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Drilling and production superintendent directs activities concerned with exploratory drilling, and drilling oil wells and producing oil gas from wells within one or more oil fields. plans erection of drilling rigs and installation and maintenance of equipment, like pumping units compressor stations. directs technical processes, like treatment of oil & gas to reduce moisture sediment content, mud analysis, well logging and formation testing...[..]

Machine setter sets up and adjusts machine tools, like lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drills and punch presses, grinders, gear hobbers, and plastic molding machines for other workers, like production-machine tenders machine shop 609.685-018, according to specifications tooling instructions, applying knowledge of machining methods...[..]

Machine fur cleaner tends drum that tumbles fur garments in dry or liquid cleaning agents to clean fur. selects pours liquid or drycleaning agent into drum. places garments in drum & moves lever to start stop drum rotation. removes garments from drum. dumps drycleaning agents from drum repeats tumbling process or uses compressed air gun to remove cleaning agents from garment, or places garment in extractor to remove liquid cleaning agent...[..]

Morals squad police officer investigates establishments persons suspected of violating antivice laws, working as member of squad, and conducts raids upon such establishments. arrests suspects obtains evidence to be used by state or municipality in prosecuting suspects arrested. records & maintains informational files on suspects establishments...[..]

Machinist brake sets up operates brakedrum lathe to resurface automotive brakedrums, and operates grinding machine to grind brakeshoe linings. clamps hub and drum on lathe spindle adjusts cutting tool to machine drum surface. starts spindle feeds tool into drum by hand, or adjusts automatic feed mechanism. measures drum to verify specified dimensions, using calipers, drum gauge, or micrometer...[..]

Displayer merchandise displays merchandise, like clothes, accessories, and furniture, in windows, showcases, and on sales floor of retail store to attract attention of prospective customers. originates display ideas or follows suggestions or schedule of manager, display retail trade constructs or assembles prefabricated display properties from wood, fabric, glass, paper and plastic, using handtools...[..]

Defluorinated phosphate production supervisor supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in mixing, curing, calcining, cooling, grinding, and screening powdered phosphate rocks in production of defluorinated phosphate tricalcium phosphate . observes meters, gauges and recording-instrument charts to verify specified process conditions, like flow rates of materials, process temperatures and operating speed of calciner feeders...[..]

Maintainability engineer analyzes engineering design of proposed product, like aircraft, naval vessel, or electronic control or navigation system, and submits specifications for maintenance requirements, utilizing knowledge of maintainability engineering related technologies. analyzes customers initial proposal for product utilization and recommends basic product specifications techniques for satisfying customer requirements...[..]

Millwright helper assists millwright any industry in installing, dismantling, and moving machines, conveyors, and other equipment. nails together forms mixes cement for machine foundation. moves materials, using lift truck. measures, cuts and installs hangers, using handtools ladders. installs and dismantles machines equipment, using crowbars, chain falls, hoists, and wrenches...[..]

District adviser administers voluntary youth serving organization program in geographic area within region. confers with individuals, groups and committees to implement and extend organizations program service. interprets organization program, policies and practices to community. advises and works with volunteers to make sure quality of group program effective use of resources...[..]

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