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Handwriting expert examines handwritten material or other questioned documents to identify author, detect forgery, or determine method used to alter documents. confers with laboratory specialists, like chemists photographers, to define which scientific processes are necessary to effect analysis. examines hand or typewritten sample to detect characteristics, like open loop, quaver, or t-cross peculiar to an individual, using microscope...[..]

Handwriting Expert Experience Certificate

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Engraving press operator makes ready and operates press to engrave decorative designs or lettering on announcements, greeting business cards, letterheads, and related items, following operating procedures outlined on job order. installs appropriate die inking rollers on ram, using wrench. cuts out fastens paper template to bed of press to maintain flatness of finished cards or sheets...[..]

Engraving press Operator Experience Certificate

General laborer performs any combination of following duties involved in manufacturing brick tile products. loads articles, like brick, tiles and sewer pipe on pallets transports them to machines, disposal, or storage area, using handtruck. pushes empty kiln cars, drier cars, and mine cars to work areas. replaces sifting screens in grinding units...[..]

General Laborer Experience Certificate

Warp dresser operates machine to wind yarn from packages onto reel from reel onto loom beams to prepare multiple colored warps for weaving. moves portable reel into position in front of creel draws yarn from packages on creel, according to specified pattern. ties yarn ends into loop places loop over hook on reel to secure ends for winding...[..]

Warp Dresser Experience Certificate

Reconsignment clerk reroutes freight shipments to new destinations following request from shipper. receives request from shipper for reconsignment or change in destination of freight shipment. searches for original bill of lading, waybill and freight bills to ascertain original route or destination. telephones station at next scheduled stop on original route issues instructions to reroute freight shipment...[..]

Glass blowers records manufacturing information, like quantities, sizes, or types of goods produced. heats glass to pliable stage, using gas flames or ovens rotating glass to heat it uniformly. blows tubing into specified shapes to prevent glass from collapsing, using compressed air or own breath, or blow rotate gathers in molds or on boards to obtain final shapes...[..]

Gas meter installer installs residential-type gas meters regulators in buildings, using handtools. turns valve to adjust gas burners on appliances, using screwdriver. inspects appliances to detect gas leaks, using portable testing device and notifies customer of needed repair. shuts off gas supply to installed meters, following instructions [customer-service representative tel. tel., utilities, waterworks ]...[..]

Elevator constructor helper assists elevator constructor construction to install freight passenger elevators. raises and moves heavy machinery equipment, using hoists, dollies, rollers, wire rope and cable slings. holds material in position to assist in installing rails supporting framework. drills holes in concrete or steel, using portable electric drill...[..]

Electrician automotive repairs overhauls electrical systems in automotive vehicles, like automobiles, buses, and trucks. confers with customer to define nature of electrical malfunction. determines malfunction of electrical system by visual inspection by use of testing devices, like oscilloscope, voltmeter and ammeter...[..]

Weft maker interlaces hair strands in prescribed sequence, using weaving fixture, and sews weft woven piece to mounting cord to make hair pieces, like switches braids. attaches threads of designated color and texture to rods pegs of weaving fixture. turns pegs to tighten threads. cuts strands from tuft of matched hair, using scissors and interweaves root ends around between threads in prescribed sequence...[..]

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