to form mold. inserts plaster mold in furnace to melt wax. casts metal model from plaster mold...[..]

49) Receptionist airline lounge admits members and guests to airline lounge, serves beverages snacks, and provides other personal services as requested. opens door to lounge in response to sound of buzzer, verifies membership cards and admits and seats members guests. serves refreshments like cocktails, coffee snacks. answers questions regarding scheduled flights terminal facilities...[..]

50) Retort engineer controls one or more cylinder retorts to impregnate wood products, like railroad ties, piling, telephone poles, and fenceposts, with preserving or fireproofing chemicals. turns valves to admit treating solution into retort steam into heating coils. presses buttons to activate vacuum- & hydraulic-pressure pumps that remove air and steam from retort force treating solution into pores of wood to accelerate treatment process...[..]

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